Let’s Talk: Sweatbands

Last year on a trip back to the states for a family visit (while my husband was deployed) my old but always-faithful Garmin broke. So I started wearing my husbands watch (also a Garmin) to run with until he came home in April of this year. Being on the hunt for a new watch I decided to keep an open mind to all brands and styles. After reading countless reviews I decided to give the new Nike plus GPS sport watch a try.  I’ll post a review of my experiences so far w/ the watch later.

These are the "off" name brand at Sports Depot here in Okinawa.

For most of us women – GPS watches are big on our wrists. I’m used to the cumbersome feel but this watch (once I get sufficiently covered in sweat) moves around on my wrist after the first mile or so. This ever so slight motion distracts me – I know, I’m weird – BUT really, the feeling of this slimy sweat-soaked band moving around with my arm strides annoys me. I find myself constantly adjusting or trying to tight it in the middle of a run.

Plenty of room to move!

THE FIX: After careful consideration about what would be the easiest and most comfortable way to remedy this problem – I decided that I needed to go old school and buy some sweatbands. I figure if I wear the sweatband underneath the watch it will (1) prevent it from sliding around and (2) hopefully keep my hands from getting so sweaty as well. The sweat from my arms sometimes runs right down to my hands and I see sweat flying off my fingertips when I run OR I go to wipe sweat from my face and my hand is sweatier than the spot on my face I am wiping!  (This might sound strange – to have this much sweat – but living in a subtropical climate at the peak of summer is NO JOKE!)

Much better, don't you think?

After getting to feel the material (terry cloth) of the sweat bands I decided I would try the larger ones on my right wrist and actually use them for wiping sweat from my brow – reference the comment above about wiping sweat from my face! It will take some getting used to – having some warm on my body in such hot weather. I am sure their usefulness will prove priceless though!

Maybe I should "BeDazzle" it! LOL!

I posted a question comment on the WOOT FB page (trail running group in Oki that I’m a member of) for suggestions on sweatbands. One of the group members suggested this – Turns out there is a great website for super cheap sweatbands and all sort of other running accessories that an active individual might need! Check them out here!

I realize that (after googling sweatbands extensively) not much has changed in the world of sweatbands since the 80’s! Okay – maybe they aren’t fashion accessories anymore but they still rock! Also, pricing seemed to really vary depending on where you were buying them. At the Sports Depot I went to here in Okinawa they carry all brands from Nike, Puma, Under Armor and they all seemed pretty much the same. They are thick and made from terry cloth (mainly) and soft. I bought the cheapest ones I could find there (and they are still more expensive than the online ones) because there didn’t seem to be a difference. So unless you are specifically looking for the swoosh on your wrist, I would advise just basing your purchase on pricing.

This book is a "must have" for all mother runners out there!

I posted the same question comment on the Run Like a Mother FB page (didn’t getting any feedback until this morning). One mother runner suggested Bondibands…and here is my 2 cents!

Click the link in the text below to start shopping!

*In the world of headbands (sweatbands) there is a front runner company, Bondibands, who has come up with a bunch of super cute designs out of a really neat super stretchy, thin, sweat wicking material. You can even get matching bandana’s for your running “buddy” (dog)!

from bondiband.com