The Rowing Machine

Happy Women's History Month!

Today I got a taste of what it must feel like to be on a Dragon Boat race team! Jeanne had me on the rowing machine today. I have never used one of these before and at first I struggled with the movement and keeping momentum but as soon as I stopped thinking about it – the rhythm came.

Today’s workout was great! I was worn out, dog tired afterwards (I curled up fetal position on the coach and attempted a nap while Nola was down) but left feeling good about what I had accomplished.

Jeanne had me do intervals of rowing and running. I would row for 500 meters and then immediately take off for a 400-meter sprint. I was able to finish very strong, which I like! I pushed really hard after turning the last corner and drove my arms and legs hard for the last 100 meters.

and apparently white business men give each other DAPS as well! ;o)

Jeanne is totally gangster and I didn’t even know it! She gave me DAPS for the first time ever so I must have really impressed her! I really enjoy this one-on-one “team” for my training. I got to skype with Shane this afternoon and was telling him how awesome it is to have someone be able to give you immediate feedback about your stride, pace, strength, etc. I feel like b/c of this training I have become such a better runner. Jeanne also let me know that she thinks my running has improved as well! I can feel it – I am trying to incorporate all of things I am learning into each run I do. Being on my toes more, letting my arms relax more, feeling the pace I am aiming for, etc.

I’ve been having some kneecap pains and the front of my feet and toes were hurting a little too – the culprit – worn out shoes! I bought these Asics in November of 2010 and I am sure they were ready to be replaced. Considering, I have more running to do this week and my FIRST EVER 10K next weekend (so excited, still need to find a sitter or someone to tag along with me) so I don’t have time to wait around for Amazon to ship me a pair – I took off for the Risner Pro Shop when Nola woke up from her nap but they were closed. So I had to head to the BX on the local Air Force Base to see if they carried the shoes I wear. Thank goodness they had one pair of the Asics GT 2100 series that I like. They are the newer models so that is definitely an upgrade for me. Usually I’m a penny pincher and always go with the older models for cheaper prices.

Here are the shoes I got today! At least Asics is improving their color schemes!

Among many lessons being learned in this process ONE of the things I am really enjoying is the true value of the right equipment (can someone say Gear Junkie!?). My Garmin is priceless, Under Armor and any other type of “technical wear” – priceless, my CamelBak – priceless. All of these things totally enable me to focus on just running and not being worried about carrying my water bottle and it getting warm from holding it or running out of water because I didn’t want to run with a huge bottle. The technical gear is great because there is no chaffing and when I am drenched in sweat I don’t feel like my skin is suffocating. The Garmin is priceless in so many ways – knowing my pace and distance – those speak for themselves. So…of course…while at the BX I somehow (must have been Nola’s fault) ended up in the sports clothing section…hmmm. So I got myself a new running outfit that is in honor of my first 10K! I can’t wait to wear this on race day!

Oh – if anyone reading this is like – What 10K? It’s the Courtney Athletics “Lord of the Tengan” 5K/10K annual race. You can pickup registration forms at any MCCS gym. It’s $15 and there are t-shirts and BIBS! They do track you on this race. I even found some old stats from the 2007 race online.

A picture from their website

Speaking of new pairs of running shoes – that obviously means I am going to have OLD pairs of shoes. So…w/ Earth Day just around the corner I was seeking out an organization to donate my old shoes to. I googled “donate running shoes” and came up with lots of options listed on the RW website but most of them send the shoes to other countries and not that I don’t like helping people in faraway lands – I would really prefer to help out a fellow American. So there was only ONE organization that donates the shoes they receive to local impoverished families, started by a guy named Jack Thornton, Jr. Warren Striders Track Club is an organization out of Ohio. This organization not only promotes physical activity but they also have programs that promote academic achievements as well. There are no age limitations for this group – you can be young or old, male or female, and any ethnicity and they will welcome you into their group, put shoes on your feet and get you running! SO if anyone reading this posting thinks they might have some old running shoes that could be passed on please send them to:

Jack Thornton, Jr.

Head Coach/Program Coordinator

P.O. Box 3440

Warren, OH 44485

Please keep in mind – I only used RW as a resource for finding this information. There might be many other organizations out there that only give the shoes donated to local US people in need – this is the only one I found listed on RW. The link to the page is here and it was published in 2006.

I complained today (no surprise to those of you who know me well) – no, really I actually think I was whining in an articulated way – the only way I could find…by trying to seem like I wasn’t really whining. I told Jeanne that I have been mentally anguishing over starting back into Speed work. I told her I had been reading about how some people just don’t recover well from distance running (endurance type stuff) and others find it hard to recover from speed work…and I went on to explain that I MUST be one of those people. Right?! I mean it makes sense – sprinting makes my body hurt in ways it has never hurt before…and my memory of this says, “don’t do that to me again!” So I thought, “maybe if I actually said it out loud to her it would somehow save me”… but alas Jeanne, as always, so poised and professional – gave me permission to complain! She reassured me that NO ONE likes to do speed work. Oddly enough, this made me feel a whole lot better – a little sheepish for whining but still – better. I know that after I am done with speed work I feel so amazing. I am proud of myself and I am always impressed with how my body responds to the demands I put on it… but I am always fearful of the days I know we will do speed work again!? WHY? I don’t get it – but it makes me feel much better to know that I am not alone!

Miles ran this week = 8.20

to date = 80.56