Welcome to the Real World!

Have you all seen that movie called “The Matrix”?

Okay – so you know that scene where Neo and Morpheus are discussing – The Rabbit Hole – and if Neo takes the Red pill “all will be forgotten and he will go back to life as he knew it” and if he takes the Blue pill “he will begin his journey to seeing the world as it really is.”

Bare with me here!

I really think that I am having a “this isn’t Kansas anymore” moment. I know, I know…how many movie references can I use here!  So I told you last post that I have started to read a book called the Paleo Solution and I have to say – It is certainly maddening (in a really good way).

I see myself as Neo, the author of the book Robb Wolf as Morpheus and the book is the Blue Pill! Are you with me?!

For the first time I am really starting to see the full/big picture about the circle of life. The chain of things. How what we eat really does play an enormous role in the way we feel, sleep, act, and even think. For years now I have been a proponent of being eco-friendly, eating healthy, exercise, conserve where you can, reduce when it makes sense, and by all means – for the love of God – RECYCLE! Being a steward to Mother Nature is important – we just take from her and pollute her and rarely think twice. But I never stopped to think that maybe what I thought were healthy choices in food were actually polluting the most important thing to me – my body.

I recently read a very interesting article in the NYTimes (In favor of Paleo eating – found here) and the author talks about vegetable oils and states something to the effect of – IF CARS CAN RUN OFF OF IT – IT CAN’T BE GOOD FOR US! And this is SO stinkin’ true. I mean, look at what they are doing with corn – that’s in the same category – and why do they call it vegetable oil? It’s not made from vegetables or anything even derived from vegetables. Veggies are not oily.

Anyhow – You should just read the book yourself. That last thing I will say in promoting being a skeptic is that it’s a good thing to question everything. I just assumed that I was already eating as healthy as I could (not counting my wicked sweet tooth) and never thought anything of it. Even though I take Gas-X so much I’m surprised I didn’t give birth to a green mint flavored liquid gel cap instead of Nola! I also take regular doses of any type of heartburn medicine on hand – DAILY! So why were my “healthy” food choices causes me so much internal distress…you’ll just have to read the book to find out. Lets just say that there are all sorts of links between the way we eat and numerous health conditions that doctors would sooner prescribe medications for and not tweak your diet and nutrition. If I put diesel fuel in my gasoline engine car – what happens? The fuel we give our bodies is very important to how well we function on many levels.

P.S – I cleaned out my pantry this morning and even though I am known for not really keeping much “pantry food” on hand – it is virtually empty now. Paleo here I come!

Training Updates:

Today – Whew! What a day – I did SPRINTS for 1 minute straight x 8!

Jeanne had me do a heart pumping/cardio juicing warmup to prep my legs for the sprints ahead of me. She explained – pointing down the road behind the gym – that I was going to run as hard as I could (throwing up exhaustion we’re talking here) for ONE MINUTE STRAIGHT and then I would do a recovery shuffle/walk for two minutes – then REPEAT EIGHT TIMES!

Needless to say – I was having a hard time conceptualizing myself S.P.R.I.N.T.I.N.G for one whole minute – me…running that hard…for that long…Hmmm. Okay!

The first 1 minute Sprint - not so hard!

Also, needless to say – but I will – the first one minute was not my hardest – it wasn’t even a sprint! I just couldn’t see how I was supposed to run that hard for that long so I immediately planned to portion my energy out. Next thing I knew the minute was up and I realized that even though the 8 rounds of sprinting would be tough (I didn’t know just how tough yet) I could sprint for 1 minute!

I sheepishly admit to Jeanne that the first effort was not my hardest and she of course tells me she knew that!

Round 2-5 Sprints!

OKAY  – now that my head is wrapped around this sprinting for one-minute thing I am ready to go. Jeanne blows her whistle – I take off in a GREAT sprint, I can feel that my legs are most definitely stronger then they were the last time we did sprints (well short distance sprints were in Feb – but we do sprints frequently). My whole gate is different with sprints. I get low and take way bigger strides. Pushing hard and driving down with all the force I have – making my hips flexors very sore the next day!

By the end of the FIFTH round I was hurting – mentally mostly. My lungs were burning and I was beginning to fight off side stitches. Jeanne told me we had 3 more rounds to go…I think I whimpered a little. Then she said that we would do two more and then see how the third one goes – sooooo we’re still doing 3, right?! YES we are – see she was trying to mess with my fatigued brain but I caught on to her crazy talk mix-me-up math stuff!

Just trying to survive to round 8!

When you are in the middle of running that one-minute – which seems like 5 minutes sometimes – you start to focus on your body A LOT. Mostly how your stride is getting sloppy and your mind is playing tricks on you – “you can make it, no you can’t! – Push, I don’t want to!”  But, as Jeanne tells me, I will face all of these challenges and more on my 26.2 endeavor and I need to start pushing my VO2 max and my Lactic Acid Threshold.

All-in-all today was tough day but I got some daps out of her! That has only ever happened once before so I must have been doing something right today! I hung in there and did all eight rounds and ended with a pretty tight side stitch but I didn’t buckle over – I walked it off and breathed through it. I had to put my hands on my head and try different types of controlled breathing before it started to subside.

Nutrition Updates:

Tried to use Paleo influences on my cooking tonight. I got a lean cut of pork tenderloin (pre-seasoned) from the commissary. Used my super badass Pampered Chef Dutch oven to cook it in. I added a little bit of water and about a half a can of Veggie Stock. Cooked for about 15 min. on 450. Then I added cut carrots, diced & peeled acorn squash!

This was the first acorn squash I have ever bought – squash looks to me like weird planets in a long lost solar system somewhere and I have no idea what to do with them normally – so I never buy them b/c I don’t even know where to begin with them. I chopped ¼ of an onion and some fresh parsley – added it all and put it back in the over for another 30 minutes.

The pork was so juicy and tender! The picture does no justice to the meal!

OMGosh – this was so super yummy! And for my something sweet I had a handful of red grapes! YUM! These were so sweet and full of water that I hardly ate any before I felt satisfied and never felt munchies again the rest of the evening.


Miles ran this week = 5 (as of Wednesday)