Death by Circuit Training

My brain hurts sometimes after I train with Jeanne!

The one thing I love the most about training with Jeanne is that I never know what to expect – she varies my workouts so much that I really wonder where she has the time to create such detailed and awesome training routines! I also sincerely appreciate that she really listens to what I tell her. I mentioned needing to be pushed more and she has certainly done that – but she also has ramped up her motivational dialog towards me while I’m doing these routines. With more intense workouts comes the potential to just let myself slip from “I can do this, push, push” in my head to “this is too tough, I can’t finish, I want to stop” which literally shuts your muscles down. Just more and more reasons I am so appreciative of Jeanne’s dedication and handwork for me and more reasons for me to continue to know I need this training.

Normally Tuesdays are my speed or hill day but since my hip was feeling a little tweaked from last week we decided today would be a strength-training day.

First – before I tell you what workout I did – Jeanne prefaced my workout with telling me that 3 people had already thrown up from this routine – followed by a big smile from her and a grimace from me!

The circuit:


1 minute of star jumps (killer)

1 minute of pushups

1 minute of burpees

1 minute of jumping jacks

1 minute of football sit-ups (you have to touch your stomach, knees and feet on the way up and on the way down)

1 minute of crunches

1 minute of supermans (lay on your stomach with arms and legs stretched out lifting up)

1 minute of jumping rope

1 minute of luges (jumping from side to side over a line on the road)

and I DID 3 ROUNDS of THIS!!!

This was KILLER! BUT it was an excellent workout. I did feel a little queasy on the walk to the car but I am pretty good at talking myself OUT of throwing up. I just sipped on my water, ate my banana and drove home.

I am proud to say that my long runs are inching up to 8 miles (that will be this weeks LSR distance) and I am feeling great. I definitely need to get some new music on my iPod and luckily the ladies at had added lots of awesome playlists to their website – broken down by distances and genre’s! Music seems to make a world of difference – the right tune can lift my spirits and make my heavy legs seem light again.

In other news…

Life is slowly getting back to normal now that my husband is home. There is no denying that there is an adjustment period you go through when someone has been gone for the better portion of a year and then is back home again. Nola is completely adjusted and sometimes chooses for her daddy to do things for her that I would normally do. She was a daddy’s girl before Shane left so it doesn’t surprise me that they are thick-as-thieves once again! It warms my heart to see them on the coach reading a board book or playing on the living room floor…it is also just SO nice to not be the only person responsible for all the discipline, diapering, feeding and bathing!

Nutritional Tidbits:

Here are a few pictures of the things we have been eating lately.

Lunch! Chili Lime Shrimp, thick slice of Deli Ham, unsalted almonds, 1 cup of unsweetened applesauce w/ cinnamon and a whole farm fresh tomato slice for lunch followed by a Banana and a Zone Mint Chocolate Bar!

Dinner: Ground Bison spaghetti sauce over oven roasted farm fresh green beans!

Lunch: Tilapia Fillets cooked in macadamia oil & garlic served with a beet and apple salad! The beets & apples are from the Japanese Farmers Market!

Dinner: Curry chicken w/ cabbage - Shane loved this - it was suppose to be cooked with Spinach but I was out!

Upcoming races:

This weekend there is a Functional Fitness 3.5K on Camp Schwab. I am hoping to run this race really hard as it is only about a two-mile distance broken up with Functional Fitness stations. I will assume that these stations will be harder than the last race only because the running distance is abbreviated. Shane and I will run this together!

May 22nd – there will be a 10K on Futenma Marine Corps base – this will be my 3rd 10K and Shane will be pushing Nola (her 2nd)! Wahoo!

Current weight = 130.4

Once I started the Paleo transition I dropped about 3 pounds in the first few days and now a little over two weeks in – I am maintaining this current weight – so think it’s safe to say that I have finally found a good balance.

Taking it a little easy for the rest of the week. Gotta make sure to rest my tweaked hip and its midterm week at college – just printed out my 14 page midterm for my Military Psychology class… fun, fun! ;o)