Sidelined by Bronchitis

No wonder my lungs felt so tiny!

Well, I thought this week was going to be the ramp up to MILEAGE! Unfortunately I have been trying to ignore this nagging cough of mine for a little over 2 weeks but it has only gotten worse.

Finally, after getting a fever and severe pains under my shoulder blades and ribs when taking deep breaths I decided something was not right. Went to the doctor and sure enough – I have bronchitis. It’s the middle of the summer…how can this happen? Apparently it is highly contagious (haven’t been around any sick people), and it can be caused by exposure to allergens and mold spores in the air. (Remember that posting about finding mold…ummm yeah – not cool)

To my extreme delight this doctor has run the Honolulu Marathon 2x – Wahoo! Finally, a doctor that I can talk to! So we chat it up about my training and the race itself – he gave me a little inside scoop about the elevation changes in the first 10 miles – and then he dishes me my treatment…

To my extreme disappointment the doctor told me absolutely no cardio and I quote, “No biking, no swimming, no running for 3-5 days – I want to treat this aggressively and get you back to running as soon as possible.” By aggressively he meant me taking an antibiotic, an inhaler, expectorant cough syrup w. codeine, and naproxen for my side pains!

This week’s workouts have been revised and I will be resting the cardio portion but still doing some light strength. Jeanne emailed me my workouts – 100 squats, 200 sit-ups and 100 push-ups!

After just one day on meds I am feeling WAY better and thought I would try a 30-minute Jackie Warner workout DVD. I love Jackie Warner’s videos – they are the toughest workout DVD’s I have ever done next to P90X. I get my warm-up stretch in and start the video…about 5 minutes into it I am breathing pretty hard and the pain comes back into my back and ribs. I take a moment, catch my breath and start the video again but this time – I take my time and go slowly through the strength training. The next 25 minutes fly by and I never feel the pain again.


This is the video I did today.

This is the video I usually do - my favorite!

I plan on doing my Jillian Michaels 30-minute Yoga Meltdown this evening and the rest of the abs and push-up work Jeanne emailed me to do. I think this combo should get me through the week. My goal is to not feel like a terd for not working out w/ Jeanne in the group training this week!!

Level 1 has the best poses, Level 2 doesn't seem to flow as well.


I’m on my way to healthy, happy lungs 1 antibiotic a day!