My Trainer

Meet Jeanne Goodes…my trainer.

Jeanne is a AFAA Certified Personal Trainer; Crossfit Level I Certified; Crossfit Barbell Certified; Crossfit Nutrition Certified; Level I and Level II Stretching Seminars with Gillian Mounsey; Health Coaching Seminar with Candice Weaver; Dr. Barry Sears:  Zone Nutritional Seminar held at Endicott College in Beverly, MA.

She has over 30 years combined experience as a competitive athlete and as a trainer, her experiences and knowledge are used to help a client discover his or her athletic potential.  Using health coaching techniques and cross training methodologies, each workout is specifically designed for, and tailored to, the individual client.  Her goal is to help clients change unhealthy behaviors, as well as to help them achieve their personal fitness goals.  Through a tailored approach to the specific needs/goals of an athlete, her clients will achieve self-reliance, empowerment, and confidence.

(written by Jeanne and modified by me)

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