Holy Hilly Steps Strike Again!

I can totally hear Jeanne saying this!

This was our final week for the 5 week Group Training Session with Jeanne.

On Wednesdays she combines groups and we (the Tue/Wed/Thr group) train with her (Mon/Wed/Fri group) – um, yeah – did I say that right? Okay – so we all train together on Wednesdays! Anyhow, this being the last week she really hazed us!

Tuesday – 3 sets of:

1Set =

Push-ups (for 1 min 45 sec)

15 sec rest

Burpees (1 min 45 sec)

15 sec rest

Sit-ups (1 min 45 sec)

15 sec rest

Squats (1 min 45 sec)

15 sec rest

Jumping Jacks (1 min 45sec)

Then when the 2nd set started you worked your way backwards through the set from Jumping Jacks back to push-ups. OH Momma – did this hurt! I was sooooo sweaty when I was in the push-up position I could feel sweat running down my scalp to my forehead, then I would stand up for the burpees and the sweat would roll into my eyes! YowZah!

I need to get some sweatbands! This was truly a tough, mentally and physically, workout. By the time you were done with one set an entire muscle group would be smoked – then as you worked your way opposite in the set you would get some relief and then again burn-out the other muscle group! Total body!

Wednesday – HOLY HILLY STEPS! I know I posted about these numerous times but I just think they deserve all the attention I give them! To see these steps in pictures doesn’t do them any justice to the fear they impart on a first timer – they look scary and they are!

View from the top! Hello, Okinawa!

For the steps – Jeanne worked me OUTTAH! I have never done the steps like this before. Normally she has me go up and down 3 times and I have to do pushups on every landing and then I have to wear a weighted vest, etc. not to make it sound easy – its not but compared to THIS TIME – OMGosh!

1st Time Up = 5 burpees every landing and I had to transition from landing to landing as fast as possible.

Look at that naive smile! Only in round 1 sweetheart, 3 more to go!

2nd Time Up – Walk at a pace just below jogging – bog arm swings to help with the momentum and just go straight up.

See the smooth part on the left - I had to run that.

3rd Time Up – I had to run it… GASP, I know! Wha, wha – whaut! Run! So I went up the smooth side of the steps and grunted and screamed a little – and ran up! I made it about mid way and had to move to a much slower pace. Then about 5 landings from the top I though for sure I was going to throw up but managed to hold it back.

4th Time Up – Side steps all the way switching sides at each landing. My hips are so sore!

Coming down for the final time - fasciculation all the way!

This workout was so tough but I loved it! Call me a masochist but it was the sort of pain that hurts-so-good! Now – 3 days later – is another story. DOMS has set in and is really making my calves and gluteus maximus scream. Every one was struggling with this workout – no one walks away from the Holy Hilly Steps without a beat red face and pride!

Get out of your comfort zone ladies!

Thursday – Last Day

Tabata time with 20lb Kettle Bells. I am not a huge fan of kettle bells but only because they are tough to workout with – not tough as in cumbersome but tough as in make my body hurt badly the next day! So the Tabata is a timed exercise for a specific duration of on and off sets. So like – 20 seconds on of hip-thrusters and 10 seconds off – until the total amount of time allotted for the workout it done.

I have signed up for one more 5 week Group Session Training with Jeanne and so haven’t all of the same ladies from my group! YAY! It’s really nice to see the progress that everyone is making – AMY – I saw all that awesome core work you powered through today!!! Just 5 weeks and everyone was showing signs of being so much stronger! This last session will get me through to the end of summer and then the personal training sessions will be back in full swing.

The heat here is just so miserable and life draining. It can sometimes be in the 90’s by 8am with humidity levels already at 100%. So while meeting at 5am is not my ideal time, it certainly enables me to beat the heat!

In other news – Now that I am almost to the double digits range in my mileage Jeanne is now having me focus on faster paces for my shorter distances. This should be interesting! I’ll be putting my new Nike + watch to the test for its ability to be accurate on my instant pace. This has been a problem in the past (the instant pace being very fast) compared to my husbands Garmin.

My up-coming mileage:

Fri – off
Sat – 5miles @9 min
Sun – 4 @8:30
Mon – off
Tues – 3 @8:00
Wed – 5 @ 9 min
Th – 4 @ 9 min
Fri – off
Sat – 4 @8:30
Sun – 7 @ 10

Anyone want to join me for any of these runs? I think Amy and I will try and team up again for my 7 miler but she is training for a marathon in October so her miles are already exceeding mine.

I feel so blessed to be in the company of such an experienced runner. She had already offered up some great advice and I look forward to picking her brain some more before her and her husband PCS off the island.

Nutritional Tidbits:

I have started combing through all of my old recipes to find ways to make them more Paleo or as close to it as I can. Shane called this Paleo Comfort food – which by the way there is a cook book out called Paleo Comfort Foods and if you order it now (before it’s released) you can get it at a discount through Amazon.

Example of one revamped non-Paleo to Paleo recipe:

Pillsbury Chicken and Roasted Vegetables Dinner (Crockpot)


1 lb unpeeled small potatoes – I subbed acorn squash for this

2 cups ready-to-eat baby carrots

1 cup frozen small whole onions (pearl) – I subbed a med. yellow onion chopped for this

6 boneless skinless chicken thighs (YUM!)

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/8 tsp pepper

1 jar chicken gravy

1 1/2 c. frozen sweet peas thawed – I realize now that peas are legumes and are not paleo

How to:

Spray 3-4 qt. slow cooker w/ cooking spray. In cooker, place (potatoes) acorn squash, carrots and onion. Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper; place all the ingredients except the sweet peas in the cooker. Mix well and cover. Cook on low for 8 hrs. Stir in peas 15 min before you plan to eat.

Without any subbing the recipe states that the Cal per serving (1 1/2 cups each) is 290. Fat 9g, Sodium 640mg (but can be lower depending on the subbing you do for your gravy).

Review: This was so super stinking delicious – the chicken was just falling apart when I was trying to scoop my serving out. The gravy got thicker as it set in the fridge for leftovers and was even more delicious the next day.


I mentioned before that I would talk more about Phytochemicals – so here’s the skinny! Remember that Phytochemicals are herbs and spices – the word sounds weird but it literally means “plant chemical.”

All information listed here is taken from:

Insel, P., Ross, D., Turner, R. E. (2010). Discovering nutrition: Third edition. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers


Phytochemicals make food functional. What does that mean? Well, a functional food is a food that may provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition.

Example: Garlic contains sulfur compounds that may reduce heart disease risk, and tomato sauce is rich in lycopene, a compound that may reduce prostate cancer risk. The soy protein in tofu and the fiber in oatmeal can help reduce the risk of heart disease.


All the functional foods just mentioned get their health-promoting properties from naturally occurring compounds that are not considered nutrients but are called phytochemicals. While the word phytochemical might sound futuristic, its meaning is simple, “plant chemical.”

Vitamins are a food substance essential for life. Phytochemicals, in contrast, are substances in plants that may promote good health, even though they are not essential for life. Plants contain phytochemicals in abundance b/c these substances are of benefit to the plant itself.


An orange has 170 distinct phytochemicals. Singly and together, these compounds help plants resist the attacks of bacteria and fungi, the ravages of free radicals, and high levels of ultraviolet light from the sun. When we eat these plants, the phytochemicals end up in our tissues and provide many of the same protections that plants enjoy.

The trick here is that you actually have to eat the food source to see the benefits. In tests done where people have just taken supplements of the food source (i.e. pills) they did not show the same benefits as people who actually ingested and process the food through absorption and digestion – the same benefits.


Good Website for info on Herbs and their levels of phytochemicals


I will now step off of my soapbox! BUT – if this has spiked your interest in knowing about food, your body and how they connect – I suggest NOT buying a “for profit” book sold at Borders or any other commercial bookstore but instead buying a textbook like the one I am reading for some great (somewhat non-biased) information. I have learned so much about how our bodies process and use food!

Have a great weekend everyone and please shoot me some great recipes if anyone is reading this and has tried something new and Paleo – I would love to try it out and blog about it in my Nutritional Tidbits!

Now, I am limping off to eat more protein and hope my muscle pains are better by Saturday when I have to run…and do it faster than normal! Eeeek!


The Break Up

Well I did it… I went into my pantry, my refrigerator, and my freezer and got rid of it… I got rid of it all. I broke up with all the grains, pasta, and overall carbohydrates in my house. It was tough…I had cleaned out my pantry a few days before but I wasn’t completely ready to get rid of all of my whole grain paraphernalia.

Well, I am sure you are wondering how it all came about and how it all played out…

It went something like this…

ME: Hey, Carbsy

Carb: What’s UP bestie!

ME: we need to talk.

Carb: Oh, that’s never good – when someone says that…

ME: Look, we’ve had a good run…but it just isn’t working out anymore.

Carb: But Sarah, I can change…have you seen the new selection of Naan bread, pita’s and Quinoa at the Commissary?

ME: It’s too late. I’ve given this a lot of thought and well; it’s ME – not YOU.

Carb: Oh boy – heard that one before. Well, I was the best thing that ever happened to you – you’ll see.

ME: Yea, well…I guess some things just aren’t meant to be – physiologically.

Carbs: you’ll be back. You people always come crawling back. You’ll get an emotionally charged craving and go running for a KitKat or a French loaf freshly baked at the Commissary or think just a few croutons won’t hurt.

ME: You clearly don’t know me Carbsy – I thought you did – but you’ve been the problem all along and now that I see you in this light (bloating my intestines and inflaming my bowels) I can never look at you the same way again. Besides, I’m a Generation X’r… I was raised on Grunge Music and smoking to be cool. If I can quit those things and never look back…well, you’re already toast (pun intended)!

Ignore the Oats & Peanut Butter - I am making some no bake cookies for the Single Marines

I took some creative liberties here but you get the picture! It’s not easy to reverse you’re entire life’s worth of thinking about food and nutrition. I am not going FULL Paleo just because I cannot give up Dairy. My little girly still needs lots of calcium and I do to! I am just going to be cutting WAY back on our cheese and flavored yogurt intake. Baby steps!

Over the passed week I have been doing my best to stick closely to the Paleo theme of eating and finally when most of the food was depleted from the house I knew it was time to “go big or go home!” So I printed out the Week 1 Shopping List from Robb Wolf’s website for the 30 day challenge of eating Paleo and hit the Commissary. Mind you – I couldn’t find everything there but I found most – maybe 3-4 items I couldn’t get my hands on.

Got my spices all organized and out of the cupboard - found some yummy Macadamia Oil too

This has been tough – I think I had been a little moody from the lack of carbs, my body does not like this adjustment but my guts sure do! I haven’t been bloated at all. BUT…I think about chocolate a lot! LOL!

So far I have cooked and enjoyed everything that has been recommended on the 30 day challenge or from another Paleo Cookbook I bought.

Here are some examples of the foods I have cooked:


-Grilled Salmon, Roasted Green Beans, side salad

-Rotisserie Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, side salad


– Chicken Salad w/ Acocado’s, Tomatoes and Balsamic Vinegar (and Feta)

-1 lb. Chili Lime Shrimp, Side Salad

-5-6oz. deli turkey (rolled), ½ lb steamed broccoli, handful of nuts


-3 poached eggs, bacon, and fruit

I used a microwave poacher

-Scrambled eggs w/ a little milk and shredded cheese, bacon or avocado


-Jerky and unsalted Nuts

-Greek Yogurt w/ berries and drizzled w. honey

Training Updates:

Thursday: Met up with Jeanne at the gym for purely strength training. We went out back and she totally broke me off! We did a full body workout.

Jeanne’s Recap of today’s WOD and explanation of what a Tabata is: Today you did a Tabata working with kettlebells – core workout, upper body and legs – overall strength conditioning. Inner thighs may feel sore/tight – be sure to give them extra time to stretch and warm-up. 

A tabata is 20 seconds on (of work) 10 seconds off (rest) – you repeat for x amount of time 4 min, 8 min, etc. – 10 sec is enough time to let your body rest, but not enough time for your muscles to recover – also adds a cardio element to a strength exercise.

BIG NEWS THIS WEEK! I completed my 2nd 10K and a 5K – both with Nola in the new Baby Jogger.

FRIDAY: The 10K was held on the local Air Force Base and was a fundraiser for the American Red Cross’s effort to raise money for the Mainland Japan Relief Fund. The course was extremely hilly and some of the hills were very long. I ran alone (except for having the stroller) but there were several ladies there that I knew. I asked them to please not run w/ me as I wasn’t sure what sort of pace I would be able to maintain.

Jeanne had told me to just think of this as a training run and to take it easy…. Well, that is hard for me to do – my competitive juices get flowing and off I go! Also, there were lots of strollers – so there was a fair amount of equal competition! There were two people w/ strollers a head of me until about 3.5 miles into the race. They were running fast and when I finally reached them it was because the chick had to walk. I caught up with them just as they were running again and I made small talk about how hard they had been to catch! They were both pushing two kids. Within the next 3/10ths the chick bonked. I think the guy was pushing her to run faster than she was comfortable with and she couldn’t maintain that pace. I heard her start to cry and I looked back and told her to just breath through it, look at her front tire and just push! I kept running and didn’t see them again until after the finish.

I finished the race in 1:00.06 my friend Kelly, who had finished ahead of me, came back looking for me. She grabbed the stroller and was like, “See you at the finish – GO!” But she runs so fast that even though I was running solo now (3/10ths of a miles left) she was still right with me! Lol! So I finished with Kelly cheering me on and Nola getting to see me cross the finish line!

Here are my numbers
Mile 1 = 9:54
Mile 2 = 9:13
Mile 3 = 9:46
Mile 4 = 10:56
Mile 5 = 10:23
Mile 6 = 9:52

SATURDAY: Earth Day 5K – Woke up feeling really sore and stiff from all the previous hard work of the week. If I wouldn’t have told a new friend (Tricia!) I would be there I probably would have crawled back in bed that morning! Damn accountability!

Im in the white cap w. sunglasses on top - getting registered to run!

I decided TODAY will be a for real easy run. I left the Garmin at home and wasn’t worrying about pace or time. The morning was perfect for running! Cool and overcast! I prefer overcast mainly for Nola – I had to think she’s just sitting there baking in the sun while I run. I got there in JUST enough time to sign up and do a little bit of stretching but not my normal routine of stretching. When the race started I could feel how stiff I was. Tricia immediately pulled ahead and left me in her dust! I put my iPod on and just shuffled til my legs felt better and then I used that LONG down hill (the 5K is always the same route) as my recovery/warm up. Right after we finish the downhill we run through a residential area or about half a mile. When we hit the main road again it is a 90 turn up a VERY steep and very long hill (Marek Park). I wish I could get the elevation charts on the running route because this hill is unbelievable.

I just skipped my iPod to a super motivating song, leaned forward to be more on my toes and looked down at the front tire – dug in and PUSHED! The last time I ran this 5K was the weekend before I started working with Jeanne. I remember thinking that my effort to get Nola – my little shuffle/jog – was actually just as fast as a walkers pace – so I walked part of it and I was right…I was only jogging about as fast as I could have walked it! In other words – I was barely moving up that hill the last time.

THIS TIME – I was moving! I made that hill my bitch! After I got to the top I was in such a good groove I just kept up the good pace. At this point in the race there is only MAYBE a mile left. I just plugged away and started passing people. I finished in 29:40 and set a PR for my 5K w/ the stroller time!

After the race I felt great, I was trotting around cheering for other people and especially the little red-faced kids coming in for their finish! I drove home with the goofiest ear-to-ear grin! I was just so proud of myself. I just couldn’t believe that I had just ran a race, that kicked my butt just 4 months ago, and ended it feeling like I could go longer! I am really seeing what Jeanne has been talking about – building a strong base!

New Recipe:

I was totally amazed at this!

Tonight I made Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti – OMG! How crazy is it that a squash can be so amazingly similar to spaghetti! I have never really cooked w/ squash before so this is all new to me. Just another bonus of trying something new with the way I am fuel myself.

I couldnt hardly stop eating this!

Spaghetti Recipe:

1lb ground beef or turkey
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 (12oz) package of kelp noodles or one spaghetti squash 
1-2 C. Marinara sauce
1-2 cloves crushed garlic

Brown the meat in the Olive Oil using a large skillet. Once the meat is browned, add the noodles (or cooked spaghetti squash, see below) and the marinara sauce. Stir and bring to a simmer. Add the crushed garlic just before serving to maximize the health benefits.

If using the spaghetti squash: Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Carefully split the squash lengthwise, then dig out the seeds. Place both halves face down on a baking pan, add 1/4 C. water. Bake for 30 minutes. Dig out the squash with a fork and add to your skillet with the meat.

Miles ran this week = 14.3

Miles ran YTD = 138.55

New Years Resolutions can Work!

Week 11 of LRW challenge/Week 10 w/ Jeanne

March is almost over and I can hardly believe it… WOW! Ending my 3rd month of Living Runner’s World Challenge and the beginning of resolution completion has begun!

I get to check a “to-do” off of my 2011 list of goals! Last night was the final meeting for the “Squawk and Gobble” quilt group I was apart of. We all started to collaborate and brainstorm our designs for quilt squares back in May 2010. This was a tough challenge and had I not gone stateside for a holiday venture/visit w/ my little monkey in tow I might not have gotten my squares done at all. My mother has always been the crafter/green thumb of the family…I don’t know what happened to that for me…I guess I got the athletic gene! My mom and I spent days on end measuring, cutting, ironing; sewing, stitching…and then my 12 quilt squares were done!

My quilt square is of a "Torii Gate" these can be found all over and mainly at the entrances.

Tada! It feels good to have something checked off the list!

The wonderful "hens" of squawk and gobble - a little wine w/ our needle point!

After March 27th I will be able to mark another goal off the list…completing my very first 10K! I’ll be running the annual “Lord of the Tengan” 5K/10K race on Camp Courtney (Marine base) here on Okinawa. I’m such a nervous racer – I always get really anxious days before a race…and then the night before – oh boy, like no sleep at all! The worst part is that my nerves all go straight to my tummy – I’ve already poo’d in nervousness like 20 times…at least I won’t be running for the port-o-johns on race day! Lol!

Training Updates:

What comes to mind when you think of someone doing “strength training” …maybe lifting some weights…yeah – maybe…but not when you have Jeanne for your trainer! So Thursday was my strength day and it was no joke!

I think what still cracks me up is that her “warm-up” phase still gets me all out of breath and covered in a light coating of sweat. She’ll always say, “We’re still in the warm up phase” and I always think, “oh boy!”

We started off with a Tabata of anaerobic work and then the training session started w/ hard upper body strength working w/ weight bars and as soon as we finished those rounds Jeanne told me to take off for a 400m sprint out back.

So I handed her my bar and ran as fast as I could around people working out and lifting weights heading for the back door. When I flung it open I saw a handful of the WOOT running ladies – no time for talking for me – I was on a mission to hit that 400m hard. …And maybe I didn’t want to seem like I noticed that anyone may have been watching me! When I make my way back to the gym Jeanne is waiting for me and immediately directs me to do 20 push-ups. (Gasp – I know – I did too!)

This is what my arms felt like!

So I get down and the first 4 go smooth but my shoulders were smoked from all the upper body work in the gym and I am sucking air pretty hard from my run. I slow down and my form goes to crap. I start resting between sets of 2 push-ups at a time…did I mention these are plank push-ups? ;o) It seems like forever but I make it to 20 and then the rest of the workout is a blur! In between running 400m Jeanne has me work the core (upper, middle and lower) until it’s smoked, then some more 400m running.

Nearing the end of the session she has me do high knee skips – OMG – we haven’t done these in weeks and I was in NO hurry to have them back in the routine. Whatever energy I had left – these totally sucked me dry of it! Imagine skipping…then skipping as hard as you can, then push off your toes as hard as you can and then twist your right elbow to your left knee as it comes up and alternate like that…yeah – those are high knee skips! Crazy Sh@t, I know – and I do them and they HURT!

We ended the session with me doing a lunge/squat walk down the street…the lactic acid in my legs completely consumed my lower body and it was all I could do to make it to the end of the designated stopping point. This has me cursing (under my breath) out loud! I was smoked after that workout.

I was still able to do an easy two miler today to shake loose any tension though. I am sore and my legs are a little tight in places but I’ll be sure and stretch out really good tomorrow and then again on race day.

Nutrition Updates:

Boo-Hiss! No more sweet treats for me!

I am cutting out sugary snaky yummy treats for the month of April. While my body has been slowly morphing into the “runner’s body” over these past few months – I am still not exactly where I would like to be. I can only think of one reason why I might not be seeing the “shred” that I want – lots of carb-o-licious snacks and sugary sweets for this girl. So starting April – no more sugar. The count down has started for my husband to make his way back to me and I really want to make sure I make the most of this time in training before he sees me. 7 months is a long time – and I haven’t been sending him any pictures of me or of my progress. He reads the blog of course but other than that the rest will be a surprise!

Miles this week = 7.45

Year–to–date = 91.95

Curse of the DOMS!

Pain is what I am now experiencing… and it has a name!

So the day after my first work out w/ Jeanne I got up and wasn’t feeling too terribly sore but I was stiff. I met with Kelly at 7am and we headed out for our run to the beach and back. I was suppose to take it easy that day but you know how that goes… we were just talking and running and the next thing I know we’ve gone 4.68 in 48 minutes. I told Kelly I needed to walk – so we chatted and briskly walked the rest of the way back home. I could already feel the ache setting in – the sore dullness of my muscles already speaking to me. I started to feel just how sore I really was… and it was about this time that I new I was going to be feeling it full force later that day. ON TOP OF THAT…today was Cross Training Day w/ Jeanne and she really put a hurtin’ on me! See “training updates” below – I thought I was in pain this past 24 hours but NAH, that is nothing compared to how I now feel or how I am sure I will feel tomorrow!

What is DOMS?

Well it is Delayed-onset muscle soreness (AKA Muscle Fever) and that is the name for when you’re in pain after doing exercises that you don’t normally do! There really is a name for everything! (I’m using RW The Runner’s Body for all of my information on this) So typically DOMS sets in the morning after your taxing workout – mine came a little early just for fun! Never fear though – “even the most experienced runner’s endure DOMS after intense running, or any other activity, that their bodies are not used to.”

I just want to take a moment to say that there really are certain mobility abilities that I take for granted until this sort of pain sets in! Lets take sitting my butt on the toilet seat for example! You never think about how you normally sit down so softly, slowly knowing the exact ration of butt to seat you’ll get UNTIL you lose the ability to control your squatting momentum due to PAIN in your upper legs – I’m not even going to take the time to name the muscles involved b/c it all hurts! So now I plop onto the toilet – sometimes half on/half off! There is no slow lowering here – you just aim your butt in the general vicinity of the seat and hope you don’t rickashay off into the wall!

Okay – now that I have that description out of my system… I want to share with you what I have learned about muscles and why they sometimes feel this way. It’s actually extremely interesting! (I’m such a bookworm)

Did you know that as far back as early 1900’s scientists were studying and researching athlete fatigue? Lactate was blamed for most all aches and pains that runner’s experienced UNTIL “the invention of the muscle biopsy technique, in which a small piece of muscle is taken from an athlete and then examined…revealing a new angle to DOMS.”

Hans Selye (scientists) came up w/ the General Adaptation Principle – this explains, “how the management of training stress is the single most important factor determining your running success. You have to control the training load so that you are stressed enough to adapt but not so stressed that your physiological capacity to adapt is exhausted, which will lead to injury and over training.” (pg.33)

Our muscles experience an “Alarm Reaction” and “DOMS is nothing more than the alarm reaction to a bout of exercise that is more stressful than the muscles are familiar with. Taking a more long-term view, DOMS is actually part of a process that will lead you into a stage of adaptation, in which running is easier, the muscles are stronger, and DOMS is (thankfully) a distant memory.”

Phase 1: Eccentric Muscle Contraction and Structural Damage to the Muscle – “This happens every time your foot hits the ground – the muscles contract in order to decelerate the leg, working against gravity to stabilize the joints and keep them from buckling.” (pg35)

Phase 2: Damage Repair – “The body responds to this structural damage w/ a process that ultimately produces a stronger, more durable muscle. Rebuilding and producing muscle fibers that are far more capable of withstanding the stress the next time. This repair process is also responsible for the pain and discomfort.” (pg.35)

Please keep in mind that there are many more details to all of this but I am trying to keep it simple and only put the info I feel is pertinent to the over all message of the blog posting today. And that message is – I AM IN PAIN! Lol!

Training updates – (I’m just gonna copy and paste Jeanne’s email to me of what I did today – she said it best)

Cross Training Day!

Today – you did an 8 minute “Tabata” of push-ups  – goal was 10 each round, then 5 as you fatigued, then 4 as you further fatigued.  Then you did 5×50 high knee skips, switching to running skips after the 3rd round.  Emphasis was initially on crossing the midline to work the hip flexors and quads, but as you fatigued, emphasis switched to running skips with a forward lean.  Area to concentrate on – forward movement and landing on toes, rather than vertical movement and landing midfoot/heel.  Switching muscles groups and going for complete anaerobic work, you did 2×50 broad jumps with 5 second breaks as needed.  The idea here was to fatigue the quads and hip flexors.  Finished up with 2×400’s (easy) with 1 minute break.

This was a really great day of training. Even though my body was sore, mentally I was fully present! I did push-ups until I couldn’t really feel my muscles – like my brain was telling my upper body to do ONE more push-up and when I would move it just wasn’t happening – not like I wanted it to. I always mustered one more but my synapses were definitely confused!

Nutrition Updates – I really need to work on getting more protein into my diet. Truth-be-told, I am such a creature of habit and I thrive off of routine – If I could just find a breakfast, lunch and dinner that I like – I could eat it over and over again only needing to switch it up every once in a while. In the hopes of cutting back on Carbs and adding in more protein I am gong to search for a good balanced routine diet to maintain until my mileage per week requires me to add more carbs in. If anyone has any menu suggestions that have good lean protein in them please feel free to share on here or email it to me!

Miles ran yesterday and today = 5.48

Miles ran-to-date = 33.55