Dude, Where’s my MOJO?

Similarly to what happened to Austin Powers, I do believe that my MOJO has been stolen… but the bandit might be ME.

Is it strange that I am 28 years old, in the best shape of my life, incrementally achieving more and more then ever before and yet…I feel as if I have lost my MOJO? (correction – my mother just called to tell me that I’m actually 29 years old…oops!)

First of all – let’s clarify – MOJO is a slang word for self-confidence, self-esteem or sex appeal! Mainly, I am referring to the sex appeal but really all manners of referring to lost MOJO here are relative to me.

The back-story: Last week, I had a meltdown. Yes, the devil face came out in all of its glory and I was no longer myself. I had morphed into a tattered, stress-monger version of ME. You know – that person that gives a loud sigh of annoyance (passive aggressive anyone?) instead of speaking up about what is really eating them?

I was on the R&R week from group training but still needing to maintain certain mileage goals (which I did), I had midterms for all 3 of my classes (the 4th class was only half the term), I am now driving Nola to and from school (my husband has found his “thing” in biking to work!), I had been planning our budget to know we are still on point for leaving Okinawa debt-free (money always stresses me) and somehow pay for this Honolulu marathon “vacation” in December, planning meals (every 5 days I might add)…and feeling like I was the only one doing EVERYTHING…well, I was just plain old worn the hell out!

Next thing I know, everything annoyed me…

When mommy's unhappy, 'aint nobody happy!

Even though (thank goodness for him) Shane was putting all the dishes away from the washer – he was somehow putting them in all the wrong places…ME – Annoyed! Nola (the fiery little thing) was seriously fussy every day when we came home – ME – Annoyed! I have lost so much weight that none of my clothes fit me. My butt is constantly munching on my oversized granny panties, my jeans are all giving me the saggy butt look and my prepubescent boobs – well, not much to say there that hasn’t already been said in previous posts… ME – ANNOYED! Mojo – nowhere to be found. Just the thought of having to be affectionate or intimate made me automatically hear the words; “I’m too tired” coming from my mouth.

Finally, I had to take a step back and realize that I just needed a day off. I realized that I wasn’t even looking forward to my daily activities. I was waking up at 5 am to run, coming home before Shane left to hop in the shower and then get the little monkey to school by 7:30am, clocking into my study room by 9am and staying there until 4ish when I needed to leave for picking up the Monkey, cooking, cleaning up and then bathing the little monkey (Shane puts her to bed), then getting back to the study room until 8ish when I then crash into the bed – to do it all over again the next day!

I was looking at each day sort of systematically, checklist in hand; ready to check things off one by one. “Have sex with husband” was not on the checklist. “Make time for doing nothing” was not on the list and neither was anything else that resembled normal life. The relationship that Shane and I used to share was nowhere to be found as far as personal or alone time goes. We sort of just made motions towards each other, little butt-taps and smooches hello and goodbye but in the end we were just seeing each other in passing.

I took Thursday off and just sat on the couch, ate an entire Giant size box of Hot Tamales and then went shopping for some clothes. I found 1 pair of Capri’s and a pair of shorts and tops to match both! ME – getting happier and definitely less stressed. I never once logged into any of my classes nor did I crack open a textbook. Friday, I decided to continue this effort of doing nothing this day. I felt great by the time the weekend rolled around. I apologized to my husband for being such a pain over the last few weeks and especially the last week. We talked it all out and he showed me that I put all of this pressure on myself, no one else does. He also completely saw me heading for disaster w/ my high stress levels and wasn’t going to add to them by trying to keep me up passed my 8pm bedtime (I need more sleep these days) w/ pleas for intimacy.

**Don’t get me wrong here, we have always had and still do have an amazing private (it will stay that way) life – but I feel like I can’t say I lost my mojo and not honestly talk about this being affected. This is a reality – this is how life can get away from us if we aren’t willing to acknowledge and then TALK about this stuff. I am sure that other people have experienced this very same issue – especially after having your first child**

I realize now that through all of my goal setting and over achieving I have slowly killed the fun me that wanted to achieve all of this in the first place. The important thing for me to keep in mind here is that I am the one driving this train; I’m not the passenger. If scheduling “down” time is what I need to do – then so be it. (I am so Type-A, I have to schedule down time!) But loosing myself to stress so much so that I can’t even look in the mirror and feel good about the body I have, feel good about the goals and milestones I am meeting, feel good about the amazing husband I have and have the energy for showing him some affection… then what is it all for?

NOW – I am making Thursday’s mandatory chill out days and movie nights. Friday’s are my rest days from working out – which mean I get to have a chill out day and then follow it up by sleeping in!

I’ll admit that I waited until we were laying in bed…in complete darkness…me with my thoughts and Shane trying to fall asleep…I piped up and just started talking. We stayed up until 11pm that night… well, I stayed up chattering away about all the things I had been feeling and how terrible I knew I was being but I just couldn’t figure out any other way to be at the moment. Like, I was watching my own train wreck and helpless to prevent it. Shane, I think, was somewhere between stage 2 and stage 3 sleep part way through my late night confessional! But in the end it felt so much better to just get it all out – even if it meant I had to admit all of the wrong doing and grovel some. My husband is undoubtedly the most even keel person I have ever known, endlessly sympathetic and always supportive.  I’m always amazed at the power one conversation can have. So, if you are reading this and can relate…I suggest just start by speaking up about just one thing that might be festering in there and the rest will come.

Resolution: I am much happier about my mandatory down time. I am always refreshed and ready for the weekend of family time and my Long Slow Runs. My MOJO is making a comeback one new panty purchase at a time! As for Shane – well, unfortunately for him the week I made my confession and we decided to make more time for “us” also happened to be close to “that time of the month” – so his happy ending will be…um, next week!


PAL Award and the Bronze Award!


My Presidential Awards and T-Shirt finally came! YAY for an active lifestyle and you better believe these awards are getting inserted into my Curriculum Vitae! Or as I like to call my Lifestyle Resume!

In the end – we have to make sure and maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves and our loved ones in order to truly reap the benefits of life! If taking two chill days a week makes me a better wife, mother, student, runner and person than I think that is a small price to pay for my MOJO being returned to me! I am learning so much this year! I now see that sometimes doing nothing at all can do amazing things for you in the end!

Miles ran last week: 23.10

Miles ran YTD: 194.08


“Double Digits” – Here I Come!

Love my Cocok's Toes! Hand painted by Japanese ladies.

Total Cocok's fashion pedicures in Oki!

Last week was pretty much a wash for my running since I was recovering from Bronchitis. I managed a 7-mile run last Sunday but it was a miserable one due to my lung capacity being stiffened from all the mucus I was coughing up. I did some yoga, strength training here at the house and mainly tried to recuperate. RECUPERATE = Pedicures with the girls! (see photo above of my super sassy toes!)

These digits are looking pretty sassy already!!

I got back into the group training on Friday and was pleasantly surprised at my performance ability. Jeanne had us do a 30-minute session of 400m sprints w/ 5 dips, 10 sit-ups, and 15 squats = 1 set for as many sets as we could muster for the time allotted. For the first 21 minutes I ran a ¾ pace to make sure I wasn’t going to make myself start hacking or coughing and then the last 9 minutes Jeanne told me to go all out and really push it. I followed her directions and immediately could feel the difference. With the next 400m sprints I could feel my lungs being tapped to their VO2max. I didn’t have any coughing or wheezing at all. WAHOO! I finished that workout completely drenched in sweat and pride!

10 miles - here I come!

Saturday I teamed up with WOOT runner and group fitness participant Amy for a 9 mile run. This would be my very longest run to date! We broke up the run in two parts. First, we met up at Kadena Gym at 5:30am and did the 10K route on the base. Then, we got registered for the monthly 5K races at 6:45am. Amy was slotted to mentor a new runner so I did this portion alone.

Proving that I am still a rookie runner: My watch died on mile 4 and my I-pod died on mile 5. Amy sent me our run stats later in the day!

Stats on the 6-mile run:

Mile 1: 10:16

Mile 2: 9:56

Mile 3: 9:55

Mile 4: 10:00

Mile 5: 10:00

Mile 6: 9:56

Independence Day 5K run time: 31:24

I am super stoked about our ability to stay so consistent on this distance. The 10K course was rolling and the 5K course includes a very challenging hill.

New things I tried:

  • I put my recovery Nuun tablets into my camelbak so I could try out replenishing electrolytes while I ran (it is so humid here we sweat buckets).
  • Ate my first Hammer Gel for replenishment after the 1-hour mark and right before the 5K.


  • Pro: I didn’t get a headache like normal on my LSR b/c of the Nuun tabs.
  • Con: the water got disgustingly warm and fizzy from sloshing about on my camelbak
  • Pro: the hammer gel was a lifesaver and I am so glad I took extra plain water to drink with it and make sure it settled in my stomach before the 5K run started.
  • Con: I need to find something a little more substantial to eat during these long training runs (over an hour), midway through the 5K my stomach started to growl and I was becoming distracted by my hunger pangs.

I made sure and got a good breakfast in my stomach as soon as I got home (I had two hard boiled egg whites, apples sauce and a banana before I left). The rest of the day I focused on protein intake and never let myself go hungry. Towards the end of the running my quads were feeling sore and my knees too. I iced all the areas that seemed a little sore intermittently the whole day and I never felt any more pain afterwards.

Nutritional Tidbits:

I have perfected my recovery smoothie and want to share!

In my blender I put:

4oz of Apple Juice (100% pure juice – look on the label for the kinds that say their ingredients are APPLES and practically nothing else!).

This is at the Commissary in a plastic jug on the bottom shelf in the juice isle.

1 cup of frozen fruit.

1 packet of Stevia b/c it is pure dextrose.

2 tbsp of protein powder or (most recently) Yoplait Protein Yogurt (one or the other not both)

2 heaping Tbsp of Plain Organic Greek yogurt (this is if you are not using the protein yogurt).

1 Banana (optional) – for starches and simple sugars

a pinch of salt – for electrolyte

Why do I choose these particular ingredients?

Based off of the information from the Paleo for Athlete’s book they suggest some goals for the first 30 minutes post exercise:

  • Replace expended carbohydrate stores: glucose (aka dextrose) = quick recovery, fructose = steady and slow release. Best taken as liquid for quick digestion. This why I use 1 packet of Stevia
  • Rehydrate: You can loose half a gallon of sweat per hour. This needs to be continuous – so drink fluids for the rest of the day not just this window. 16oz of fluids for every pound lost during exercise. Apple Juice is a good choice b/c it bolsters carbohydrate stores and is rich in most electrolytes.
  • Provide Amino Acids for re-synthesis of protein that may have been damaged during exercise. Best source of protein is egg or whey. Heat increases the need for both carbohydrates and protein.
  • Begin replacing electrolytes – add a pinch of salt.
  • Reduce acidity of body fluids w/ fruits and vegetables – frozen fruit.


The Whey Protein has 17g of protein - but it is an expensive option

If you are nervous/unsure of protein powders try the protein yogurt instead!


In the end the optimum recovery tools are sleep and diet!

Fueling w/ Paleo Nutrition

It’s been a little over a week since I met-up w/ Jeanne. We took last week off for me to get back to the basics of why I love to run and for her do to some visiting/entertaining w/ family who are on island visiting!

The break was a well-needed one for me! I really liked not having to kill myself last week and just getting out and running…no agenda…just RUN! It really brought me back to why I am doing all of this! I’ve slowly been coming to the realization that the idea of “living life” and the actual act of “living LIFE” are two VERY different things.

For Instance…I remember when I got pregnant and I was all upset about the weight I was about to gain and the changes my body was about to go through…yet I was shopping for maternity clothes (and even wearing them) way before I needed to. My idea was that I would be miserable w/ this new body but my actions were saying something more like, “Where’s the baby bump already!?”

Another for instance…I remember having endless conversations w/ my mother about how I would BE after the baby – I would say, “I’m just going to be one of those vagabond moms who just throws their baby on their backs and keeps on truckin’ like nothin’s changed!” In reality…I was reading sleep books, passing up brunches, shopping and exploring fun and becoming a hermit for the first 12months of my child’s life so that she could be a “good sleeper.” Don’t get me wrong – I am very blessed; she sleeps 12hrs a night and still takes a 2-3 hr nap in the middle of the day at 18 months old. BUT it’s just that I thought I would be one parent and then in the action of living that part of my life I am a very different parent.

And I see these sorts of things all over my life. I used to say, “You don’t need a big car just because you have one baby! And then when Nola was 2 months old we sold the Toyota Raum and bought the Honda Spike…and now that she is 18 months old I am coming to the realization that kids only come with as many accessories as you are willing to tote around with you. Now…I am back down to the smallest car possible, the smallest stroller I could find, and a purse/diaper bag that never leaves my car.

So what does this have to do with my blog or running…well, the other day Shane, Nola and I drove to the local Air Force Base and ran in the monthly 5K (more on that specifically later) and afterwards I ran all the way home just so I could log my miles for the day. During that run I realized that all of these years I’ve spent reading about all these mother runners and female athlete’s who seem so driven and they go to such lengths to accomplish such amazing physical feats all the while living their lives. They fit in love, parenting, school, jobs, kids sports, etc, etc. and still maintaining DRIVE for themselves and their own goals. For so long now I have felt in the shadow of all the women I read about…thinking how amazing they are for doing all these things in conjunction w/ one another – so many balls to have in the air and smoothly juggle…

…and as I was completing my 7.6 mile run along highway 58 in Okinawa Japan I was thinking in my head how nice it is to not have my husband deployed anymore, about what to cook for dinner, about the two research papers I am in the middle of writing and about how well Nola has been adjusting to daycare – I slowly came to the realization that FINALLY the IDEA of who I wanted to be when I grew up and what I wanted my life to be like and the act of LIVING my life are finally in sync and I couldn’t be happier! I no longer need to be envious of the strong and ambitious women I read about because I am one of them – I am driven, I am wife, mother, college student and I am a runner!!!!!

Just got my book and L.O.V.E. it! Reviews coming soon!

Nutrition Updates:

I started on the Paleo journey April 12th, 2011. Weighing in at 132.6. Since then I have completed Robb Wolf’s 30-day Challenge in his “Paleo Solution” book and am feeling amazing. I am now much more confident in my ability to fuel my body – I am no longer going to be keeping the nutrition log on the blog for Jeanne to review. I will instead just be posting updated recipes that we try here at the house.

I never thought I would write about my relationship w/ food anywhere for people to read but I have to say – switching to Paleo and the experience/knowledge you gain from it are definitely worthy of passing on to other people. I am now a much more lean 130lbs and am not trying to loose weight. I eat portions the same size as my husband – mainly because my activity level is higher than his. Once he gets back into running and weight training he will be eating way more than me again. I have such a better appreciation for learning about and knowing my grocery store now too. Especially with living over seas, lots of people who want “specialty items” just order them off the Internet but I have had great luck with finding things I never knew the commissary had. I just wasn’t looking before.

FUELING YOUR RUN! Check my Tested Recipes page for details!

Let’s start with Breakfast!

Poached Eggs, 1/2 orange, strawberries, blueberries and bacon! - Learned how to poach eggs from Sarah Fragoso's blog - http://www.everydaypaleo.com

Brunch: Salmon Patties, small salad w/ orange and berries

 I added feta and balsamic vinegar to the salad. Keep in mind – though I am mainly eating Paleo – I am not cutting out dairy…yet!

Now some lunch!

Chicken Fajita Salad - Paleo Solution recipe

Cheese Burger w/ Salad and salsa on top - from Robb Wolf's book - Paleo Solution

And how about Dinner!

Steak, Steak Kabobs and Roasted Asparagus - Kabob recipe from Everyday Paleo

Leftover Kabobs and veggies on top of a salad the next day!

Tilapia, Roasted Green Beans and steamed Cauliflower

Training Updates:

Last week I ran a total of 21.43 miles, completed and PR’d in a 5K (time of 27:33) and maintained a steady 10min pace in my LSR for the week! YAY!

THE 5K: Shane pushed Nola in the stroller while I ran next to them. Wow – so nice to have running buddies for races and one of them be my little girly and I’m not the one pushing her! I was amazed when I rounded the last turn for the finish and realized I was about to PR and wasn’t even trying. I was actually chit chatting at Shane while Shane’s face turned red as he was gasping for air and driving hard for the finish. I remember the days when I was practically throwing up after a 5K race and Shane was all chatty and ready to run more. WOW – have I come a long way!


Today: Met w/ Jeanne at the gym. RAINING but we trained outside anyhow.

Jeanne’s: recap: Today – started with sore groin.  Completed 5 rounds of 100m sprints (fooled around with arm position, which shortened your stride, smoother and more comfortable for you to go with natural stride), then groin bothered you too much.  Completed 100 burpees.

Miles ran Y-T-D = 193.49

I have been icing my groin…never thought I’d blog that one either! Lol! Already feeling a little better but tomorrow will really tell me what I did to it.

I have a 10K coming up this weekend that Shane and Nola are going to be running with me! It will be on the hilly course of Futenma MCB.

Competitive By Nature

T-Shirt from the Race!

This weekend Shane, Nola and I got up at 4:30am and drove to Camp Schwab (MCB) to participate in their Functional Fitness 3.5K “Fun Run.” The last FF event I participated in was March 5th and I was just getting over my quad injury. So needless to say – I was excited about this event because I really feel like I have come so much further in my fitness, strength, and overall physical abilities – PLUS – I was getting to have my husband there supporting me!

I had been doing some positive/creative visualizations for days about the event. Seeing myself being strong and racing neck and neck to the finish! The night before the race I had a dream that it was me and one other girl (probably the woman who placed 1st in the last FF race) running it to the end and I look over at Shane and I curse out loud – “Damnit, why is it so hard to pass this chick!” HAHA! No, really – that was my dream! Turns out – I wouldn’t be having a photo finish after all!

The morning air was thick and heavy with humidity; it had rained ALL night and was still pouring when I got up. You can just feel the moisture on your skin and you know – you’re gonna sweat buckets. I packed up some Gatorade, bananas, cut oranges, Ziploc of red grapes, and my Nuun water for Shane’s recovery and mine PLUS some snacks for Nola. Gotta keep the little one happy or it makes for a mental challenge during the race. We were the first to arrive and sign in – then headed out for a light jog and warm-up. The turn out wasn’t nearly as big as the previous event on Kinser so I immediately felt a little relief.

There were 6 stations all together over this 2 mile hellishly hilly run! We line up in the gymnasium for a brief on what to expect and immediately I realize this is going to be tough!  When we line up at the start line I realize the woman standing next to me is another one of Jeanne’s clients. I saw her at the nutrition brief a few weeks ago. We gab a bit and she seemed nervous. I told her not to worry – this would be just like a HARD training session with Jeanne – and I meant it! We wished each other luck and then waited for the gun to fire!

Station 1 – 25 TRX suspended atomic push-ups

My feet were all twisted and I did about 10 pushups this way before I hear anything about the crunch part...ugh!

Everyone had a hard time with these. If you click on the photo you can see people (Nola too!) in the background all struggling and how their feet are all the way to the deck…not suppose to be like that. Most of the gear wasn’t hung correctly – your feet shouldn’t be touching the ground while your suspended and luckily mine was hung right but I just didn’t know how to untangle my feet. We were suppose to do a push-up and then pull our knees into our chests for a crunch – w/ the gear too low you couldn’t pull your legs in. Shane’s gear was so low he couldn’t get any tension for his feet so he ended up just doing push-ups til I was done and then he left for the next station with me. I ended up getting fed up that people who couldn’t do them right were just leaving and heading for the next station so I hurried to finish my set so I could catch up.

Station 2 – 50m traveling burpee, 50m walking lunges, 50m traveling spiderman push-up

The "traveling" portion of the burpees!

This station was by far the hardest and when we arrived the trainer supervising yelled “welcome to your worst nightmare!” This was a total quad, hamstring and glute burnout. I have never ever done the spider man crawly things and by the looks of it neither had anyone else there! It was the hardest and yet the funniest station. Shane was too busy doing the rest of the workouts w/ me to get any more photos from this station. If you want to know what I’m talking about just google it and add cross-fit in your search window.

Station 3 – 100 Russian twists w. a 15lb kettle bell

This is where I really made some headway and passed about 6 more people. My core is probably one of my strongest areas and I was able to take NO breaks here while I pounded out these rotations. I kept going and just watched as the young Marines around me were breaking to complain or take water. I recovered my breath while doing these as well, which really helped me gain back my focus and give my quads a break. I took off from this station w/ a faster pace than I started the race.

Station 4 – 30 squat thrusts w/ a 35lb weight bar

This was a tough one too. The weight was way heavier than I am used too and trying to stay on my heels was making my legs shake almost out of control. I maintained a good form and the trainer here complimented me several times!!! (wink, wink Jeanne!) Girls had to do 30 and guys had to do 40. This is where I almost completely caught up with the two Marines in front of me. We took off running from here and it was all UP HILL to the next station but I was tailing them close.

Station 5 – 20 push thrusts w/ a medicine ball



I got to this station fatigued and watched as the two Marines took off again while I completed my reps. I took a minute after completing my set to take in Gatorade and blow my nose! I knew I had given those guys another head start so I tried to run fast but my legs were starting to get worn out. Luckily it was a slight down hill and some flats to the next station.

Station 6 – 25 Sumo Dead lifts w/ a 35lb kettle bell

Once again, I caught up w/ the two Marines during the running portion of our station transition. I started my set only about 5 reps after them and when I was at my 5th rep of this when they took off for the finish. I looked in complete disbelief and said, “How did they do these so fast?” The supervising trainers said, “Yeah a thing called Integrity…they did about 10 fewer reps than they should have.” I said, “They just don’t want to be beat by a girl.” The trainer laughed and said, “yeah when they got here they looked back and said, “here she comes!”

and there's me - 5 reps in - watching those guys take off

I finished my 25 lifts and take off. My legs are tired but I am fired up to catch these guys. I can start to see them but it is all up hill to the finish – WHY ARE THERE SO MANY HILLS! I try to remind myself that I train on hills all the time, I GOT THIS! But my legs seemed to be disagreeing…because I was looking WAY ahead and all I could see was a  BIG hill. Then I noticed that there was someone motioning them to turn right… OMG – the finish is RIGHT THERE. I kick it in again and I lean forward to push hard off my toes to thrust me up hill faster. I hear Shane yelling – GO GET ‘EM BABE! But it was too late – they were too far ahead of me this time. I still pushed hard and finished strong. Not my normal sprinting finishes – I was wasted from the heat. As I was nearing the finish line I started to feel like all of my skin all over my body was on fire. I started to wonder what it felt like when people were experiencing heat exhaustion… I knew it was too humid and the sun was starting to come out more and more throughout the race. We didn’t start until after 8am – which is late for trying to avoid heat and humidity here.

I proudly crossed that finish line with nothing left in my tank. I placed 3rd overall and was the first female to cross the finish line. I was shaking, my breath was paced but I still felt like I couldn’t breath. I poured some cold water over my head and just kept moving. I took my sunglasses off to look at my skin – it didn’t look sunburned… hmmm. Shane comes through the finish a few minutes after me and we head to the car to get our recovery snacks. My legs are like Jell-O.

A few moments go by as we’re walking back to the finish area and I realize that the woman I saw at the start (Jeanne’s other client) isn’t here. I tell Shane I’m gonna go find her and run with her to the finish and he comes with me. We walk the reverse path of the course and just a few 100 meters down the road we see her walking in with a trainer. We all jog across the finish together and high five w. one another! It was a great way to end a really tough morning! I hope this woman realizes just how tough of a race she had just completed and feels proud for seeing it all the way through. A finish is a finish and no one can take that away from you!

Here we all are finishing together!

The Pevehouse Fam after the race! Thanks Maureen for snapping a few photos of us!

The Break Up

Well I did it… I went into my pantry, my refrigerator, and my freezer and got rid of it… I got rid of it all. I broke up with all the grains, pasta, and overall carbohydrates in my house. It was tough…I had cleaned out my pantry a few days before but I wasn’t completely ready to get rid of all of my whole grain paraphernalia.

Well, I am sure you are wondering how it all came about and how it all played out…

It went something like this…

ME: Hey, Carbsy

Carb: What’s UP bestie!

ME: we need to talk.

Carb: Oh, that’s never good – when someone says that…

ME: Look, we’ve had a good run…but it just isn’t working out anymore.

Carb: But Sarah, I can change…have you seen the new selection of Naan bread, pita’s and Quinoa at the Commissary?

ME: It’s too late. I’ve given this a lot of thought and well; it’s ME – not YOU.

Carb: Oh boy – heard that one before. Well, I was the best thing that ever happened to you – you’ll see.

ME: Yea, well…I guess some things just aren’t meant to be – physiologically.

Carbs: you’ll be back. You people always come crawling back. You’ll get an emotionally charged craving and go running for a KitKat or a French loaf freshly baked at the Commissary or think just a few croutons won’t hurt.

ME: You clearly don’t know me Carbsy – I thought you did – but you’ve been the problem all along and now that I see you in this light (bloating my intestines and inflaming my bowels) I can never look at you the same way again. Besides, I’m a Generation X’r… I was raised on Grunge Music and smoking to be cool. If I can quit those things and never look back…well, you’re already toast (pun intended)!

Ignore the Oats & Peanut Butter - I am making some no bake cookies for the Single Marines

I took some creative liberties here but you get the picture! It’s not easy to reverse you’re entire life’s worth of thinking about food and nutrition. I am not going FULL Paleo just because I cannot give up Dairy. My little girly still needs lots of calcium and I do to! I am just going to be cutting WAY back on our cheese and flavored yogurt intake. Baby steps!

Over the passed week I have been doing my best to stick closely to the Paleo theme of eating and finally when most of the food was depleted from the house I knew it was time to “go big or go home!” So I printed out the Week 1 Shopping List from Robb Wolf’s website for the 30 day challenge of eating Paleo and hit the Commissary. Mind you – I couldn’t find everything there but I found most – maybe 3-4 items I couldn’t get my hands on.

Got my spices all organized and out of the cupboard - found some yummy Macadamia Oil too

This has been tough – I think I had been a little moody from the lack of carbs, my body does not like this adjustment but my guts sure do! I haven’t been bloated at all. BUT…I think about chocolate a lot! LOL!

So far I have cooked and enjoyed everything that has been recommended on the 30 day challenge or from another Paleo Cookbook I bought.

Here are some examples of the foods I have cooked:


-Grilled Salmon, Roasted Green Beans, side salad

-Rotisserie Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, side salad


– Chicken Salad w/ Acocado’s, Tomatoes and Balsamic Vinegar (and Feta)

-1 lb. Chili Lime Shrimp, Side Salad

-5-6oz. deli turkey (rolled), ½ lb steamed broccoli, handful of nuts


-3 poached eggs, bacon, and fruit

I used a microwave poacher

-Scrambled eggs w/ a little milk and shredded cheese, bacon or avocado


-Jerky and unsalted Nuts

-Greek Yogurt w/ berries and drizzled w. honey

Training Updates:

Thursday: Met up with Jeanne at the gym for purely strength training. We went out back and she totally broke me off! We did a full body workout.

Jeanne’s Recap of today’s WOD and explanation of what a Tabata is: Today you did a Tabata working with kettlebells – core workout, upper body and legs – overall strength conditioning. Inner thighs may feel sore/tight – be sure to give them extra time to stretch and warm-up. 

A tabata is 20 seconds on (of work) 10 seconds off (rest) – you repeat for x amount of time 4 min, 8 min, etc. – 10 sec is enough time to let your body rest, but not enough time for your muscles to recover – also adds a cardio element to a strength exercise.

BIG NEWS THIS WEEK! I completed my 2nd 10K and a 5K – both with Nola in the new Baby Jogger.

FRIDAY: The 10K was held on the local Air Force Base and was a fundraiser for the American Red Cross’s effort to raise money for the Mainland Japan Relief Fund. The course was extremely hilly and some of the hills were very long. I ran alone (except for having the stroller) but there were several ladies there that I knew. I asked them to please not run w/ me as I wasn’t sure what sort of pace I would be able to maintain.

Jeanne had told me to just think of this as a training run and to take it easy…. Well, that is hard for me to do – my competitive juices get flowing and off I go! Also, there were lots of strollers – so there was a fair amount of equal competition! There were two people w/ strollers a head of me until about 3.5 miles into the race. They were running fast and when I finally reached them it was because the chick had to walk. I caught up with them just as they were running again and I made small talk about how hard they had been to catch! They were both pushing two kids. Within the next 3/10ths the chick bonked. I think the guy was pushing her to run faster than she was comfortable with and she couldn’t maintain that pace. I heard her start to cry and I looked back and told her to just breath through it, look at her front tire and just push! I kept running and didn’t see them again until after the finish.

I finished the race in 1:00.06 my friend Kelly, who had finished ahead of me, came back looking for me. She grabbed the stroller and was like, “See you at the finish – GO!” But she runs so fast that even though I was running solo now (3/10ths of a miles left) she was still right with me! Lol! So I finished with Kelly cheering me on and Nola getting to see me cross the finish line!

Here are my numbers
Mile 1 = 9:54
Mile 2 = 9:13
Mile 3 = 9:46
Mile 4 = 10:56
Mile 5 = 10:23
Mile 6 = 9:52

SATURDAY: Earth Day 5K – Woke up feeling really sore and stiff from all the previous hard work of the week. If I wouldn’t have told a new friend (Tricia!) I would be there I probably would have crawled back in bed that morning! Damn accountability!

Im in the white cap w. sunglasses on top - getting registered to run!

I decided TODAY will be a for real easy run. I left the Garmin at home and wasn’t worrying about pace or time. The morning was perfect for running! Cool and overcast! I prefer overcast mainly for Nola – I had to think she’s just sitting there baking in the sun while I run. I got there in JUST enough time to sign up and do a little bit of stretching but not my normal routine of stretching. When the race started I could feel how stiff I was. Tricia immediately pulled ahead and left me in her dust! I put my iPod on and just shuffled til my legs felt better and then I used that LONG down hill (the 5K is always the same route) as my recovery/warm up. Right after we finish the downhill we run through a residential area or about half a mile. When we hit the main road again it is a 90 turn up a VERY steep and very long hill (Marek Park). I wish I could get the elevation charts on the running route because this hill is unbelievable.

I just skipped my iPod to a super motivating song, leaned forward to be more on my toes and looked down at the front tire – dug in and PUSHED! The last time I ran this 5K was the weekend before I started working with Jeanne. I remember thinking that my effort to get Nola – my little shuffle/jog – was actually just as fast as a walkers pace – so I walked part of it and I was right…I was only jogging about as fast as I could have walked it! In other words – I was barely moving up that hill the last time.

THIS TIME – I was moving! I made that hill my bitch! After I got to the top I was in such a good groove I just kept up the good pace. At this point in the race there is only MAYBE a mile left. I just plugged away and started passing people. I finished in 29:40 and set a PR for my 5K w/ the stroller time!

After the race I felt great, I was trotting around cheering for other people and especially the little red-faced kids coming in for their finish! I drove home with the goofiest ear-to-ear grin! I was just so proud of myself. I just couldn’t believe that I had just ran a race, that kicked my butt just 4 months ago, and ended it feeling like I could go longer! I am really seeing what Jeanne has been talking about – building a strong base!

New Recipe:

I was totally amazed at this!

Tonight I made Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti – OMG! How crazy is it that a squash can be so amazingly similar to spaghetti! I have never really cooked w/ squash before so this is all new to me. Just another bonus of trying something new with the way I am fuel myself.

I couldnt hardly stop eating this!

Spaghetti Recipe:

1lb ground beef or turkey
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 (12oz) package of kelp noodles or one spaghetti squash 
1-2 C. Marinara sauce
1-2 cloves crushed garlic

Brown the meat in the Olive Oil using a large skillet. Once the meat is browned, add the noodles (or cooked spaghetti squash, see below) and the marinara sauce. Stir and bring to a simmer. Add the crushed garlic just before serving to maximize the health benefits.

If using the spaghetti squash: Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Carefully split the squash lengthwise, then dig out the seeds. Place both halves face down on a baking pan, add 1/4 C. water. Bake for 30 minutes. Dig out the squash with a fork and add to your skillet with the meat.

Miles ran this week = 14.3

Miles ran YTD = 138.55

My first EVER 10K!

Front of the Race Shirt! Pretty cool!


Back of the T-shirt!

My first ever 10K race was completed this morning with two wonderful and amazing women by my side…well, I was chasing their tails for the entire run…but I planned it that way…um, they were my pacers!

Kelly - ME - Alicia (before the race)

It was C.H.I.L.L.Y this morning! I know I said that I had bought a new outfit for the run but…well, apparently we were having an Okinawan Indian Summer (or something like that) when I thought that skimpy new Nike sunning tank would be a good idea! The new running Nike Dri-Fit capri’s did the job but I had to wear one of my other favorite running shirts for the race!

I am such a planner (or worrier – depending on how you look at it). I got a cooler all ready the night before with chocolate milks, pre-sliced oranges, mini packets of ritz crackers, a 16oz bottle of water w/ a nuun tablet dissolved in it, and fruit bars. I made my recovery smoothie and stuck it in the freezer. Got a bag packed with my sunglasses, snot rag (don’t ask), a small towel, burt’s bees (can’t run with chapped lips), and my Garmin (hung it on the front door – strategic placement from past mistakes!). Placed my shoes and socks by the front door, laid my running outfit out on the foot of the bed, stretched and went to bed at about 11pm-ish…who knows what time I actually fell asleep! I had been trying to really hydrate all that day so I woke up about 3x throughout the night to pee – clear!

SO maybe I hit snooze!

Got up at 5:45am, got dressed, brushed my teeth – did some makeup – I won’t lie! Had my usual, English Muffin w/ PB, ½ a banana, and hot tea. Even though I know that I need something more substantial – until my nervous stomach lets me – I have to stick with what I know won’t make me feel YUK before a run.

Me, my neighbor Alicia and neighbor Kelly all meet up in the parking lot – chit chat our nervous energy all the way to Camp Courtney! Thank goodness Kelly knew exactly where we were going – OMGosh, I would have gotten so lost. We get there – all of us B-line for the restroom…. did I mention my nervous stomach before?! YUP! Came out about 2 pounds lighter – hehe! – And raring to go! We all got our super awesome race shirts and numbers and started our warm ups. I love getting to races early enough to not feel rushed and to properly warm up. I even had time to do some skipping around the parking lot (not for fun – it was part of my warm up!).

So they tell us after “Colors” play they will start the race – so we are all just standing around chattering away, freezing, nervous feet moving about and then “CRACK” the race gun fires… I scream, “OH SHIT!” and we start running!! I was in the middle of using my snot rag – darn runny nose in the cold weather.

And we’re off! There is such a great combination of ages, sexes, strollers, etc. The course was fun – the 5K was one zig-zag loop-ish run and the 10K was that x2. Parts of it were hilly and some areas were really windy (the coast side). After the first down hill Kelly and Alicia got ahead of me w/ their natural pace coming through. I didn’t let it control my pace and I just stayed about 15 seconds behind them or closer or further!

I kept thinking, “OK – Jeanne said this is just like a training run, not to keep up w. the faster runners – maintain 9:55/min miles to finish at the hour mark.” She had asked me earlier in the week what my strategy or goal was for the race. I told her I hadn’t thought about it but I guess I would like to just be consistent w/ a 10min mile (I knew I could do that pace for sure) and finish in an hour. So there was the plan!

Sometimes it would feel like we were running a good pace, I was pushing myself but not in a burnout sort of way – I would look down to see the pace and it would be a sub-9min/mile… OMG! I was so torn – I would think, “I should slow down –this is too fast.” But then I would think, “But this feels good, I can do it – and then I would think if it doesn’t feel good I’ll slow it down.” There were times when Kelly and Alicia would be well ahead of me – they would round a corner and I wouldn’t see them for a while. I just kept the same pace though.

Finishing mile 3 and heading into mile 4 was the hardest b/c I realized I was only half way and I was battling with those nagging thoughts that I was running faster than usual. But I still felt good! By the start of mile 6 I felt FANTASTIC! Kelly had picked up her pace to finish ahead of us so she could get to the car and have her camera ready for when Alicia and I came through the finish line! Alicia slowed down for me to catch her and for us to run together the rest of the last mile. I started telling her how excited I was that I was feeling strong and there was only 1 mile left.

Something that Jeanne had told after our last training session kept playing over in my mind. She said that even though I hadn’t run 6 miles previously, not to worry. I was strong and when the distance experience runs out it’ll be my strength that’ll see me to the finish. It was such an amazing feeling to round the corner, look at my Garmin see I had 7 tenths of a mile left and actually want to pick up the pace. I saved it though – I had a long slow hill to the finish. Alicia really talked to me and motivated me to the end.

There I am chasing Alicia up the last hill!

She took lead up the hill and I chased after her to the top – she encouraged me to close the gap and once we hit the top of the hill and could see the finish I punched it down a gear and sprinted to the finish!!!!!! People were cheering and saying, “That’s IT – That’s how you FINISH!!!”

I love sprinting into a Finish, I passed Alicia at the end.

I know I could have pushed myself harder b/c I didn’t feel like I was gonna puke at the end – and that was a good feeling – the NOT feeling sick and knowing that 6 miles did not break me.

Here is the breakdown of my race per my Garmin Forerunner 405:

Total miles ran = 6.10
Mile 1 = 9:13.39
Mile 2 = 8:49.44
Mile 3 = 9:25.16
Mile 4 = 9:24.27
Mile 5 = 9:00.38
Mile 6 = 9:12.83
Total time = 55:21.16

A VERY happy ME at the finish!

YAY! Smiles all around at the finish!

My feet were beat!

Kelly emailed me the results from the race – they were having technical difficulties at the finish so there wasn’t an Awards Ceremony.
Female 20 to 29
Name Age Overall Time
1 Jennifer Kirby 25 34 48:11.1
2 Lauren Denato 26 35 48:12.0
3 Marivel Morales 28 42 49:58.8
4 Sarah Pevehouse 28 54 55:33.1
Alicia finished right behind me in 5th place but I know if she hadn’t been holding back to pace w/ me she would have placed first in our division NO DOUBT! She is fast and such a graceful naturally fast runner.
Kelly placed second in her age category! Wahoo! BUT she could have placed first as well – she too is a much faster runner than the pace she maintained with me today.
Way to go ladies – I couldn’t haven’t finished as strong as I did without you both by my side cheering me on!
Miles ran this week = 13.55
Miles Y-to-Date = 98.05 (almost breaking 100miles this week!)

I was so stoked after I got home – I hurried up and downloaded the info from my Garmin so I could email it to Jeanne! This was her email reply (which made me do a happy dance in the kitchen when I read it!) “YOU ROCK, SARAH!!!!!  I am so proud of you, and I am very happy for you!  You crushed it!!!!!  Great job!!!  Peace, Jeanne”

Functional Fitness 5K “Fun Run”

Today was FF 5K “Fun Run” on Camp Kinser. This was my first race since recovering from my running injury! I was a little nervous when I got to the check in and saw the sheet of paper with the Stations and their details. There were 5 stations total along the 3.1 mile run.

The "briefing" before the race!

There I am towards the center in the blue top and black bottoms, there

Station #1 consisted of 20 Jumping Jacks, 10 Burpees, and 20 high Knees. Station #2 consisted of 15 Pushups w/ dumbbell rows, and 30 Russian Twists, Station #3 consisted of 15 Medicine ball thrusts, and 25 Mountain Climbers. Station #4 was 20 Kettle bell swings, and 30 Ab Bicycles. The 5th Killer Station consisted of 15 Pull-ups and a 25-meter distance of walking lunges.

I really dislike these! We were instructed to do them quickly!

These we did with hand weights

Example of Burpee - We had to also do a pushup while in the plank position

I tried to keep up with the same 2-3 people throughout the race but if someone was slowing down during the running part I just passed them. I maintained a good 9min/mile pace until I could see the next station and then I sprinted. When I got to the water cooler I grabbed a paper cup of water, did the stations routines and then took off again. There was a killer hill and then a set of steps that were really steep between stations 4 and 5 – that really depleted me. Then to try and run after doing walking lunges for 25-meters was really hard. My legs felt so tight (mainly my hamstrings) and I had to really focus on loosening up my stride. When I could see the finish I sprinted again and finished strong. I was proud to pass a few more people right at the end too!

Can you see me back there in the blue? If you click on the photo it will get bigger!

Strong finish!

I love coming in across the finish line fast…even though I felt a little like puking at the end…I walked it off.

The night before the race I prepared a recovery smoothie and it was delicious! I made up the recipe! I used ½ banana, some frozen organic blueberries, a few frozen mango chunks, 1 Yoplait yogurt, a big scoop of wheat germ and some apple juice. I mixed it in the blender and put it in the freezer at 9pm. When I got up at 6am I got it out and set it by the front door. They also had Oranges at the finish for us and Nola and I split one! YUM!