Music to my…KNEES!

Nola: Day 4 Typhoon Muifa - The natives were getting restless!

Well it was hard for me to get motivated after Typhoon Muifa trapped me in my house for 3 days. I don’t know about you guys but for me – motivation is a daily affirmation! If I have several days of not being able to affirm my commitment to something like working out and eating healthy – it becomes increasingly more difficult to stay focused!

Thursday – TCOR-1 – Did Upper Body circuit inside the house. Doing well with maintaining positive attitude about being here alone while my husband is in Thailand – NOT experiencing the second typhoon of the season! I had gone shopping on Wednesday in preparation for the storm. I felt sufficiently ready!

Friday – TCOR-1E – Did workout video in the evening. Upper Body & Core. My motivation was starting to fade as I realized how “un-fun” workout videos really are after you have had a personal trainer enter your life. I started to slowly fall off the Paleo wagon as I helped Nola eat her Graham Crackers as a snack! Then some cheese sticks, then some other random pantry items (there were many) that had been staring at me.

Saturday – TCOR-1E still – Didn’t do much this day – had already done all the house stuff I needed to do, I was bored out of my mind reading for school – so I just sort of lay like broccoli on the couch. Fully fallen off of and being run over by the Paleo Wagon. I won’t (or rather can’t) recall or recite everything that I ate but it wasn’t pretty.

Sunday – It was still pretty windy and overcast out but overall the weather was normal. I just seemed to now be in a funk of lying around feeling lazy. I found numerous excuses to NOT run w/ the stroller. You know, there might be lots of debris in the road, tree limbs and such…basically the motivation wasn’t there. Feeling sorry for myself for overindulging in lots of things that were now making my tummy gurgle.

Monday – I had a group project that was due for my Nutrition class, I was the group leader and responsible for the final submission. I hate being subjected to group work over a distance education course. People are barely responsible enough to log in everyday and do the work they need to barely pass let alone fully participate in a group effort. That is why I designated myself the group leader so I could at least have better control over who was responsible for what – and needless to say, but I will – I did most of it! I was done sending people relentless emails about tasks due and what I still needed. I just did it myself which kept me on the computer til almost 11pm. If you know me…you know I am in bed by 8:30pm most nights!

Tuesday – Personal Training w/ Jeanne! I was still struggling with where my motivation was but knew that I was looking forward to a good thrashing. It’s always scary when you show up to train with Jeanne and there is virtually NO equipment around. This is how you know you’re really in for IT! It being an ass kicking by yourself with yourself while she cheers you on and you somehow forget that you asked for and are paying for this!!!



Run 400m

15 knee to elbows

15 knee-ups

15 burpees

15 TRX suspended pushups

She prefaced this workout with letting me know just how hard it was for HER and everyone else who has done it! First off – if this is a workout that was tough for her to do than BOY am I in for it! Lol! The timer was set for 30 minutes and I was to do as much as I could in that time – no one had made it to a completed 4th round.

I started out (I felt) strong. I was psyched, telling myself the whole run that I totally had this – slow and steady wins the race! I was happy with my initial effort through all of the hanging stuff (knees to elbows is super tough) – was VERY glad that I bough weight lifting gloves and always keep them handy because I never know when I’ll need them! I finish the first round and head out for my 400m run.

I come back a little slower on my round 2 400m run but still at a good enough rate that I could possibly make 4 complete rounds in 30 minutes. Somewhere coming up the steps I realize that this workout seriously is TOUGH!


I head out for round 3 and when I get back somewhere between the steps and doing my 15 knees to elbows my breakfast decides it no longer wants to remain in my intestinal tract. I get the overwhelming sense of throwing up and it consumes me. I stop. All I can picture is my breakfast – crepes with vanilla crème filling. OH god – stopping picturing it – there’s that feeling again… Oh god!

I try to keep going but it keeps coming back. I burp a little, spit a bunch and keep going but way slower. I have resolved to know that I will not make it to 4 rounds in 30 minutes.

CONCLUSION – 5 days of not doing much, eating MUCH and having it all come back up your throat on Tuesday… that is motivation enough to NOT let this be a repeat event! Still on the schedule for that afternoon was another 2 miles to run! YUP – that’s right! We are now doing double workouts. I train in the AM with Jeanne and then before I head to get Nola I hit the gym (to beat the heat and take it easy on my joints) and bike or run. I actually really like breaking it up like this. I feel better for getting the miles in and not being completed wasted tired all the time from having tough and long morning workouts everyday.

Map of Comprehensive Park

Wednesday (today) – Ran 6 miles. Nice and Easy! I knocked these out with a little stiffness and a lot of core soreness! Hanging from a pull-up bar and pulling your knees to your elbows is super tough and I was feeling all of those muscles on my run. I went out to Comprehensive Park – it’s a local athletic park with tons of trails and little pond, bridges, a recreational pool, open fields and a beachside view!

I forgot how much I loved running there – especially with all of the shade the trails offer. They have been doing lots of construction there and improving their running trails. There is now a 5K path that is covered in the same materials their running track is. So it’s this rubbery like surface that has cushion to it. Not enough to make your run feel sloppy but just enough to make your knees say, “THANK YOU!” By the time I headed over to this area of the park I was at mile 4 and my knees were starting to ache a little – AS SOON as I hit that cushioned track material I could feel the difference!

If you haven’t been over to Comprehensive Park I suggest giving it a try. If you haven’t been there in a while I suggest a revisit! They have only completed the construction to half of the park but the entire 5K loop has been resurfaced. The paths that have been redone are also almost double as wide as before so a jogging stroller of any size would be perfect!

School Updates: Next week are my finals! I have spaced them out so I can have ample time to study for each individually and then next session I am back to just one class! Phew! That will be a nice break from this session (4 classes) BUT I’ll be taking STATISTICS! EEEEEK!!

Nutritional TidBits:

So about those Crepes that were up in my throat! They are actually extremely yummy and I have been eating them very regularly. My sister-in-law recently trained for and competed in a Bikini Competition in Washington State. She shared this recipe with me. I (as usual) tweaked it to fit my nutritional needs but I really like them either way. I will share her recipe and photos here but also give you my rendition of crepes and crème!

Kayla’s Protein Crepes

Banana Crepe


4 egg whites (one yolk)

1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/2 packet of Splenda

1/2 tsp vanilla flavor

dash of cinnamon


Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend (or blend in a bowl, with a whisk, by hand). Coat a non-stick frying pan with Pam olive oil spray, and heat on med-high for a few mins until hot. Pour half of the mixture into the pan, and once the top is bubbly, flip over. Repeat! Easy peasy..

Blueberry Crepe

Now, there are quite a few different filling/topping options, but here are a few of my favorites:

“PB&J” Protein Crepes:

Add one Tbsp of peanut butter (or PB2, powdered peanut butter) and  1/4 cup frozen blueberries (heated up in the microwave for 30 sec) to the middle of the crepe, and roll it up! Top with sf syrup if desired 🙂

“Peaches & Cream” Protein Crepes:

Mix 3 oz of nonfat, plain greek yogurt with 1 tsp of sf pudding mix (vanilla or white chocolate flavor)- this is your “cream”.. Chop up half of a fresh peach into 1″ cubes, and add to the cream (you may also add some chopped pecans or walnuts). Fill your crepe with this delicious mixture, roll, and top with sf syrup if desired!

** Other options include strawberries or blueberries and “cream”, bananas and peanut butter, or just about anything else you can think of!

The macro-nutrient values for the actual crepes themselves (excluding topping options)=
Calories: 186g
Fat: 6g 
Protein: 29g (this may vary depending on the protein powder you use)
Carbs: 3.5g

Add 1/2 grapefruit or 1/2 cup of veggies to make this a “complete” meal!

Pairing a lean protein with fresh (or even frozen) veggies at each meal is a crucial component of a fat-burning diet!

My version:
½ Cup of Egg Beaters
1 heaping tbsp of Almond Meal
Dash of cinnamon
Dash of vanilla extract
Directions: Whish together and watch a YouTube video on how to make crepes – follow the YouTube directions! Lol! Then I make a crème with an instant pudding mix (I really like Pistachio for this – it’s a good combo of flavors). Take whatever flavor of instant pudding you like and mix it with 1 can of Coconut Milk. Put in fridge and let it set over night. The next morning it is nice and thick for a crème. I usually make two crepes and put the crème between them and roll them up and eat it with a fork.

Keeping Myself Motivated

I couldnt have said it better myself!

Today was an easy day – I ran 3 miles in the park. My warm-up consisted of a 100 count of core work – my choice on how to knock it out. So I did 25 full sit-ups, 25 crunches, 25 oblique sit-ups rotating sides on a 10 count, and 25 leg rolls in.

I was still feeling so sore (calves and chest) from Tuesdays’ stair workout – I’ll note that below in my Training Updates – and I was just not in the mood to be running. Feels strange to say but it’s the truth. It was all I could do to drag my butt off the couch and out the door to run this morning. Then, the whole run I was miserable – my head was all messed up – just didn’t feel like a good run and when I looked over my times – it certainly showed. I was averaging about an 11min pace or slower.

This is bound to happen again and again throughout this yearlong journey to my marathon finish – I just need to be prepared for how to conquer my own bad moods!

Theres me w/ my big Dinosaur Brains! (thats for you Kayla!)

Not a whole lot to report this posting! I’m still doing well with all of my Paleo eating and am still daydreaming about snacks and things I used to eat…but now I don’t!

I have had some great eats though and even found some good ways to quench that sweet tooth of mine – though I think anymore it is more out of habit then an actual craving that drives me for sweets.

I had a new take on breakfast – grilled sausage on a bed of greens with salsa poured on top – omgosh – so yummy and it really stuck with me. That is the one thing I really like about this Paleo way of eating – I am not hungry all the time. I feel very satisfied and don’t have all the between meal cravings or snacks anymore.

Thats about 1.5lbs of meat and I ate it all!

The snack creation I came made up consists of fresh berries that I have cut and placed in a bowl for a few hours so they get a chance to make a little juice! Like cutting strawberries and tossing in blueberries and recently I added raspberries but they were too seedy for my liking. I add 2 tbsp or so sweetened coconut shavings and a handful of walnuts that I chop in my food chopper. I mix it all together in a bowl.

This serving is in a 2C. measuring bowl.

Training Updates: 

Tuesday – the HILL!!!! Omgosh – so for those of you who didn’t see my posting from the last time we did the steps to heaven…here is the picture. At least I knew what I was in for and I was actually looking forward to it. I know it makes my legs stronger for sure.

This is the view from where I parked my car - the left side is where I walked on my tip toes...ugh!

We did 3 sets of my walking these. Were aiming for 4 but we were on a time crunch that day. The first round was just straight up – no break. The second round was me walking up the smooth side (next to the stairs) until I hit a landing and then switching over to doing box jumps up the next set of stairs until the next landing. I alternated between walking up the smooth part on my tippy toes and the box jumps all the way to the tippy top! Then the 3rd round was walking up and at every landing I had to drop and do 10 pushups – all the way to the top!

By the time I got done my legs were quivering all over. I couldn’t even hold a good stretch for the shaking and my chest is soooo sore from all the pushups – Jeanne makes me go deep into it so that my hips and face almost touch the ground and that counts as ONE plank pushup. As I get fatigued I know she lets the form slide a bit and I usually have to go to my knees for the girl version of a pushup. It’s still tough on the chest though. My core is sore too.

Today – Easy breezy 3 miles – mentally tough – I was all over the map with reasons why I wasn’t enjoying my run. ONE – I was pushing the stroller. Usually that does NOT bother me but for some reason now that I know Nola will be going to the CDC (Child Development Center – Daycare) on base starting next week – I am just so antsy to run solo. We have been on that waiting list since she was 3 months old (she is 17 months now).

This is a good thing for many reasons – I can tell that she thrives from child-to-child interaction, I need a break, I need to get caught up on so much reading for school and started on two separate research projects for this term, and I can now run without my precious little bundle of 40 extra pounds!


Nutrition Updates:

The nutrition log is back up and running!

Blog Updates:

I added a new page – Racing Log – the old tab was outdated and had only 5K listed. This is just going to be a log of the races completed – before I had upcoming races and didn’t always attend them. This format should work better!


There She Goes…

Well – what do ya think?! I was racking my brain and doing all the typical brainstorming activities I do for college research papers (feeling silly) and all the while I had this annoying song stuck in my head (from who knows when – the 90’s?) and then it hit me – “racing through my brain, there she goes, there she goes again” – so I said (not out loud – I’m not crazy – but I do answer myself!), “Hmmmm…After days of trying to map out a creative, crafty, catching, blog name maybe it could be as simple as the song that will not leave my synapses to fire in piece!” SO that is how the new name of my blog was found.

I am still trying to figure out how to reformat the blog to encompass more of ME and less of the LRW challenge it used to be. So please give me time to work out all the kinks – I’m new to the blog-o-sphere!










Training Updates – I’ve finally settled on a Marathon to set my sights on!

Drum roll please….

That’s right – Hawaii it is! I am very excited about this. I have combed through their anthology of a website and it looks like one big party to run there – really I’m just looking for 26.2 miles of distractions for the squishy mass I call my brain and the sometimes squishy masses I call my legs – I’m sure that’s what they’ll feel like when I’m done!

Any takers on running it with me!? Tricia? I am not looking for a training partner – though the long training runs sound pretty boring to do solo…I’m just sayin’! Or maybe someone stateside who wants to train and then meet up with me there?

Regardless, my husband will be with me and watching Nola while I run so that is one of the most important things – that I am NOT pushing Nola in front of me for 26.2 miles! While it is good training – I’ll pass on the extra resistance on race day.

Running Updates – So where did I leave off…okay – I told you about the monster hill I ran 4 times on Thursday!

So, Friday I had an easy day – ran 3.5 miles at the park with Nola, we had a good time – I found a new place to run “Ginowan SeaSide Park” – has a awesome little beach area, a sea wall area, play stuff for kids, gymnasium, etc. What it did lack though – everywhere was some SHADE! So we probably won’t be going back there for my runs but I would love to let Nola out on the little beach they had. It was super clean and hardly anyone was there – granted we were there on Friday at 9am! I just can’t do the running for long periods with no shade thing…not with the heat and humidity starting to kick into full gear here.

Map of the paths to run at SeaSide Park


Newest Edition - only 17lbs & super easy, portable. I heart the sunshade!


I have been starting to wear sunscreen every day no matter what though because we’ve all heard of farmers tan – well if you think that one is bad you should see the runners tan! You’ll have multiple lines depending on which tanks, Tees, or shorts, Capri’s and socks you decide on! And no matter what you choose – your feet will be that whites thing anyone sees after Labor Day!

Saturday – My Long Slow Run (LSW) day! We went to Comprehensive Park again (I love all the shade there) and I ran….another drum roll please…my first ever 7 miles!

I felt good going into it – not nervous to be pushing the stroller that far – I just told myself, “if you need to stop then stop but try to keep going as long as you can.” So I stopped at the half-way point to check on the monkey (I worry that she is terribly bored) and she was asleep – so bored…umm, probably! I lowered the back of her chair to allow for the breeze to blow through on her and took off again. I did stop about a mile later (though I was sure how far I had gone at the time) b/c I realized I forgot to re-start my Garmin from when I stopped to check on Nola. URGH! I hate when I do that. So I immediately backtracked to see how much ground I had lost instead of guessing (I’m retarded with distance, time, directions, I won’t go on) and I am glad I did because I went exactly 1 mile.

I didn’t even really feel warmed up until mile 3 and by the time I was done my knees were aching a bit but overall I felt like I could have kept on running.

All of the cardio work that Jeanne has me doing really makes a difference. On my LSR days I can tell a big difference. Even while going further distances than I ever had before I never reach the point where I need to stop to catch my breath.

Nutrition Updates: I let Jeanne know about scrapping the whole “Living Runner’s World” challenge and just doing what is best for my body, my running and my insides! She seemed to be very excited with that idea and made some great recommendations for me. I am currently doing some research on new ways of understanding my body, our history as eaters and new ways to eat. I have to admit this stuff is interesting! I know I have some (a ton) of reading to do for school but I can barely put this new book down… okay – so I guess I’ll tell you – I’m reading Robb Wolf’s the Paleo Solution. This guy is funny and smart! Makes reading (what would otherwise be slightly boring stuff) about food and biological makeup very interesting.

Miles ran this week = 16.2

Miles ran YTD = 124.25