Time Flies When You’re Running!

This is how many weeks I have been training! Wahoo! Where has the time gone?

This will be a short post! I feel terrible taking so much time off from my blog when there have really been some exciting things I have been doing, learning and goals met!

I won’t bore you with the details of how busy life can be – we already know these things!

Well Shane is away for several weeks in Thailand so I had to drop out of my early morning group fitness class – which really bums me out because I was enjoying the moral we all were building and the friendships too! BUT – I have to say – I have been feeling eager to get back to my one-on-one thrashings with Jeanne! PLUS – I really enjoyed the time that we had chatting about life stuff, fitness tidbits and well – this might sound lame but… it was the only time I got “girl chit-chat” time in…no, really! (Lame, I know – I need to get out more!) So lets catch-up on where my training has gone!

The trail we run is called the Habu Trail - and these are Habu's in Sake! Supposed to be strong stuff!

WOOT Run – a few weekends ago Jeanne sent me a goal of 8:30 min pace for a 4mile run. I decided that I was running with the local Women’s running group (trail running that is) for that run. This was a paved trail and one that I have run several times but never that fast. I made sure to let my goal be known – keeping myself accountable for it! Then, I immediately set out to pace with the leaders of the pack! I was really just chasing after them for the first mile or so and then slowly closed the gap. These ladies kept me honest and I ran the 8:30 pace all the way up and down those crazy farm roads! Seriously – proud of myself!

Last Wednesday I was really proud of myself – I ran to the morning group session (the last one I was able to attend) at the Plaza Housing pool, did the swim workout with the group, and then ran home! Total mileage was a little over 8.5 miles and it took me roughly 1 hr and 30 minutes. I averaged a 10:43 pace with the run there all uphill and the run home all downhill!

This weekend I was running with the stroller (27lb monkey plus 20lb chariot) and I still made my LSR (8.47) in an 11 min pace! I wasn’t running it for pace I was just trying to survive it! I picked the beach run since it is the flattest place I know of around here and even though that meant making the loop 3 times – it was worth it! I headed out early enough that we were in the shade for almost the entire run!

Todaywas my first day back to one-on-one training! Jeanne was tough – my quads are smoked!

The workout:

800m run @ ¾ pace

20 Thrusters w. 18lb bar

400m run @ slightly slower than sprint pace

20 thrusters w. 18lb bar

200m all out sprint

and then we did it all over again working backwards and ending w/ a set of thrusters.

This is an example of a Thruster - I was not that bad-a$$ - I only had the bar and no weights added!

ME = Broke OFF!

Then this afternoon – still needing to get some mileage in since we are up-ing my overall weekly mileage – I headed to the gym for a treadmill run (needed to take it a little easy on my legs and we were in “black flag” conditions – so no outdoor PT allowed) – I ran 3.5 miles at an easy 10min pace. I really started to feel my quads getting tight at the very end of the run so I made sure and iced my legs when I got home! My longest run to date is still 9 miles – but I love that Jeanne gets me to reach a new distance and then we hang with that mileage and build a strong base there – so by the time I am adding even more distance to my longest run my legs are very ready for it! This has really been the key to keeping my legs injury free and my mental state where it needs to be as well! When you feel string and confident it shows in the LSR’s!

Nutritional Tidbits:

Hybrid Mini-Meatloaf

These came out so yummy tasty!

I have been trying to find ways to send my husband off to work with some Paleo approved foods and easy to eat, carry with, and reheat foods – so I had to get creative. Since my husband bikes to work her carries his lunch in a backpack that I am sure gets jostled all over the place. Enter the mini-meatloaf! I took the Everyday Paleo meatloaf recipe and my mother’s meatloaf and came up with a hybrid version that we ALL (including the monkey) really dig! This is not Paleo because I have added a few things – so anyone who is hardcore Paleo please skip over this recipe! ;o)


2lbs Ground Meat (whatever you prefer)

½ tsp white pepper

1 pkg Dry Onion Soup mix

2 Eggs

½ tsp Marjaram

½ C. water

1 C. Almond Meal

1 tsp Basil

1 can Cream O’ Mushroom Soup

Sauce: Mix together ½ onion soup package w/ cream o’ mushroom soup, add water, pepper, marjoram, and basil – stir well, set aside.

Meat: Mix beef, eggs, almond meal and other half of onion soup mix together – blend well. Add large serving spoon scoop of sauce mixture to meat mixture – bland well. Add meat mix to mini loaf pan – these don’t expand much when they cook so you can really fill your more than mine – this was the first batch and I wasn’t sure – they can be pretty full but leave room for your sauce mix. Top with sauce mix. Bake in the oven (uncovered) at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Another snack we have all come to love is a recipe I took from Robb Wolf’s book and sort of tweaked it a bit as well but it is all Paleo still! I just have to work with what fruit is fresh here.

Cinnamon Fruit

The picture does this sweet treat no justice!

1 Orange – peeled, sectioned and chopped 1 Apple – peeled and sliced or diced 1 tsp cinnamon Mix all of the ingredients into a Tupperware container – toss to coat – put it in the fridge and it gets better and better the longer it all soaks!

Tuna Cabbage Salad

This is such a great snack or lunch!

This is by far my very newest and favorite creation. Again, I took the idea from Robb Wolf’s book about a crunchy cabbage salad and just made it my own!


¼ head of cabbage

1 can albacore tuna – drained and fixed however you like (I added mayo sometimes or just Olive Oil)

1 whole carrot or 3-4 baby carrots

Sesame seed oil or poppy seed dressing

I like to start with the cabbage and toss it into my food processor with the top blade on shred. Then I add the carrot to the same blade – looks like coleslaw! Then I put it into the bowl I intend to eat it out of and add the tuna mix – stir well. Then I add in my sesame seed oil or sometimes I do a poppy seed dressing.

I devour this as a post workout lunch and I ALWAYS eat this with Plantain Chips! It’s truly not the same without it! You can really make this dish your own – add nuts or other veggies and make it a meal instead of a snack!

Miles ran so far this week = 5.25

Miles Ran TYD = 225.19


Finding My Pace

More times than not I find myself comparing and contrasting myself to other females/mothers/athletes, etc. I know that this is not an affliction I am alone with – we all do it! However, it has brought me back to the general appreciation for just how different we all are.

I make time for school and for fitness to be part of my daily routine and overall path to a better life – or I guess a healthier more knowledge filled one would be a better way to say it. I look around me at some of my neighbors and envy their flare for crafts and creative spin on living here in Okinawa. They make time to decorate these cement bunkers (aka housing units) into a real “homey” space. I think to myself, “Wow, I wish I had time for crafts.” The truth of the matter is…if it were important to me – I would MAKE the time for it. I would make the time to paint my walls soothing colors, to decorate the house and cultivate my flowerbeds into a botanical bliss instead of morn their emptiness. Clearly – it just isn’t that important to me or I would make the time.

It also works in reverse. Sometimes I talk with other women about my routine for fitting in school and running/training and they make comments similar to mine – “Wow, how do you find the time for all of that – I wish I had the time for working out.” And I have come to realize that if it were truly important for those people – they would make the time, they would make the choice and get active. I don’t live in a world where everything is black and white and I do completely understand that sometimes “something” has to give. Everyone makes their choices for what their “something” will be. For me – I don’t take the time to be all crafty and “Betty Homemaker”-ish but instead I get up at 4am to make time for fitness. Instead of spending time in the flowerbeds I spend time planning menu’s for the coming weeks paleo meals and snacks and then sift through the mess of coupons from the commissary. Instead of clocking in at a job I clock-in at my “study room” no later than 9am and get my brain swell on until 3:30pm when it is time to leave for picking up Nola!

Anyhow – what I am trying to say is that in life – we all have to set the pace for what we make time for and what is important for us. No peaking over at someone else’s task list or life “to-do’s” – worry about yourself, your family and your household and know that in the end the happiness that resides inside you and your home is the most important. Knowing that you have dedicated your time according to what drives you, what makes you most passionate is paramount in life! If there is something you really wish you were doing instead of what you do – make time for something new, even if it is only 30 min a day. Make the choice and the time will come!

Training TidBits:

This week is a Rest & Recovery week from the Group Fitness thrashing I do with Jeanne. Next week we will be back to our normal 3 days/week at 5am meet-up.

This passed weekend I had to run (Sat) 5 miles at a 9 min pace and (Sun) 4 miles at an 8:30min/mile pace. HOW DID IT GO?

Saturday: I drive over to Camp Foster and figured I would make this an easy run day and hit the treadmill and then do some Yoga. Well…I didn’t realize that the gym opens so late on weekends – so I ended up running around the base. I didn’t plan on running outside so I had NO iPod and NO GPS watch. I had to guess at my pace and at my distance. I did, however, have a stopwatch in my car (there is no clock in my car so I keep an old watch on the steering wheel).

I figured that if I maintained the 9min/mile pace that I needed I should only be running for 45min. So I started my watch and headed out. Since I am normally running at a (easy) 10min/mile pace I know what that effort feels like – so I knew I needed to be slightly faster than that. I made sure that if I felt like my running pace was too easy I needed to pick it up a little. After I made it to the end of the 45min I hoped in my car and drove the route I ran. BINGO! 4.97 miles in 45 min! WAHOO!

I was stoked about this! The whole point of this week (for me) is to learn pacing and what different paces “feel” like.

Totally satisfied and soak in sweat I headed in for the morning Yoga. 1 hr and 15 minutes later I was starving and headed home – to my surprise Shane had already made breakfast and saved me a plate of scrambled eggs w/ turkey sausage! YUM!

Sunday: Goal = maintain an 8:30min/mile pace for 4 miles. I talked Shane into running this w/ me. He pushed the stroller and helped maintain the up-tempo of the run. He is naturally so much faster than me and it makes him a great pacer! We headed out from the house and just went to the beach and back. The paved trail that runs along the beach here is flat and great for these sorts of runs.

Araha Beach Fitness Path

When we first started out I felt like I was just chasing after Shane the whole time – which makes me aggravated very quickly! I asked him what the pace was and he assured me we were spot on. It just FELT so FAST. I pumped my arms and just tried to stay focused and get my mind out of the “complaining” zone it was in.

Even though I felt like I was “racing” the whole time I was running – I was satisfied with the end result = being able to do it!

Here is my email to Jeanne:

Today Shane ran with me for the 4 miles at 8:30 pace. That was tough. I felt frustrated at how hard it was to maintain that pace until I got warmed up good. We jogged a slow 5 min. and then started our run. We stopped at the 2-mile mark and walked for about 3/10ths of a mile, and then stopped again at the 3-mile mark and walked a little. It was really tough to maintain that pace but it got easier as my body loosened up. I felt like I was racing the entire time. BUT I did it!! – even Shane was giving me props at how well I was maintaining that pace w. him.


And her response:

Hi Sarah!

Great job on maintaining the 9 min mile pace without your watch!  That is EXACTLY what I wanted you to do – to feel the pace and to be in synch with your body!!! You have now crossed another milestone! : )

Great job with the 8:30 – it was supposed to be challenging and it was supposed to take you out of your comfort zone!  Again, you did it!!! : )

Keep it up, Sarah – you are doing great!  I am so proud of you! Peace, Jeanne

As always – Jeanne is so supportive and motivating! I love having her here for me and with me on this journey!

Monday is my rest day.

Tuesday – 3 miles at an 8min/mile pace.

Since I didn’t have Shane to pace with and I was still feeling a bit sluggish – I decided to make today a treadmill day! Less impact on my joints PLUS I was nervous about being able to maintain this fast of a pace with my Nike+ watch being a terd for keeping an accurate instant pace.

Even on the treadmill this was super tough. I stopped at each mile and walked for about 3 minutes and then took off again. This was a 7.5 pace on the treadmill.

I noticed the same thing here though as with the 8:30 pace Shane and I did on the road. Each time I started again it felt slower and easier. The hard part is maintaining it for the whole distance. That will be my goal next time – no stopping!

Does anyone have any good tips about how to keep pushing through a fast pace?

Nutritional TibBits:

I have discovered some super yummy snacks for my cravings throughout the day and evening!


Cucumber and Lemon:

So crisp and tart!

This is super easy and great for a salty fix! Just take one cucumber, peel and dice it however you like – place in a Tupperware container. Juice a whole lemon over the cucumber – cover and shake to coat w/ lemon juices. Place in fridge for about 15 min. Take out of the fridge and drain the juices (the acid in the lemon will make the cucumber soggy if you don’t). Serve chilled!

Plantain Chips!

Ingredients: Pantain, vegetable oil - that's it!

We found these at the commissary in the international food isle. These are very yummy and a great substitute for anything you would use a cracker or chips for. We ate these with guacamole. I ate these with my tuna. YUM! I looked up some info on them through google and found that plantains are considered the potato or pasta of the Caribbean and are used for a variety of things. So for all of you gluten free or Paleo people out there – I bet there are super creative ways to cook with these!

My new favorite snack!

Well, – I better get back to my studying! Until next time!

Miles Ran YTD: 170.65

Miles ran this week: 3

Running Again!

I am proud to report that today was my 3rd day in a row to get a run in! Saturday I did 1mile on the treadmill, Sunday 2miles on the treadmill and Today I got out and did 3 miles at Araha Beach w/ Nola in the stroller! It was tough though…mentally and physically. After not running for 3 weeks my mind was playing tricks on me! I hate that feeling – you know – like running is torture! I know I love to run but today I was just wishing that feeling would have taken over so I could have enjoyed the nice weather a bit more. I was running without my Garmin but I took my stopwatch. I assumed I was running about an 11 min/mile pace and ran for a total of 33 minutes.

Oh well, it was still a beautiful sunny day and Nola got to cruise along the beach munching on her pretzels while I killed myself! It’s good to be back out there regardless of the mental anguish I might be feeling. Tomorrow I will Cross Train w. Jeanne at the gym and Wednesday will be a rest day for me. I’m still aiming for running the Functional Fitness 5K this weekend – should be doable since it isn’t a straight through run. I still need to line up a babysitter for Nola or someone to at least go with and watch her in her stroller while I run… Any takers?!

I’m looking forward to trying some new RW recipes, making my Commissary list now!

The ones I am thinking of include a mashed potatoes recipe from an article written by Liz Applegate on the hidden benefits in potatoes! There is even a potato pancake recipe! Liz writes, “Some runners dismiss the lowly potato as little more than a fattening carb source, but the truth is taters are full of key nutrients that boost performance, trim waistlines, and even help ward off cancer.” (Pg. 36)

Then to quench my always-nagging sweet tooth there is a Mocha-Cinnamon Pudding recipe from contributor Pam Anderson (not the Baywatch one).  “With fewer than 200 calories, it provides protein, calcium, and cinnamon antioxidants that protect against diabetes and heart disease.” (Pg. 38)

Thirdly there is a yummy sounding salad dressing recipe that uses frozen blackberries from Mathew Kadey who wrote an article about how frozen fruits and veggies are still nutritious as long as you don’t boil them – and he gives lots of different recipes as examples.  He says the key is to “choose frozen products w/out sweeteners or sauces, which add fat, sugar, and sodium. Avoid bags w/ large icy chunks, which indicate they’ve been thawed and been refrozen. (Pg. 32)

Living here in Okinawa I have found some great uses for frozen fruits and veggies – mainly b/c the produce on base is pretty yuky and the produce out in town is…well…foreign! There are some veggies that I have come to love that are native to Japanland but for the most part they are confusing and not always very good. Every once in a while Shane and I will select a random fruit or veggie and give it a try…sometimes we cut it open and still have no idea what it is or what to do with it. We bought what we thought was an over sized grape once but it had a huge pit in it and wasn’t worth all the work to eat it. Another time I bought what I thought was a squash, got home, cut it open only to find the inside more like a pumpkin. So we pitted it and baked it in the oven…the slices got really watery in the oven and it never really cooked. We still aren’t sure what that was. Recipes here are tricky for all those reason too. The commissary isn’t like your standard grocery store; they only have a few kinds of each item and sometimes have none of some of the most basic cooking essentials. I could go on about this forever but won’t bore you!

More February Inspirations:

Did you know that there is a North Pole Marathon? It is technically run on water that is actually 6-12feet of ice over the Arctic Ocean… Woah! That just might have to go on my bucket list!


Virtual Active – DVD’s that simulate running at over 200 locations around the world. These are paired with music and sounds of nature. You wanna know how this awesome videos are made? No joke, by a guy with a video camera attached to a harness on his chest and running all these locations. Google Virtual Active or YouTube it – these videos are smooth and amazing. If I had to do my entire running routine on a treadmill I would totally invest in these videos. In the future the founder of Virtual Active is hoping to get Elite Athletes to run w/ him and give pep talks or info while you train.

More scientific proof that running keeps you healthy (pg43)

Look Ahead – People who run more than 35 miles a week are 54% less likely to suffer age-related vision loss than those who cover 10 miles a week.

Build Bone – Running strengthens bones better than other aerobic activities. A researcher at the University of Missouri compared the bone density of runners and cyclists. 63% of cyclists had low density in their spine or hips; only 19% of runners did.

Sleep Tight – Insomniacs fell asleep in 17 minutes on days they ran, compared to 38 minutes on days they didn’t. They also slept for an extra hour on days they exercised. – I can completely attest to the benefits of running on my sleep. After I got over the initial phase of sleep deprivation and Nola was sleeping through the night – I wasn’t. I hadn’t gotten into a good workout routine yet and there were nights that I would just toss and turn and lay awake for hours. Once I started running regularly again I was out within minutes of my head hitting the pillow – I was exhausted from my workouts and I still sleep great because of my workout routine.

I am very excited to show you my Latest Electronic Running Gadget Ordered: Timex Ironman Triathlon! 

Total miles ran this week = 3.75

Total miles to date = 61.66

Weigh In = 134lbs

…and the beat goes on…

Week 2 of my recovery!

The first week was just as mentally tough for me as the physical part. I was having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I (an able bodied young woman) was couched and covered with ice bags in 20minute intervals! Hobbling to the door with ice ace-bandaged to my legs and knowing that this “doorknocker” was wondering, “you look fine – why the heck are you all wrapped up in ice?” (And I swear it seems like every time I would get all wrapped up and ready for my 20minutes someone else would be at the door… But, I kept thinking that, “this time will be the round of icing that gets my quads BACK!” The timer chimes and I go to move my legs and they are still cramping and sore. Damn…

Week 2 of recovery has been better for several reasons… #1 – Jeanne has been busting my hump in the gym w. strength training. That has helped to reassure me that I don’t have to be running to get a good burn. #2 – I am starting to be able to conceptualize the commitment of the next 7 months (USMC Marathon is in Oct.). I have taken the time over these past two weeks to read some books written by marathoners. The latest book was by Rachel Toor (an ultra-runner) and she talks about how the most experienced runners back off and rest the millisecond they feel pain, twist, a hurt that wasn’t there three strides ago because they know that the best medicine is R&R. I would like to think that with each new phase of training (be it injured or in good health) is a new opportunity for me to learn from my body.

Monday I was so anxious to get that 1 mile run in – I ignored that my legs didn’t feel “normal” and got on the treadmill and ran anyway. Sure enough, after the run my legs were hurting and tight. I told Jeanne Tuesday that I was fine with not running for another week because I want to wait until my legs feel like — well, the way they used to. I also realized that recovery is nothing you can rush. The 3rd and final reason this second week of recovery has been better for me is that Jeanne told me to start getting some heat on my legs and stretching again! This was music to my ears (hence the title of my blog). Since I have been heating my quads most of the pain has gone away, and I am able to stretch them further before I feel tension that I have been able to in weeks.

Training Updates:

Lots of strength training – Last Week

Thursday – Today, you did strength trng:  increasing wt, decreasing reps of 12-8 shoulder, biceps, triceps, back, lats,  speed drills involving all ab muscles, as well as hip flexors.  We stayed away from quad work, but you did get in some hamstring and calf work!

Friday – 1. active stretch, warm-up, workout:  20 minutes of row 1 min (using different grips to work different muscles), 25 abs (varied to work different ab muscles/hip flexors).  Worked cardio, strength, and gymnastics.

This week:

Monday – TEST RUN: active stretch

warm-up – 10 minute brisk walk, 15 push-ups, 25 situps

run – 1mile (only!!!) at about 12-15 min.  NO PAIN!

cool down

Tuesday –  Today, you worked cardio, core, upperbody and legs in less than 30 minutes!  Great job! 5 Sets of 200 jump ropes, 30 situps, 20 pushups (as fast as I could go).

Nutrition Updates:

I am still seeking new recipes that have a better ratio over all of protein-carbs. So far the RW website is coming up a little short for me BUT I have limited time to comb through the mass amounts of recipes listed. They are not really broken down into sub-categories that would make my particular search easier. Overall though – I am still feel GREAT from taking in more protein than carbs at most meals and having a more balanced breakfast. I also ordered a cookbook called, “The Athlete’s Palate”

Does anyone have any good recipes for lunches or dinners they would like to share with me?! I am always into trying new recipes – the easier the better! I’m not one for gourmet cooking…unless it’s someone else doing the cooking!

There is this great little café along Araha Beach that I go to (I’m embarrassed to admit) 3-4x/week. It’s called “Sea Side Café” and this adorable young couple runs it. They met while studying abroad in Australia. The chef is French and the cutie girlfriend is Japanese! (pictured here)  They are just working their booties off to keep it afloat. So if you are a foodie like me and you want a break from cooking and you like to look out at the ocean while you dine in a chilled out atmosphere (but kid friendly) then this is the place to go! So from Camp Lester I leave the main gate turning left onto HWY 58. I follow this all the way down (passed the spot gate intersection) until I see CowCow Auto Sales on the right. Turn right at the light by CowCow and at the end of the street there is another light. Turn right at this light and then shortly after you will turn left onto a side street between an apartment building and Mansion Gallery (very green sign across the front). Follow this around (sharp left) and the Sea Side café is immediately to your left and the beautiful scenery of Araha Beach is to your right. They are open everyday except Tuesdays from 9am til 9pm. 

They really are working their butts off to make this café a success but the Japanese parents (who are retired and helping out) have decided they would rather stay retired b/c the café business was just too busy for their taste. So they have backed out on the couple – leaving them to try and make this work alone. So any of you who are reading this and are in the Araha Beach area for your walking or running (I love to run there!) please stop in and grab a bite to eat! Pets are welcome too! They have a great front porch that is perfect for the weather we have been having! Their lunch specials are only Y850 and you get a salad, sandwich w/ sides and drink for that price. Good Deal! 

So – that whole reason that came up was – long story even longer – their menu is extremely healthy and yummy! Of  course they have some fish and chips too – not so healthy but at least there is variety! My favorite has to be the salmon and avocado on French baguette w/ salad and Mango Juice! Yum!  Thursday at 1:30pm me and a bunch of my gal pals will be there having lunch! If you read this – and you live in Okinawa Japan – please, please, please come join us and our kiddos for a fun lunch and then walk on Araha Beach!

In other news…

The Kinser Functional Fitness 5K is coming up March 5th! I am super excited about this and really hoping that I am back to great running condition in time to be competitive… for some reason I am so super jazzed about being able to compete against active duty females! Wish me luck for this – I am going to need it!

My love affair w/ Books…

Here is a picture to give you an idea of just how much I am reading! All in the hopes of making this blog amazing and my experience as well rounded as possible!

I have been learning some really awesome and helpful information about nutrition. Here is what I have learned so far from “RW Guide to Road Races

Chapter 4 – FUEL

• To estimate your daily calorie needs for maintaining your weight, take your present weight and multiply by 13. (Ex: Mine is 133 x 13 = 1729) That number covers your metabolic needs for the day, factoring in light activity. (light activity is not running for miles – LINDA!)

• Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain, approximately 50% of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates, 25% from protein, and 25% from fat. I was really excited to read this b/c I LOVE carbs and I LOVE meat!

• Carbs are the body’s fuel for speed and power!

Glycemic Index – is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. Thank you Wikipedia! High GI food = fast & energy, Low GI food = slow to digest. Everyone with me? These are often given a number rating system and 77 and above = high GI, 55 or below = low GI.

o Before a RUN – Eat low GI foods such as low-fat yogurt, fruit, or old-fashioned oatmeal. Approximately 2hrs before your workout. You can read more on this on page 183 “Adapt Your Snack”

o If you need fuel right before a run go with energy bars, sports drinks, etc so the carbs enter your system fast.

• While running (more than an hour) use drinks, gels or bars for energy.

After a RUN – (30-60min) High GI foods are essential for restocking glycogen stores. Ex: potatoes, cereals, waffles, or fruit smoothies w/ protein.

• All other times of the day go for low GI foods for maintaining health and weight – see page 181 for examples.

• You should aim to consume at least 41oz of water per day.

Pg 183 = Pre-run Snacks

Pg 186 = Eating for Performance

Pg 191 = Snack Ideas

Presidential Champions Challenge

I’m not sure how many of you out there are familiar with the President’s Challenge to be healthier, fitter and happier Americans but it really is a great incentive program. If you are already an active individual (like myself – my awards so far in the pic above) then all you have to do is log in once a week and input your weekly activities for points towards presidential awards. Once you complete certain award levels you can order as much “flare” as you want! So for instance, I have completed the (PALA) Presidential Active Lifestyle Award – which was 6 weeks of being active at least 30 minutes per day out of 5 days of each of those 6 weeks. Now I can order a certificate, t-shirt, medal, and numerous other things that show I have won this award.

I want to just take a moment to let you all know that these awards are no joke! My husband and many other Marines are participating in this and can use these awards towards promotions in the Marine Corps. These not only show initiative but shows dedication and follow through. I plan to complete each challenge listed on this website and put into my professional portfolio along w/ other awards like my Dean’s List letters from the University of Maryland that I have received.

I figured if I was already going to working my butt off towards the goal of a marathon by the end of the year I might as well get some awards from the President while I’m at it!

So no new recipes to report – my lovely neighbor Liz has been feeding me yummy goodness from her house (next door) and I have been munching on my yummy leftovers from this weeks previous recipes! Let me say – the BBQ Turkey Beans were even BETTER after marinating in the fridge…MMM!

If anyone is ever wondering what I am doing when I’m not chasing Nola, training, cooking or sleeping – I’m READING tons of information from RW trying to learn as much as I can so I can pass all of this awesome knowledge off to who ever chooses to read this blog! (I hope there are people out there reading – no comments are being made)

Training Updates – I ran outside today even though the weather was still pretty YUK! I just needed to be outdoors! I ran to Araha Beach and back. (Pic below)

I did my brisk walking warm-up and then jogged to my turn around spot – took a walking break to feed the little one a mum-mum and do some maintenance for myself – then back into stride. This time though heading back I realized two things. (1) That my legs were really aching and I wasn’t maintaining a very good speed and (2) the stroller kept pulling to the left, which was wearing my right shoulder out. Soooo – I then realized after looking down for some time while I was running that one of the stroller tires was flat… REALLY?! Am I really still a rookie stroller mom?! Not to check the tires air pressure! Geesh! Lol! So then I start to focus back on “why are my legs feeling like this” and then it dawns on me – I am NOW running INTO the wonderful Okinawa wind we all love! So no wonder I was making such good time all the way down to the beach – I had some assistance! All in all I had a GREAT run though. It was nice and chilly which kept me feeling fresh. I wanna throw in a quick note – I love, love, love my stroller so much now that I chopped off all that unnecessary frew-frew mommy stuff that I never needed.

I meet with my trainer, Jeanne, for the first time tomorrow! She sent me an email and said “be ready to run outside!” I am so excited and nervous at the same time – I have a feeling she is really gonna break me off. I will take pictures as I have time too or see if I can get Jeanne to photo me crying or puking – b/c both are likely to happen! Wish me luck!

Miles ran today = 3.5

Miles ran to date = 22.39

Remember the few posts ago that I mentioned Rodale (parent company to RW) sending me a wonderful free “Thank You” gift Training Log? Well here is it – just wanted to show everyone just how awesome it really is! AND at the bottom of every page there are motivational quotes from runners.