Simply Sarah

December 29th – 2010

Hi! My name is Sarah.

I am a full-time mom of a 1.5 yr old (she’s a fiery redhead who keeps me on my toes), wife of a Marine Officer (which is a full-time job in itself especially with him currently deployed to Afghanistan**Update** – he just returned April 2011), and a full-time college student (University of Maryland UC, only 5 more classes to go!), and training for my very first -Marathon (while conquering other distances along the way) – all while living in Okinawa Japan!

I haven’t been running for very long (this time around) – about 5 years. I started out doing run/walk/sputter – jog while walking my dog in South Carolina about 5 1/2 years ago. Soon, I met with a trainer at the Semper Fit Gym on Base and learned  a lot about fitness, muscle groups (working them in alternation) and about dedication for results. Then, once we moved to Virginia I started really running outside. I signed up for my first 5K and after that I was HOOKED!

Next thing I knew – I was combing the internet looking for road races – my husband and I started traveling for races. In 2009, at the height of my fitness and running I got pregnant. Now, we live in Japan and WELL – I have been sputtering about w/ really getting back into the swing of running and being truly dedicated to it. ALSO – races are harder to find for me now because all the websites are in Kanji. So I decided to challenge myself w/ a list of Goals for 2011 (See Goals tab at top). Maintaining my blog is a good way for me to stay accountable and to have fun with tracking my progress.

A little background…

So when I was younger (way back in the day) I was really athletically inclined. When I was in Middle School I played basketball, was a cheerleader and I was on the track team. I only played one year of these sports and after that decided that I was “too cool” for sports anymore. Boy O Boy – You sure don’t know what ya don’t know!

I should have been a track star – seriously, I had it in me and I am sure that I still do… well, maybe not a TRACK star but I am positive that I still have lots of good running left in me. Even though I only ran the one year in track I still placed 3rd at the County Track Meet that year and for a beginner that is pretty good. Now that I am much wiser (yeah right!) and know more about how to train – WOW am I amazed that I did good at all back then. Our track coach was the librarian, Mrs. Moore, she was also the cheerleading coach. Our cross training consisted of meeting in the library and “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” w/ Richard Simons – NO JOKE! Our running schedule consisted of running on the sidewalks of Monongah around the Middle School or on the main roads – not safe and not very good grounds for training. I had to do hurdles on the soccer field even though I didn’t even run in that event!

Well, as my pastor said on New Year’s Sunday Service (2011), I am “running my own race” and I’m gonna make it the best one I know how to run! …please GOD, don’t let me make too big of a fool of myself!

Thanks so much for visiting my page and if you made it this far in my “Simply Sarah” page – thanks for reading it to the end! I really am hoping to have support from family, friends and anyone else who might enjoy following me through this blog-tastic journey!

Mother's Day (2011)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hubbs/Daddy
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 02:24:27

    Great pictures on here wifey, they really help with the blogs that you post. Keep it up. Some of the family still requires pictures for reading. 😉
    By the way, this whole time I thought I was looking at the Kadena Marina Ad photo as your backdrop. . . turns out I can see my old Skyline in the picture. That is one of my photos!!!
    I’m going to be famous! I have already started working on a new signature. 🙂

    LOVE LOVE you both


    • Living Runner's World
      Jan 19, 2011 @ 06:25:27

      YES – that is your picture – I really needed a panaramic of Okinawa and I remember you taking a bunch of those with your old camera when we first got to the island! I think it fits the page perfectly!


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