Getting to Know Your Body and Finding Balance!

I have been finding that there is no better way to get to know yourself (truly) than on the journey to better overall healthy living, eating and exercising! Since January I have truly transformed and I have the blog posts to prove it! My view of myself has changed and my view of my own abilities has really changed the most!

I used to just day dream about all the athletic things I wanted to do and vicariously live through the stories I would read in Runner’s World Magazine or Women’s Running Magazine. NOW, I am making my own stories – I am finding so much strength in my body and in my ability to stay focused.

I have Jeanne to thank for so many things…motivation, guidance, and partnership! It seems like just the other day I was meeting her for the first time in the lobby of Gunner’s Gym w/ all of my “Living Runner’s World” plans!

I also have all of my family and friends to thank as well. My family, even though they don’t comment much, I know they read and send me love in other ways! My friends keep up with me on Facebook mainly and send me their positive vibes for my goals! And then the best of all…this morning I was told by a woman at the group fitness class that I was the reason she was there, I couldn’t hardly believe my ears. She told me that she had been reading my blog a few months ago and it really motivated her. She is a mom of 2 (ages 4 & 6), active duty military and a wife. WOW – I inspired her! That alone makes me posting my pain, sweat and training all worth it! I will definitely try to make more time for this blog in the hopes that I can continue to motivate others.


School – Week 2

This marks week 2 in the summer session of school. Have I told you how crammed I am for time this session?! I am taking 4 courses and I have to divide my time up among them strategically in order to be more efficient and get all of my work done throughout the week. So I set my schedule up like this…

Mondays = Nutrition 100 (Rest Day)

Tuesdays = Financial Management 140 (Group Train)

Wednesdays = Psyc 441 – Learning & Behavior (Group Train)

Thursdays = Psyc. Of Sleep (Group Train)

Fridays = Rest Day and wrap up of all unfinished schoolwork.

Saturdays = Family day/Run

Sundays = Family day/Run

By the end of the week I aim to have all of my work done so that I can spend as much time w/ Shane and Nola as possible. So far that has worked out well but it is only week 2! By the time week 5 (MidTerms) rolls around I am usually a basket case!

In order to be able to stick to this schedule we all have to work together! I set some rules about the household tasks and everyone seems to be happy.

Mainly, I said – there will be NO cleaning by ME from Mon-Fri. If you need something washed you better do it yourself! I will cook but it will mainly be in the Crockpot so I can set it on a break from studying and then forget about it until it’s time to eat! (Considering there are only so many dishes that work in the Crockpot I do have to stop studying early some days to prep dinner.) Also, I set Sat OR Sun to be the house-cleaning day. Everyone helps. Shane and I basically just ask each other what we prefer to do that day (you want floors or bathrooms?) and go to it! All laundry is done the day we decide to clean (usually about 4 loads) and we take turns folding a load that is ready.

Life is much better now that we have set some boundaries on what gets done and when! I am so blessed to have a super helpful husband. He cleans without question – and he even does things the way I like them to be done so I’m not going into OCD shock afterwards! He always empties the dishwasher if he sees it needs it – and it usually does! AND he cooks whenever I ask him. He has no problem admitting when a recipe seems complicated – so sometimes I just prep everything and then he finishes. Either way – we work as a very good team and life is so much better now that I don’t feel like I am “expected” to do everything in the house on top of my personal goals with school and training. We established this set of rules shortly after Nola was born and I was at home losing my mind!

Reshaping – Where did my Ta-Ta’s Go?

Well – there is no good way to write about this so I am just diving into it! I have no boobs now. After breast-feeding I still had some boob-ish boobies but just a deflated version of my previous ones. Now, I am very very lean from eating Paleo and the more fat I lose the less boobs I have. I went online to try and find out what size I am now… and I am AA. So in other words, as I explained to my husband – “the reason why I need to buy more bras is because I have no boob to poor into the cup! So even the A’s require that your boob have some volume in order for it to fit properly into the cup of the bra.”

Well after breastfeeding there was no more volume. As my mother-in-law put it – they look like old tube socks! I went from (before prego) A to a full D while nursing and now to a AA. WILD, huh?

Me - Dec. 2009 - Nola was only 1 month old

Today! Nola is 19 Months!

I have totally come to terms w/ this fact about my new reshaped body. I am an athletically built person now…I don’t care about the boobs (especially since my ass looks amazing!) but what I care about is still feeling sexy and feminine in my underwear. I have been doing some googling on this matter and have found some great “petite bra” websites! LET THE ONLINE SHOPPING BEGIN! Lol!

Wish me luck!

Paleo Talk

I went through a little spell where I was really snacking like crazy (kitkat heaven!) and also still really laying on the cheese and dairy too. Shane and I discussed our interest in really doing Paleo the right way a few weeks ago and since have been doing really well. I went through a phase where I was really dropping weight again, I went from 130-ish to 125lb in two weeks but I wasn’t happy about it. I don’t want to lose more weight. I need fat for my body to use as fuel during my training (started reading Paleo for Athletes). I upped my protein intake more and also focused on healthier ways to refuel and since have come back up to my normal 127-128lb range.

I have been learning in my nutrition class about how the body breaks down food and all the interesting stuff about phytochemicals – which are the plant based nutrients in seasonings! It’s really interesting and as soon as my notes make more sense – less scribbly – I will share what I am learning! But until then – use lots of seasoning – it’s a good thing!

Training tidbits – my mileage is still at the 8mile LSR range and is starting to progressively get a little longer w. each weekly LSR. July will be when we really just start focusing on mileage! Until then, strength training is the focus. The bad thing about July is that it gets sooo stinkin’ HOT hear! I mean, melt your face off HOTTA! So I will definitely be maintaining my wake-up and workout at 5am routine until October sometime.

It is definitely super hard to do this group training from 5-6am and still find the time and energy for my other runs I need to get in as well as all the reading and writing this session is requiring. Life is very busy right now but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! After this session I will only have 3 classes left until I can graduate. September I will (hopefully) start substitute teaching at the DODD schools on base and I will be a few months closer to seeing what running 26.2 miles feels like!


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Teresa
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 20:51:34

    Hi Sarah, I am very proud of you and you have motivated me also. I am going to join the YWCA this week and start swimming three days a week and going to their yoga class and also any other classes I find interesting. Since I am older and my joints are painful I feel this would be best for me but I hope to get in better shape. And due to Paleo and eating better I have gone from 151 to 144 so far. I am hoping for 134 to 138. Anyway, Way to go and keep up the good work because you look wonderfu!!! Love to all, Mom (MIL) ((mom in law))


    • There She Goes
      Jun 23, 2011 @ 06:59:16

      This is so awesome! I am so proud of you for joining the Y. We did a water exercise the other day and it really wore me out – no joke – I took a 2 hr nap that day! Kudos on the weight loss too! That is not easy, cutting out so many foods and sticking with it! I think my mom said she lasted 5 days on the Atkin’s diet which is way more retractive but it still takes willpower!


  2. Stacy
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 06:07:26

    Congrats on your weight loss & marathon training! you look great! When is your first marathon? I’m thinking of doing one in November this year. Awesome blog!


    • There She Goes
      Jun 23, 2011 @ 06:57:45

      I am training for the Honolulu Marathon in December 2011. Thanks for reading and commenting!


    • There She Goes
      Jun 23, 2011 @ 09:39:40

      Stacy – I just checked out your blog! YUM! I love all the great posts about snacks and lunches! That photo of all the lunch bags lined up was cute! I can’t wait to give some of these recipes a try. The fruit here in Japan is super expensive, we’ll have to improvise some of the ingredients!


  3. Shaina Sheppard
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 09:56:53

    You are awesomeness! I really do wish we were closer. I’d love to do this with you. If you ever get around to that book I recommended about eating a plant based diet let me know. Someday I might have time to think about diet and health, but after my board exams! You inspire me every day and I wish I had more time to read your postings and call you. Go girl! Love to you and your fam from TX


    • There She Goes
      Jun 23, 2011 @ 10:28:22

      Awe, Shaina! You know I think about you guys all the time, I really wish we could live closet too! I would LOVE to have a training buddy for all of this! You are an inspiration too – keep at it and someday we’ll look back at all this busy mess when our kids were little and be able to smile!


  4. D
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 20:51:42

    Hey! Its Dyan, I train with Jeanne because of you 😉 BTW she is GREAT! I’m the one who’s been lurking here for the past few months. Thanks for the encouraging words this AM, I was feeling like a slacker trying to breath and not throw up, especially in round 3, it’s nice to know that you have been there! It’s mentally draining when your mind says “I’ve got this!” and your body says “Nope”.

    I haven’t stopped in since your last May post, you know…busy, busy. Your latest posts were a great wind down from a long day. My next fitness goal is my diet…I know this will make a ton of difference, so I’m excited to find what works for me!

    Sarah your journey resonates with me; you are definitely an inspirational woman. I completely understand you wanting Nola to know that being healthy and active is important, I want the same for my girls. I want them to know as Mom’s we are still women and taking care of ourselves should be a priority, that we still should have dreams and goals. Thanks for blogging!


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