Hello, Again!

Good Morning!

Okay – Sooooo, I know it’s been a bit since I posted on my blog BUT having your husband come home from a 7 month deployment and college (midterms, two research papers, etc.) can keep a girl pretty busy on top of Marathon Training! But I am still here and still training, never fear!

I’ve had a few aches and pains along the way…my groin muscle was tweaked and then my hamstring…blah, blah, blah! But I focused on stretching; strength training and some easier paces for my running and am now better than ever.

Two weeks ago Shane, Nola and I ran in a 10K race the MCB called Futenma. I ran it in 55:13! This course was super hilly. I felt really strong all through the hills, I even passed some of the ultra-runners that I know – which made me really nervous that I was running too fast. I decided to just listen to my body and as long as I was feeling good at that pace – to just push on. After getting out of all the hills and back to the main road for the last stretch of the race I hit a self-doubting area and slowed down. Then, Kathleen (one of the ultra-runners I had passed) came running passed me. So, I tucked my head down and paced her – eventually she realized I was right behind her so we ran together and chatted a bit. I thanked her for letting me pace her! I was so glad that a familiar face was there and I was able to get my mind focused and back in the race. Shane was pushing Nola so he was way behind me – those hills really did him in. My finishing time was a new PR for the 10K for me and I was really excited about how well I did with all those hills and elevations changes.

Shane and Nola crossing the finish!

The past week has been pretty eventful! I took Shane to the “Holly Hilly Steps!” and we trained pretty hard. I asked him to bring along his flak jacket so that I could have some extra weight to wear. 20lbs to be precise! I did 3 rounds of up and back – alternating doing pushups on the landings and curls or dips. This is a great workout for strength and for cardio. By the time you reach the top you’re always out of breath!!!

Running in the Flak Jacket!

...and now I am walking!

Still eating Paleo and now realizing that I might be experiencing all of these muscle aches and pains from not properly fueling before and after my exercises… I am now reading the Paleo for Athlete’s book and have found it extremely helpful.

I am still really enjoying the “Everyday Paleo” Book – even though I am finding her recipes to be a little too spicy for my liking. When I read through the recipe I just cut out most of the heat and like it much better.

Here are some examples of new foods we are trying!

Moroccan Chicken, Deviled Eggs, and Cabbage Slaw

Tuna Boats!


I was not a huge fan of the deviled eggs only because we do not have a food processor – so when they called for me to puree the sun-dried tomatoes – well, I think they just hopped around the blades of my blender making me really MAD! If you know me and my temper than it should be no surprise that said blender is now in the garbage and a new off name brand food processor sits in its place!

The Tuna Boats are just a tuna mixture scooped into avocado halves. You use your spoon to eat this and when you scoop out a bite you get a combo of the avocado and the tuna at the same time. Shane thought this was too much mess and work so he just scooped it all out on his plate and ate it that way. ;o)

After final exams were over last week – Shane, Nola and myself took a discovery drive to a part of the island we have never been to before and found a really cool secluded beach on HimaHiga Island (I think that’s what is was called). The water was so warm!

See the little tiny blue tent? That's where we were - Shane was on the barrier to the deeper water taking this photo!

Nola and Daddy playing!

Getting Nola ready for her 1st Beach DAY!


Then this passed week Nola got really sick (temp of 103.8) and we experienced our first ear ache! Poor girl! She got severely congested from all of the mucus build-up. We were perplexed by how our child could be getting worse when we thought we were doing everything right for her – we have hot steam vaporizers going in her room, etc to help with the congestion. Then I noticed mold growing on the outside of her A/C register in her room. So we opened it up and here is what we found…

Lots of white and black mold too. Blech!

Lots of oxidized metal - this is the drip pan to her wall unit. YUK!


SOOO…this is how we spent all day Saturday and Sunday of this last weekend. We did a ton of research on the EPA’s website about the safest ways to clean mold and then how to prevent its re-growth. We are now the proud owners of 4 air purifiers, a new HEPA filtered vacuum and lots of bleach products and big fat Star Card bill! URGH!



WELP – I think that wraps up the whirlwind of the past few weeks here! I am now in WEEK TWO of a group training class Jeanne is conducting for 5 weeks and I am in WEEK ONE of the new school session!

Life is so darn busy sometimes!

I will be back into my regular posting mode now though and am excited to get back in the swing of things!


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