The Break Up

Well I did it… I went into my pantry, my refrigerator, and my freezer and got rid of it… I got rid of it all. I broke up with all the grains, pasta, and overall carbohydrates in my house. It was tough…I had cleaned out my pantry a few days before but I wasn’t completely ready to get rid of all of my whole grain paraphernalia.

Well, I am sure you are wondering how it all came about and how it all played out…

It went something like this…

ME: Hey, Carbsy

Carb: What’s UP bestie!

ME: we need to talk.

Carb: Oh, that’s never good – when someone says that…

ME: Look, we’ve had a good run…but it just isn’t working out anymore.

Carb: But Sarah, I can change…have you seen the new selection of Naan bread, pita’s and Quinoa at the Commissary?

ME: It’s too late. I’ve given this a lot of thought and well; it’s ME – not YOU.

Carb: Oh boy – heard that one before. Well, I was the best thing that ever happened to you – you’ll see.

ME: Yea, well…I guess some things just aren’t meant to be – physiologically.

Carbs: you’ll be back. You people always come crawling back. You’ll get an emotionally charged craving and go running for a KitKat or a French loaf freshly baked at the Commissary or think just a few croutons won’t hurt.

ME: You clearly don’t know me Carbsy – I thought you did – but you’ve been the problem all along and now that I see you in this light (bloating my intestines and inflaming my bowels) I can never look at you the same way again. Besides, I’m a Generation X’r… I was raised on Grunge Music and smoking to be cool. If I can quit those things and never look back…well, you’re already toast (pun intended)!

Ignore the Oats & Peanut Butter - I am making some no bake cookies for the Single Marines

I took some creative liberties here but you get the picture! It’s not easy to reverse you’re entire life’s worth of thinking about food and nutrition. I am not going FULL Paleo just because I cannot give up Dairy. My little girly still needs lots of calcium and I do to! I am just going to be cutting WAY back on our cheese and flavored yogurt intake. Baby steps!

Over the passed week I have been doing my best to stick closely to the Paleo theme of eating and finally when most of the food was depleted from the house I knew it was time to “go big or go home!” So I printed out the Week 1 Shopping List from Robb Wolf’s website for the 30 day challenge of eating Paleo and hit the Commissary. Mind you – I couldn’t find everything there but I found most – maybe 3-4 items I couldn’t get my hands on.

Got my spices all organized and out of the cupboard - found some yummy Macadamia Oil too

This has been tough – I think I had been a little moody from the lack of carbs, my body does not like this adjustment but my guts sure do! I haven’t been bloated at all. BUT…I think about chocolate a lot! LOL!

So far I have cooked and enjoyed everything that has been recommended on the 30 day challenge or from another Paleo Cookbook I bought.

Here are some examples of the foods I have cooked:


-Grilled Salmon, Roasted Green Beans, side salad

-Rotisserie Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, side salad


– Chicken Salad w/ Acocado’s, Tomatoes and Balsamic Vinegar (and Feta)

-1 lb. Chili Lime Shrimp, Side Salad

-5-6oz. deli turkey (rolled), ½ lb steamed broccoli, handful of nuts


-3 poached eggs, bacon, and fruit

I used a microwave poacher

-Scrambled eggs w/ a little milk and shredded cheese, bacon or avocado


-Jerky and unsalted Nuts

-Greek Yogurt w/ berries and drizzled w. honey

Training Updates:

Thursday: Met up with Jeanne at the gym for purely strength training. We went out back and she totally broke me off! We did a full body workout.

Jeanne’s Recap of today’s WOD and explanation of what a Tabata is: Today you did a Tabata working with kettlebells – core workout, upper body and legs – overall strength conditioning. Inner thighs may feel sore/tight – be sure to give them extra time to stretch and warm-up. 

A tabata is 20 seconds on (of work) 10 seconds off (rest) – you repeat for x amount of time 4 min, 8 min, etc. – 10 sec is enough time to let your body rest, but not enough time for your muscles to recover – also adds a cardio element to a strength exercise.

BIG NEWS THIS WEEK! I completed my 2nd 10K and a 5K – both with Nola in the new Baby Jogger.

FRIDAY: The 10K was held on the local Air Force Base and was a fundraiser for the American Red Cross’s effort to raise money for the Mainland Japan Relief Fund. The course was extremely hilly and some of the hills were very long. I ran alone (except for having the stroller) but there were several ladies there that I knew. I asked them to please not run w/ me as I wasn’t sure what sort of pace I would be able to maintain.

Jeanne had told me to just think of this as a training run and to take it easy…. Well, that is hard for me to do – my competitive juices get flowing and off I go! Also, there were lots of strollers – so there was a fair amount of equal competition! There were two people w/ strollers a head of me until about 3.5 miles into the race. They were running fast and when I finally reached them it was because the chick had to walk. I caught up with them just as they were running again and I made small talk about how hard they had been to catch! They were both pushing two kids. Within the next 3/10ths the chick bonked. I think the guy was pushing her to run faster than she was comfortable with and she couldn’t maintain that pace. I heard her start to cry and I looked back and told her to just breath through it, look at her front tire and just push! I kept running and didn’t see them again until after the finish.

I finished the race in 1:00.06 my friend Kelly, who had finished ahead of me, came back looking for me. She grabbed the stroller and was like, “See you at the finish – GO!” But she runs so fast that even though I was running solo now (3/10ths of a miles left) she was still right with me! Lol! So I finished with Kelly cheering me on and Nola getting to see me cross the finish line!

Here are my numbers
Mile 1 = 9:54
Mile 2 = 9:13
Mile 3 = 9:46
Mile 4 = 10:56
Mile 5 = 10:23
Mile 6 = 9:52

SATURDAY: Earth Day 5K – Woke up feeling really sore and stiff from all the previous hard work of the week. If I wouldn’t have told a new friend (Tricia!) I would be there I probably would have crawled back in bed that morning! Damn accountability!

Im in the white cap w. sunglasses on top - getting registered to run!

I decided TODAY will be a for real easy run. I left the Garmin at home and wasn’t worrying about pace or time. The morning was perfect for running! Cool and overcast! I prefer overcast mainly for Nola – I had to think she’s just sitting there baking in the sun while I run. I got there in JUST enough time to sign up and do a little bit of stretching but not my normal routine of stretching. When the race started I could feel how stiff I was. Tricia immediately pulled ahead and left me in her dust! I put my iPod on and just shuffled til my legs felt better and then I used that LONG down hill (the 5K is always the same route) as my recovery/warm up. Right after we finish the downhill we run through a residential area or about half a mile. When we hit the main road again it is a 90 turn up a VERY steep and very long hill (Marek Park). I wish I could get the elevation charts on the running route because this hill is unbelievable.

I just skipped my iPod to a super motivating song, leaned forward to be more on my toes and looked down at the front tire – dug in and PUSHED! The last time I ran this 5K was the weekend before I started working with Jeanne. I remember thinking that my effort to get Nola – my little shuffle/jog – was actually just as fast as a walkers pace – so I walked part of it and I was right…I was only jogging about as fast as I could have walked it! In other words – I was barely moving up that hill the last time.

THIS TIME – I was moving! I made that hill my bitch! After I got to the top I was in such a good groove I just kept up the good pace. At this point in the race there is only MAYBE a mile left. I just plugged away and started passing people. I finished in 29:40 and set a PR for my 5K w/ the stroller time!

After the race I felt great, I was trotting around cheering for other people and especially the little red-faced kids coming in for their finish! I drove home with the goofiest ear-to-ear grin! I was just so proud of myself. I just couldn’t believe that I had just ran a race, that kicked my butt just 4 months ago, and ended it feeling like I could go longer! I am really seeing what Jeanne has been talking about – building a strong base!

New Recipe:

I was totally amazed at this!

Tonight I made Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti – OMG! How crazy is it that a squash can be so amazingly similar to spaghetti! I have never really cooked w/ squash before so this is all new to me. Just another bonus of trying something new with the way I am fuel myself.

I couldnt hardly stop eating this!

Spaghetti Recipe:

1lb ground beef or turkey
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 (12oz) package of kelp noodles or one spaghetti squash 
1-2 C. Marinara sauce
1-2 cloves crushed garlic

Brown the meat in the Olive Oil using a large skillet. Once the meat is browned, add the noodles (or cooked spaghetti squash, see below) and the marinara sauce. Stir and bring to a simmer. Add the crushed garlic just before serving to maximize the health benefits.

If using the spaghetti squash: Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Carefully split the squash lengthwise, then dig out the seeds. Place both halves face down on a baking pan, add 1/4 C. water. Bake for 30 minutes. Dig out the squash with a fork and add to your skillet with the meat.

Miles ran this week = 14.3

Miles ran YTD = 138.55


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. AIMEE
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 22:34:31

    Doesn’t your garmin give you elevation?


    • Living Runner's World
      Apr 18, 2011 @ 07:46:20

      It does…but when I hook it up to my computer to upload the info nothing shoes up. Like my computer doesn’t even shoe anything new was plugged in. So I haven’t figured out how to upload the info.


  2. deana
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 23:46:35

    I will be very curious to know how you do with energy for your longer runs once you get farther into training for the marathon. That’s what I find difficult about cutting out carbs. Shorter running and weight training I’m ok- but once your milage gets into the upper 20’s and the 40’s per week I needed the carbs. Keep us posted.


    • Living Runner's World
      Apr 18, 2011 @ 07:47:23

      I agree Deana – I am going to be very interested in seeing how that works out. I already am eating more frequently just because I don’t have all those grains keeping me feeling full longer. The protein works good for that but I think I need to eat more of it!


  3. AIMEE
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 21:12:58

    Protein at every meal you should actually being feeling more full than ever and not hungry. Don’t forget your healthy fats with each meal it is an integral part of the eating. Also eating a not so lean meat and just trimming off the fat is a good option. You are going to be tired and sluggish but make sure 10 min prior to your run you drink 100 calories of gatorade or something similar and if you are going longer like a 10 miler or more you take some sports drink with you or a gu. I am very happy with the Paleo diet although I do find myself craving some carbs at times I don’t beat myself up about it though I will indulge but not go overboard like if I want a deli sandwich from Jersey mikes (my favorite) I will go ahead and have it. But usually I will go for a rice cake or something atleast gluten free. Its not often but I do have my pitfalls (of course beer). But all in all it has never affected my running except the first two weeks and yes I did do the Shamrock Marathon with NO carbs. I have come to realize that all those breads, pastas, and junk just are not necessary and in fact are detrimental. I do avoid legumes and dairy most of the time I will occassionally through a couple shreds on my taco salad minus the taco while Chad and the girls indulge. I bought some Tapioca flour yesterday so I can’t wait to find some recipes to use that on. I love how the whole family is eating healthier and better though. Its a balance just like everything else while people think we’re crazy it’s a fact that Americans consume way to many Carbs in the form of processed garbage (i.e. grains,oats,pasta,breads, etc.)


    • Living Runner's World
      Apr 18, 2011 @ 21:38:34

      Thanks Aimee. The Paleo Solution doesn’t tell me much about athletic fueling. I will definitely start using some gatorade or GU’s when I get into my longer runs – which should be within the next week or so! My mileage is gaining each week!

      I have looked at some coconut flour but they only have a huge bag and I wasn’t sure what I would do w/ it! Let me know what you do with your alternative to white/wheat flour purchase.

      Nola has really been doing good with the change too. She loves meat. but I’m having a harder time getting her to eat veggies now… I think I just need to give those to her first! she tends to fill up on the meat. But she really like the spaghetti squash stuff!

      I can see giving myself some treats – like KitKats on movie night and stuff like that and the favorite out-in-town meal once in a while. But for me this has been a great way to cure my (what I thought was genetic) stomach issues. Everyone in my family has GI issues of some sort and I just thought this is the way life was. Now I know differently.


  4. There She Goes
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 21:56:40

    Any good recipes to share Aimee?


  5. Aimee
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 23:04:36

    I have been trying to keep our Paleo meals simple since every meal requires a lot more prep than before I am certainly not going to eat my meat raw. I find that if we grill up some extra chicken Sunday night with dinner we can use it all week for our lunch time salads. I really never use more than seasoning and olive oil. We practically grill everything except our spaghetti squash and tacos. I have made Baked Chicken with almond flour to resemble baked fried chicken and that was pretty good. Of course my flaxseed pizza not your favorite but could be pretty good with tapioca flour (which comes from the cassava root). We eat tons of seafood which is awesome since my girls love it and its loaded on Omega-3’s. I have made the paleo pancakes I highly reccoment cashew versus almond butter and I like to use and over ripe banana versus applesauce it justs tastes better to me. Some of our favorite veggies are of course grilled but my kids love roasted broccoli all I do is toss some fresh broccoli in EVOO with some garlic powder pop in in the oven on high eat heat 450 -475 and let it roast until it browns up a bit but isn’t still fresh crunchy yum yum. You should read some more of the Paleo stuff to find your balance. The De Vany book I hear is really good and the Mark Sisson who is highly involved with the Zone diet and P90X (team beachbody)is another popular read . The site has a recipe book on it if you are struggling for recipes I haven’t tried any but they look yummy. Tons of blogs out there the few recipes I have tried were disgusting so I decided ot stick to the book recipes and my own.


    • There She Goes
      Apr 19, 2011 @ 06:27:31

      SO far I am only doing the 30day recipes from the Paleo Solution and have loved every one I have tried. I think that the reason why I felt more hungry at first was just b/c my portion sizes were so small and now the amount of energy I am expending – I just need to eat more than I did before. I just need to get my head on right about portions and I will be good! I love this way of cooking and don’t mind the prep but I know it will be different when Shane gets home and I have to feed him too! I’m glad I am trying this and I have you to talk to you about it! Thanks Aimee!


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