Changing My Name

It’s currently April 7th in Asia and in the U.S. – It’s official…I’m 29 years young today!

Shane called me early this morning and sang Happy B-day to me before we went out for a convoy and I thought that WAS my present!

My husband, even though deployed to Afghanistan, managed to surprise me with wonderful b-day gifts! He secretly mailed them to my friend Shellee and then she invited me out for lunch today and delivered to me a gift bag!

Me: “Oh, you shouldn’t have Shellee”

Shellee: “Oh it’s not from me (big grin)!”

Me: (puzzled look) “NO?”

I started digging through the bag for a card – well, Amazon dropped the ball on that one and there was no card but the boxed were all gift wrapped though! I was surprised to find a Kindle (hellz yea!), super cool suede cover for my kindle, and new Timex Ironman ear buds for my iPod! My husband knows me so well! He knows just how to appeal to the geek and the athlete in me! Lol! ;o)

It’s amazing to me how spot on he is with his gifts and how even though he is (I’m sure exactly how many miles but I’ll throw out the number of how far it feels) 1 billion miles away he still has the ability to make my day!

Shane and I last year on my birthday!

Then I met up with Jeanne for some HILL RUNNING! That went better than I expected! Then had my lunch with Shellee (so the day was off to a great start). My friend Kerry brought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! Then my neighbors all had a great impromptu dinner for me in the front yard! The best steaks a girl could ask for, wonderful healthy veggies (asparagus, broccolini) with baked beans and some mashed potatoes. Followed by b-day cupcakes with sprinkles! Nola had to miss the dinner party – poor girl – she was already in bed! I had a great time just chatting it up with everyone though. I don’t get much adult conversation time right now. I am so grateful for all the people that surround me. Even though we are all so different and from so many different places we all mesh well – especially at impromptu dinner parties!

BLOG UPDATES: So I am starting to think that I just need to scrap this whole Living Runner’s World “Challenge” and just buckle down and focus on what will make me a better athlete – and just do that! Originally I was inspired by a book I read while on vacation to the states called “Living Oprah” and decided to challenge myself in the same way just with RW as the lead inspiration. Now – 4 months into it – I feel scattered. Every month I get a new issue of the magazine – I have to make time for reading it (which being a mom, student and wife = not much magazine reading time) and that is always a pain. Then I have to test out all the recipes and blog about them – I also was trying some of their other recommendations that didn’t always go well with my schedule or body. I have learned a lot from this so far but I think I’d rather just focus on becoming a better athlete and not about testing RW advice. So now….I guess I need to think of a new BLOG name…. Hmmm….that might take me a while. But I don’t feel right continuing to use this blog name when really I am no longer using their running plan – Jeanne is setting that for me. I no longer use their dietary recommendations b/c all those carbs were killing me. So really other than just liking to read their magazines – I don’t really follow their advice too much! I really enjoy reading about other runners and hearing their stories. I like the information I get from reading their injury prevention book but really – I have to revamp the website – I’ll get to that this weekend when I think I might have time but then again who really know – time seems to be a relative thing for me anymore!

I have time when I make time but most of the time I think I have no time! Lol! Did that make sense!

Training Updates:

Wednesday – 4.5 mile run at Comprehensive Park – this went great, even though I was…how did I put it to Jeanne… all T-Rex arms and Charlie Horse legs me run went smooth and I wasn’t feeling sore while running. After the run was a different story! I was officially hobbling! Much better this morning though.

Today: (Thursday) Ran a long steep hill on Camp Foster 4 times. WE did 4 minutes of continuous running and 1 min of walking for four sets. That hill was a bad word I’m not going to say on this post! It got steeper and if it wasn’t for the gate they had up for roadwork I would have been hating life today!

I’m very excited that my LSR this week will be 7 miles! I am very excited to be getting into long runs and can not wait to break the double digit mark! I just need to start scoping out some better places to run – the park is already beginning to feel small!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Groff's Girl
    Apr 07, 2011 @ 21:25:29

    Happy Birthday!!!! What a great surprise to have such thoughtful gifts from your husband while he is so far away! It truly shows how hard these men have to try to keep us feeling special…it shows even more how amazing they are when they have so much other ‘heavy’ stuff going on around them! What a great guy!!! It sounds like you have a super day, and that is what you deserve 🙂 Oooooh la la, a new name…it is like naming a baby 😉 We all love to hear about your workouts, challenges, and successes so make sure to keep that in mind when thinking up a new blog title!!! Hope you have a great night and how cool is it that you have the same birthday as my son??!!


  2. Living Runner's World
    Apr 07, 2011 @ 21:34:59

    NO WAY! I read your blog the other day and it didn’t even click that Thursday was my b-day too! lol! And I totally agree that these guys really due work hard at their jobs and work super hard at showing us how much they appreciate us! I’m very lucky! I am so excited about Saturday!!!! Eeee!


  3. Angie
    Apr 07, 2011 @ 22:46:36

    Happy Birthday Sarah! That Shane … what a guy! What a special treat for you. The Kindle is so awesome … you will love it.

    The hill run sounds gruesome! Would it be the one by the 25 meter pool or the one by the chow hall? I ran the 25 meter pool hill and felt it equaled a bad word – but it feels so good when you’re done. You’re running is going so well! Are you looking at doing a half marathon?

    Time has made my brain fuzzy in regards to landmarks on Oki, but a friend of mine would run from the Renaissance south to ?? I’ll ask her and give you more info. There’s a beautiful path along the E. China Sea. I realize it’s out of the way … but it’s a beautiful area and something different. Otherwise, have you looked at


  4. Living Runner's World
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 06:55:12

    Hi Angie! I am hoping to find a half marathon around the June/July time frame – I guess which ever month would be cooler weather. I am fine with having to make a drive to get in a good run route. Jeanne had mentioned even going to Okuma for some good running – no worries about cars either.

    I’ll have to check out mapmyrun – I haven’t really used it much for running here.

    Oh – and yes it was the hill by the 25 meter pool!


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