Birthday Milestones

The end of week 12

2011 is already shaping up to be a great year! This is the first time I have ever set out to accomplish concrete goals – and the first time I have ever tracked my progress in such a public way. I tell ya what though – it keeps you honest!

I’ll be 29 years old soon and I can hardly believe how fast the time does fly. My dad once told me that the older you get the faster time goes – I’m totally beginning to see the truth in that statement. I swear I was just graduating high school the other day…now I’m married w/ a baby, a mortgage and am almost ready to graduate college!

Well, here’s to life goals, being active and staying frisky! I hear that for females the sexual prime is in their 30’s! I say – C’mon thirties show me whatchya got! I also have caught on to the trend of female runners (and atheletes) getting better and faster with age and this is certainly an encouraging trend. I also see it in my neighbor Kelly, I will not divulge her age – but she is a hard one to catch on the road and on the trail. With two sons in their mid and late teens, a full time photography business, always taking classes on base, never missing either of her sons many sporting events, baking, and participating in neighborhood groups (she was in the quilt group) – we all wonder where she gets her energy from – I think the secret must be a healthy appetite for life! She is always smiling, rarely in a bad mood and never outwardly negative!

When I first started really getting into this Living Runner’s World challenge I searched hard for books written about running by women. I was disappointed to find that there aren’t many. At first I found that the older books on the topic of women’s running were written by MEN – give me a break! I am happy to report that the list is getting longer for female athlete’s who are spreading their “writing” wings and sharing their pool of experience and information with others. Also, I am finding lots and lots of blogs by women like myself – but their list of running achievements are much longer than mine and they usually have multiple kids in tow. I am always so amazed at how ambitious and head strong so many women are for maintaining their active lifestyle while balancing family and work (whatever form their work may be). Here’s to inspirational blogs and books! A little link list of books and blogs – please check them all out:

Run Like a Mother (book and blog) (I can’t get enough of these ladies!)

Amy Stewart’s Blog (ultra runner and WOOT lady!)

RunFasterMommy (Heather is such a cool chick! I love to read her blog too)

Chubby Mommy Running Club (This lady cracks me up – follow her website and blog)

Personal Record (Rachel Toor’s book about ultra running – I never thought ultra running could sound like so much fun!)

Athlete’s Palette (great cookbook from Running Chef’s – must have)

RW Guide to Road Racing (great starter book for road races – has a list of famous road races around the world in the back)

Sole Sisters (great inspirational book about women runners – I passed this on)

Fab & Fit (website. Athletic clothing for Women – love their styles)

Complete (a runners blogger network)

Blog Rank (top 50 running blogs on the net – I love finding new people) (this is a great resource for EVERYTHING running)

When one thing ends another begins!

April so far has been very productive for me! I completed my Sociology final on Saturday (whew – took me a little over 2 hours), went on my first trail run with the WOOT group (that morning @ 6:30am before my exam – I’m crazy, I know!), cutting out sugary snacks (and hoping for no psychotic outbursts) and am gearing up for my husbands return from Afghanistan. It seems like lots of women go through a “nesting” phase in anticipation of their spouse coming home but I am not really feeling that. When I came home from a 3-month stay in the states with family (over the holidays) I sort of went a little crazy. I deep cleaned, organized closets, rearranged furniture, and reorganized the pantry! So there is really nothing for me to do now but wait! Oh yeah – and get as fit as I can before our eyes meet again! I still need to make my sign for when we go pick him up and a sign for the house but other than that I’m just focusing on training and school – not the calendar! Even though I just completed Spring Session One…Spring Session II starts Monday – so no rest for me on the academic side of life. It’s good though – I sort of get a little antsy when there’s no reason to stay in “hustle” mode. I know sometimes I complain about being busy but this is actually how I function – better when scattered!

Training Updates:

Thursday was very focused. We hit Strength Training pretty hard w/ variations on upper body, core and lower body. I did an 800-meter run as part of the warm up. Then we did low weights with high reps. I’m really starting to see definition in my shoulders and biceps! Yay!

Saturday – Suppose to be my Long slow run day but Kelly and I decided to hit the trails w/ WOOT (Women on Okinawa Trails – all female trail running group). This was extremely challenging. We ran from the parking lot of the meet-up spot down Rt 58 and turned off the road and into the woods.

There were lots of HILLZA!

Immediately the trail gets narrow – like one foot in front of the other narrow, then turns into lots of hills that are all rutted out from rain water rushing down them. Parts of the trail get a little tricky with sharp drop offs on one side. My mind was racing a million miles a minute to try and soak everything in. Watching the trail in front of me, watching the runner in front of me, watching tree branches over head – there was a lot of “Oh shit” going on inside my head! I made it 5 miles total and was really japed of my energy afterwards. My ankles were feeling weak at the end and I called it quits even though my running partner (Kelly) was still raring to go! I love that about her! I admitted that I usually don’t know when to say “enough” but this time I really knew I should. I don’t want an injury from doing something “fun” to sideline me from my bigger goal – the marathon! I will definitely return to the trails but it won’t be a regular thing for now. Those 3 weeks of waiting out and nursing an injury really put training into perspective. While I can and DO push my body – I prefer for it to be on the pavement for now.

There were dangers signs and caution tape all around this part!

Beautiful views from the trail!


Upcoming Events:

May 8th – Schwab Function Fitness 3.5K (not sure if I’m doing this)

May 22nd – Futenma 10K Habu Fun Run

October 2nd – Schwab Functional Fitness 3.5K (not sure)

October 23rd – Kinser Half Marathon

December 4th (not sure about the date) – Naha Marathon!

I’m seriously considering to the Hawaii marathon as my first but just not sure if Space-A would work out and/or if my husband would have the time off of work to go with me. It’s the only way it would workout, someone would have to watch Nola and I would definitely want someone there to cheer for me! Traveling alone and running alone would really suck! BUT I hear it is a great first timers course and the weather in Hawaii is always lovely – especially in December.

Miles ran this week = 10

Year-to-Date = 108.05


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sdsol
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 21:29:36

    you are doing great with your progress!!! i want to do Hawaii also!!! hmmmm….!


  2. deana
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 22:47:12

    I’m so impressed with your dedication. I’m nursing an it band injury right now, just starting back with slow small runs. Always listen to your body. Something I’m not so good at 🙂 great job! Deana


    • Living Runner's World
      Apr 04, 2011 @ 02:09:34

      Thanks Deana! With every almost twist of the ankle the voice inside my head was screaming, “You’re tired – STOP before you roll your ankles!! Finally the voice won over and I called out to stop! It was hard especially with a running partner who was so eager to move forward but I just couldn’t bare the thought of couching it again.


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