My first EVER 10K!

Front of the Race Shirt! Pretty cool!


Back of the T-shirt!

My first ever 10K race was completed this morning with two wonderful and amazing women by my side…well, I was chasing their tails for the entire run…but I planned it that way…um, they were my pacers!

Kelly - ME - Alicia (before the race)

It was C.H.I.L.L.Y this morning! I know I said that I had bought a new outfit for the run but…well, apparently we were having an Okinawan Indian Summer (or something like that) when I thought that skimpy new Nike sunning tank would be a good idea! The new running Nike Dri-Fit capri’s did the job but I had to wear one of my other favorite running shirts for the race!

I am such a planner (or worrier – depending on how you look at it). I got a cooler all ready the night before with chocolate milks, pre-sliced oranges, mini packets of ritz crackers, a 16oz bottle of water w/ a nuun tablet dissolved in it, and fruit bars. I made my recovery smoothie and stuck it in the freezer. Got a bag packed with my sunglasses, snot rag (don’t ask), a small towel, burt’s bees (can’t run with chapped lips), and my Garmin (hung it on the front door – strategic placement from past mistakes!). Placed my shoes and socks by the front door, laid my running outfit out on the foot of the bed, stretched and went to bed at about 11pm-ish…who knows what time I actually fell asleep! I had been trying to really hydrate all that day so I woke up about 3x throughout the night to pee – clear!

SO maybe I hit snooze!

Got up at 5:45am, got dressed, brushed my teeth – did some makeup – I won’t lie! Had my usual, English Muffin w/ PB, ½ a banana, and hot tea. Even though I know that I need something more substantial – until my nervous stomach lets me – I have to stick with what I know won’t make me feel YUK before a run.

Me, my neighbor Alicia and neighbor Kelly all meet up in the parking lot – chit chat our nervous energy all the way to Camp Courtney! Thank goodness Kelly knew exactly where we were going – OMGosh, I would have gotten so lost. We get there – all of us B-line for the restroom…. did I mention my nervous stomach before?! YUP! Came out about 2 pounds lighter – hehe! – And raring to go! We all got our super awesome race shirts and numbers and started our warm ups. I love getting to races early enough to not feel rushed and to properly warm up. I even had time to do some skipping around the parking lot (not for fun – it was part of my warm up!).

So they tell us after “Colors” play they will start the race – so we are all just standing around chattering away, freezing, nervous feet moving about and then “CRACK” the race gun fires… I scream, “OH SHIT!” and we start running!! I was in the middle of using my snot rag – darn runny nose in the cold weather.

And we’re off! There is such a great combination of ages, sexes, strollers, etc. The course was fun – the 5K was one zig-zag loop-ish run and the 10K was that x2. Parts of it were hilly and some areas were really windy (the coast side). After the first down hill Kelly and Alicia got ahead of me w/ their natural pace coming through. I didn’t let it control my pace and I just stayed about 15 seconds behind them or closer or further!

I kept thinking, “OK – Jeanne said this is just like a training run, not to keep up w. the faster runners – maintain 9:55/min miles to finish at the hour mark.” She had asked me earlier in the week what my strategy or goal was for the race. I told her I hadn’t thought about it but I guess I would like to just be consistent w/ a 10min mile (I knew I could do that pace for sure) and finish in an hour. So there was the plan!

Sometimes it would feel like we were running a good pace, I was pushing myself but not in a burnout sort of way – I would look down to see the pace and it would be a sub-9min/mile… OMG! I was so torn – I would think, “I should slow down –this is too fast.” But then I would think, “But this feels good, I can do it – and then I would think if it doesn’t feel good I’ll slow it down.” There were times when Kelly and Alicia would be well ahead of me – they would round a corner and I wouldn’t see them for a while. I just kept the same pace though.

Finishing mile 3 and heading into mile 4 was the hardest b/c I realized I was only half way and I was battling with those nagging thoughts that I was running faster than usual. But I still felt good! By the start of mile 6 I felt FANTASTIC! Kelly had picked up her pace to finish ahead of us so she could get to the car and have her camera ready for when Alicia and I came through the finish line! Alicia slowed down for me to catch her and for us to run together the rest of the last mile. I started telling her how excited I was that I was feeling strong and there was only 1 mile left.

Something that Jeanne had told after our last training session kept playing over in my mind. She said that even though I hadn’t run 6 miles previously, not to worry. I was strong and when the distance experience runs out it’ll be my strength that’ll see me to the finish. It was such an amazing feeling to round the corner, look at my Garmin see I had 7 tenths of a mile left and actually want to pick up the pace. I saved it though – I had a long slow hill to the finish. Alicia really talked to me and motivated me to the end.

There I am chasing Alicia up the last hill!

She took lead up the hill and I chased after her to the top – she encouraged me to close the gap and once we hit the top of the hill and could see the finish I punched it down a gear and sprinted to the finish!!!!!! People were cheering and saying, “That’s IT – That’s how you FINISH!!!”

I love sprinting into a Finish, I passed Alicia at the end.

I know I could have pushed myself harder b/c I didn’t feel like I was gonna puke at the end – and that was a good feeling – the NOT feeling sick and knowing that 6 miles did not break me.

Here is the breakdown of my race per my Garmin Forerunner 405:

Total miles ran = 6.10
Mile 1 = 9:13.39
Mile 2 = 8:49.44
Mile 3 = 9:25.16
Mile 4 = 9:24.27
Mile 5 = 9:00.38
Mile 6 = 9:12.83
Total time = 55:21.16

A VERY happy ME at the finish!

YAY! Smiles all around at the finish!

My feet were beat!

Kelly emailed me the results from the race – they were having technical difficulties at the finish so there wasn’t an Awards Ceremony.
Female 20 to 29
Name Age Overall Time
1 Jennifer Kirby 25 34 48:11.1
2 Lauren Denato 26 35 48:12.0
3 Marivel Morales 28 42 49:58.8
4 Sarah Pevehouse 28 54 55:33.1
Alicia finished right behind me in 5th place but I know if she hadn’t been holding back to pace w/ me she would have placed first in our division NO DOUBT! She is fast and such a graceful naturally fast runner.
Kelly placed second in her age category! Wahoo! BUT she could have placed first as well – she too is a much faster runner than the pace she maintained with me today.
Way to go ladies – I couldn’t haven’t finished as strong as I did without you both by my side cheering me on!
Miles ran this week = 13.55
Miles Y-to-Date = 98.05 (almost breaking 100miles this week!)

I was so stoked after I got home – I hurried up and downloaded the info from my Garmin so I could email it to Jeanne! This was her email reply (which made me do a happy dance in the kitchen when I read it!) “YOU ROCK, SARAH!!!!!  I am so proud of you, and I am very happy for you!  You crushed it!!!!!  Great job!!!  Peace, Jeanne”


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deana
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 07:48:04

    Wtg- what a great accomplishment!!! Enjoy your day- can’t wait to see what’s next.


  2. Groff's Girl
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 18:13:08

    So awesome!!!!!! I am super proud of you, I knew you were one kick ass mama!!!! I am heading out in the morning to hopefully get a 5k in, I have been resting the leg as much as I can, doing some tempo and breaking it up….I am aching for a good run!!!!! Cannot wait to hear about what new goal you have ready to CRUSH!!!


    • Living Runner's World
      Mar 28, 2011 @ 19:10:01

      THANK YOU! and I am so glad you have been resting yourself! I hated taking a few weeks off of running but man I feel stronger than ever now. I think you should definitely check into working with a trainer in Germany. This has been an amazing experience for me so far – but just interview them first and find the right fit. It’s so nice to complete a race and the first person I want to call (besides my husband but he’s not here) is Jeanne! Dp you want to run together sometime this week?


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