New Years Resolutions can Work!

Week 11 of LRW challenge/Week 10 w/ Jeanne

March is almost over and I can hardly believe it… WOW! Ending my 3rd month of Living Runner’s World Challenge and the beginning of resolution completion has begun!

I get to check a “to-do” off of my 2011 list of goals! Last night was the final meeting for the “Squawk and Gobble” quilt group I was apart of. We all started to collaborate and brainstorm our designs for quilt squares back in May 2010. This was a tough challenge and had I not gone stateside for a holiday venture/visit w/ my little monkey in tow I might not have gotten my squares done at all. My mother has always been the crafter/green thumb of the family…I don’t know what happened to that for me…I guess I got the athletic gene! My mom and I spent days on end measuring, cutting, ironing; sewing, stitching…and then my 12 quilt squares were done!

My quilt square is of a "Torii Gate" these can be found all over and mainly at the entrances.

Tada! It feels good to have something checked off the list!

The wonderful "hens" of squawk and gobble - a little wine w/ our needle point!

After March 27th I will be able to mark another goal off the list…completing my very first 10K! I’ll be running the annual “Lord of the Tengan” 5K/10K race on Camp Courtney (Marine base) here on Okinawa. I’m such a nervous racer – I always get really anxious days before a race…and then the night before – oh boy, like no sleep at all! The worst part is that my nerves all go straight to my tummy – I’ve already poo’d in nervousness like 20 times…at least I won’t be running for the port-o-johns on race day! Lol!

Training Updates:

What comes to mind when you think of someone doing “strength training” …maybe lifting some weights…yeah – maybe…but not when you have Jeanne for your trainer! So Thursday was my strength day and it was no joke!

I think what still cracks me up is that her “warm-up” phase still gets me all out of breath and covered in a light coating of sweat. She’ll always say, “We’re still in the warm up phase” and I always think, “oh boy!”

We started off with a Tabata of anaerobic work and then the training session started w/ hard upper body strength working w/ weight bars and as soon as we finished those rounds Jeanne told me to take off for a 400m sprint out back.

So I handed her my bar and ran as fast as I could around people working out and lifting weights heading for the back door. When I flung it open I saw a handful of the WOOT running ladies – no time for talking for me – I was on a mission to hit that 400m hard. …And maybe I didn’t want to seem like I noticed that anyone may have been watching me! When I make my way back to the gym Jeanne is waiting for me and immediately directs me to do 20 push-ups. (Gasp – I know – I did too!)

This is what my arms felt like!

So I get down and the first 4 go smooth but my shoulders were smoked from all the upper body work in the gym and I am sucking air pretty hard from my run. I slow down and my form goes to crap. I start resting between sets of 2 push-ups at a time…did I mention these are plank push-ups? ;o) It seems like forever but I make it to 20 and then the rest of the workout is a blur! In between running 400m Jeanne has me work the core (upper, middle and lower) until it’s smoked, then some more 400m running.

Nearing the end of the session she has me do high knee skips – OMG – we haven’t done these in weeks and I was in NO hurry to have them back in the routine. Whatever energy I had left – these totally sucked me dry of it! Imagine skipping…then skipping as hard as you can, then push off your toes as hard as you can and then twist your right elbow to your left knee as it comes up and alternate like that…yeah – those are high knee skips! Crazy Sh@t, I know – and I do them and they HURT!

We ended the session with me doing a lunge/squat walk down the street…the lactic acid in my legs completely consumed my lower body and it was all I could do to make it to the end of the designated stopping point. This has me cursing (under my breath) out loud! I was smoked after that workout.

I was still able to do an easy two miler today to shake loose any tension though. I am sore and my legs are a little tight in places but I’ll be sure and stretch out really good tomorrow and then again on race day.

Nutrition Updates:

Boo-Hiss! No more sweet treats for me!

I am cutting out sugary snaky yummy treats for the month of April. While my body has been slowly morphing into the “runner’s body” over these past few months – I am still not exactly where I would like to be. I can only think of one reason why I might not be seeing the “shred” that I want – lots of carb-o-licious snacks and sugary sweets for this girl. So starting April – no more sugar. The count down has started for my husband to make his way back to me and I really want to make sure I make the most of this time in training before he sees me. 7 months is a long time – and I haven’t been sending him any pictures of me or of my progress. He reads the blog of course but other than that the rest will be a surprise!

Miles this week = 7.45

Year–to–date = 91.95


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. AIMEE
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 20:23:31

    Don’t be nervous it’s just running you’ve done it practically everyday and put in the time training just go and enjoy it!!! Don’t forget to empty the tank and here’s my MANTRA that got me through the marathon PAIN is temporary FAILURE is forever (Lance Armstrong I think) but I liked to change it up towards the end and say SUCCESS is forever. Get a good nights sleep you can’t control race day you’ve done the work. GOOD LUCK!


  2. AIMEE
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 20:28:22

    P.S. Make sure you eat atleast 2 hours before your race and then guzzle 8-10 oz of gatorade or gatorade prime (I like the berry blend) 10-15 minutes before race start chase it with an equal amount of water and you’ll be good to go. Don’t fill up on carbilicous breakfast foods though make sure you get in your protein like 2 hardboiled eggs and some fruit (cantaloupe is my favorite and low on the GI along with a banana) fruit has more nutrient dense carbs than a bagel or toast and won’t weigh you down or reak as much havoc on you GI system.


  3. Living Runner's World
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 20:30:52

    Thanks Aimee! I heard a good one – Pain now Pride later (?) I think that was it! either way – your right – the work is done. Plus, Jeanne told me to just run it like a training run – not a competition. So if I can keep that in mind…I should settle down!


  4. Groff's Girl
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 20:31:05

    Seriously thinking I may just get a trainer in Germany…I like the idea of having someone else be in charge of switching things up and keeping my body guessing. HOWEVER, that is also the scary part…not knowing what you are in for and knowing you cannot just walk away…no better way to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! You are doing such an amazing job! Did you ever check out The Eat Clean Diet? I have been really taking it seriously and am hoping it will start to help me with my belly issues (pre- scope consult on the 1st, finally). I just really want to make sure I am getting all areas of my body and I think having a trainer is a great idea (especially seeing how successful you have been with your experience). Your husband is going to be one HAPPY guy when we gets home to a strong, healthy and active wife! Way to go!!!!!!!


  5. angie
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 11:58:23

    Your posts make me so jealous! I would LOVE to workout with you and Jeanne … it sounds crazy fun! I marvel at your strength (physical AND mental) … mind over matter, right? 🙂 You’re doing such a great job, Sarah! I can’t wait to see the shred pics!
    BTW … I LOVE your quilt squares!


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