Functional Fitness 5K “Fun Run”

Today was FF 5K “Fun Run” on Camp Kinser. This was my first race since recovering from my running injury! I was a little nervous when I got to the check in and saw the sheet of paper with the Stations and their details. There were 5 stations total along the 3.1 mile run.

The "briefing" before the race!

There I am towards the center in the blue top and black bottoms, there

Station #1 consisted of 20 Jumping Jacks, 10 Burpees, and 20 high Knees. Station #2 consisted of 15 Pushups w/ dumbbell rows, and 30 Russian Twists, Station #3 consisted of 15 Medicine ball thrusts, and 25 Mountain Climbers. Station #4 was 20 Kettle bell swings, and 30 Ab Bicycles. The 5th Killer Station consisted of 15 Pull-ups and a 25-meter distance of walking lunges.

I really dislike these! We were instructed to do them quickly!

These we did with hand weights

Example of Burpee - We had to also do a pushup while in the plank position

I tried to keep up with the same 2-3 people throughout the race but if someone was slowing down during the running part I just passed them. I maintained a good 9min/mile pace until I could see the next station and then I sprinted. When I got to the water cooler I grabbed a paper cup of water, did the stations routines and then took off again. There was a killer hill and then a set of steps that were really steep between stations 4 and 5 – that really depleted me. Then to try and run after doing walking lunges for 25-meters was really hard. My legs felt so tight (mainly my hamstrings) and I had to really focus on loosening up my stride. When I could see the finish I sprinted again and finished strong. I was proud to pass a few more people right at the end too!

Can you see me back there in the blue? If you click on the photo it will get bigger!

Strong finish!

I love coming in across the finish line fast…even though I felt a little like puking at the end…I walked it off.

The night before the race I prepared a recovery smoothie and it was delicious! I made up the recipe! I used ½ banana, some frozen organic blueberries, a few frozen mango chunks, 1 Yoplait yogurt, a big scoop of wheat germ and some apple juice. I mixed it in the blender and put it in the freezer at 9pm. When I got up at 6am I got it out and set it by the front door. They also had Oranges at the finish for us and Nola and I split one! YUM!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hubbs/Daddy
    Mar 05, 2011 @ 21:36:59

    Great job on finishing a tough race. Glad to see you out there sucking it up and beating some of the Marines. Come to think of it, OCS and TBS consisted of courses a lot like what you did today. Wrap up that degree and get your paperwork submitted, you are ready to be a Second Lieutenant of Marines!
    Really good to see Nola out supporting her mom!


  2. Amanda
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 05:24:40

    You seriously rocked that race!!!! That is a hard one to hit after an injury, you should feel VERY proud of yourself!!! So glad we finally got to meet yesterday!! Hopefully we can hook up for a coffee or lunch date soon!!!


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