Nasal Irrigations & February Inspirations

This month is almost over and I have spent 3 weeks of it not running – Oie Vay!

Thank goodness for nose irrigators!

This is an electric Nose Irrigator - the same one Shane had in his bathroom!

Never thought I would be saying that on my blog but this viral infection that I have is running its course and after inflaming my throat it’s now laying waste to my sinuses. This morning I woke up so congested in my head that I couldn’t hear right. My own voice (in my head) sounded like I was under water. After blowing my nose as much as I could I used my handy-dandy nose irrigator. I felt better but I can tell that my congestion is way up in there!

My husband introduced me to this nose irrigator thing when we were dating – we were bonded by terrible allergies from early on! Lol! True story…

Picture it – Port Royal, SC 2006 – I’ll never forget sitting on Shane’s couch at his apartment and just breathing through my mouth – super attractive, I KNOW! He could tell how miserable I was and started to explain to me that he liked to use this nose irrigator (water thing you put up your nose to flush your sinus cavities out)…hmm…I’m not sure that I was picking up what he was putting down but I followed him to his bathroom anyhow. There he showed me this contraption that looked like something I would find in my dentists office and not my boyfriends apartment. He assured me it worked great; he gave it a test drive right in front of me. OMG, he is shooting water up one side of his nostril and letting it flow out the other…and he wants me to do this…right now. OK – so I’ll do it but only because we’re still in the “honeymoon” phase of dating and haven’t hit that phase of our relationship where I contend everything you tell to do, mostly in fun!!! So I bend over the sink and ready the “thing” to my nostril and then I see him in my periphery watching so I quickly use my leg to kick the door shut at the same time I start the machine up…I forgot to keep breathing through my mouth and immediately choke myself and can hear Shane cackling on the other side of the door. He reminds me not to inhale the water and to just let it flow. So with my bruised ego I bend back over the sink and ready the thing back to my nose and this time I get it right. I do both sides and then blow my nose. Everything came out… and I mean EVERYTHING!

This is the basic idea - more so when you use a neti-pot!

Just one scoop is all you need per canister of water!

So you can get the non-electrical kind and those are better known as Neti-Pots. You need to use some sort of saline solution to help clear up your sinuses. We use the Breathe Ease solution.

February Inspirations

If you’re looking for some motivational pictures or quotes for your computer desktop then look no further! Look here for the RW free downloadable wallpaper! Personally, I loved the Livingston, MT picture – it’s now my new background on my desktop!

Moving Comfort – this month’s issue talks about a topic that is near and dear to me – life after the loss of your active duty spouse. This is a fear all military spouses will face at some point. With my husband being in Afghanistan right now I try to avoid reading these sorts of things – not that I don’t like a good cry every now and then! This story is about one woman’s coping over her lose through running but not forgetting the value of family and supporting other spouses. This is truly a sad and inspirational story. Pleas read.

On a lighter note – A Krispy Kreme inspired run! One man. Two miles. 12 donuts. Two more miles!!!!! Oddly enough this story got me totally jazzed up about running! It was just motivational to think that there are all sorts of fun, funny, and weird races all over the U.S. that I am now finding out about! People have to run, ingest 12 donuts and then run back…let’s just say there are buckets that line the course – just in case! I am eager to mark some stateside races on my ‘to-do” list of racing for when we return stateside in 2012. Check this story out here.

Miles ran this week = .75 (my test run)

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