Staying the Course

So BIG news… Monday was my day to try and run 1 mile! Funny to be celebrating this BUT it is big news for someone who has been icing and heating their legs for two weeks. Sunday evening I got a seriously sore throat that grew into a seriously swollen throat by Monday. I lay around most of the day hoping to feel better but by 4pm I knew I had to hit the pavement or I wouldn’t know if this week was the week for me to get my legs back! So running nose Nola and I hit the Lester service road just below our hill. I only ended up running .75 when I was starting to hit a serious incline and I decided that was enough. Since I was feeling a little feverish anyhow it was about 3 strides into my snail slow jog that I was sweating profusely! My head was throbbing, my throat was throbbing even more BUT you know what WASN’T throbbing or hurting or aching … MY LEGS! Woot, Woot!

So I walked back to the house, made Nola some Mac and cheese with diced chicken for dinner, bathed her, got her in bed and I collapsed into bed at the ripe ol time of 8:30pm. Slept til I was rudely awakened at 4am with such pain in my throat it was all I could do to swallow. My ears were now throbbing with my heartbeat. I took as much ibuprofen as humanly allowed, popped a numbing throat lozenge and crawled back in bed. When 7am rolled around I wasn’t feeling much better. Long story of “woe is me” short – I got a throat culture done and it turns out not to be strep throat. Throughout the day my discomfort has moved from not just my throat but now my sinuses are all congested and my head hurts and I have some weird achiness throughout my body… I never get sick… seriously, I don’t even need to “knock on wood” with that statement. I might have some serious GI issues from time to time but I never catch whatever is going around or any “bug.” I have no idea what is wrong with me but I hope it goes away soon. I just spent two weeks not running from my legs being torn up so I certainly don’t want to spend this week laying around b/c I’m sick from who knows what.

Okay – enough of that… now what was I talking about…oh yeah… running!

So today Jeanne emailed me a workout of active stretch, warm-up (50 sit-ups, 2×10 push-ups), 1.5 miles (10-11 min mile pace). So this I will do as soon as I am done with this posting and before I head to bed. I just have to push through this and I am convinced that it just might be possible to sweat it out! Lol!

Recently tested recipe! This was emailed to me by Jeanne – so this will not be posted in the tested RW tab.

Grilled Bruschetta Chicken (from Kraft)

prep time 5 min, total time 29 min, makes 4 servings

What You Need:

4 small boneless skinless chicken breast halves (1 lb.)

1/4 cup  KRAFT Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette Dressing, divided (OK – so I couldn’t find this dressing at the Commissary, not surprised, so I used KRAFT Raspberry Vinaigrette instead – it so super yum!)

1 tomato, finely chopped

1/2 cup  KRAFT Shredded Low-Moisture Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese

1/4 cup chopped fresh basil (this is what made this recipe – don’t substitute for this)

Make It:

HEAT grill to medium heat.

COVER half the grill grate with sheet of heavy-duty foil. Place chicken in large resealable plastic bag. Add 2 Tbsp. dressing; seal bag. Turn bag over several times to evenly coat chicken with dressing. Refrigerate 10 min. Remove chicken from bag; discard bag and dressing.

PLACE chicken on uncovered side of grill; cover with lid. Grill 6 min. Meanwhile, combine remaining dressing, tomatoes, cheese and basil.

TURN chicken over; place on foil. Top with tomato mixture. Grill, covered, grill 8 min. or until chicken is done (165ºF).

Kraft Kitchens Tips: Serving Suggestion

Serve with grilled or steamed vegetables.

I served mine with FF small curd Cottage Cheese and mixed fruit salad. A really good combo of flavors.

Getting to know Jeanne:

From the Cherry Point CrossFit Website

So if you haven’t noticed, I added a page here (found at the top) called “My Trainer” and it is some basic info about Jeanne. I asked her for a few more details that I would like to share with everyone. Also, if anyone is interested in hiring Jeanne she is contracted through MCCS and you can email her here or you can find her phone number here (scroll to the bottom).

1.When did you first realize you wanted to become a personal trainer? It seems that training and coaching have always found me!  Before I became certified, I volunteer coached many different sports, and I have always enjoyed training with friends.

2.What motivates you? Changing a client’s thought process from, “I can’t…” to an “I can…”

3.You mention in your bio that you were a competitive athlete… Can you tell me more about this? I started running competitively at the age of 6, but have been involved in many sports since then!

4.Any advice for someone curious about working with a trainer but is feeling hesitant? Interview the trainer first – is it someone you think you can work with?  Do you like the trainer’s approach to fitness and well-being?  Is the trainer certified?

5.What music would I find on your iPod right now? HAHAHA – none!  I just got a new iPOD and haven’t set it up.

6.I have to know more about this picture of you?! Please do tell! My husband captured a picture of me working out; I didn’t know he had a camera with him!  I am doing the handstand push-up portion of my workout.  The chalk on my pants is from the pull-up portion of my workout.

7.Have you ever made a client cry? Throw-up? Or both at the same time! Yes, to all three!  Usually, when a client reaches this point, it is because they have pushed themselves to the absolute limits of mind/body.  While this ultimate push is not for everyone (and it doesn’t have to be!), I know that when a client reaches this stage, they have reached a new level of inner strength.

8.What is the one word that would best describe Jeanne Goodes? Energetic

9.   What has been the most rewarding experience of training someone? There have been so many rewarding moments in working with people, that it is hard to just pick one.  From clients losing significant amounts of weight (and keeping it off), to watching a young client capture a regional running title in the 400m, to watching a client follow her own career into the fitness industry;  my reward is making a positive difference in someone’s life.   I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with my clients.

I have also learned through conversation that Jeanne is a prior Marine (no wonder she kicks my ass so hard!) and is a mother of 3 and wife to an active duty Marine. I highly recommend Jeanne to anyone who is looking for change and unyielding motivational support along that journey. She is 100% here for me via email, phone and in the gym. Even on days like today – I was sick and couldn’t meet up with her – she was still supportive and emailed me a workout to do from home.  I have had some people ask (in a whispering voice), “How much does it cost?” well, the answer is $30/hr and that is MCCS rate. BUT – it is ultimately priceless. She is worth every penny and this is also an investment in myself… and DAMNIT – I’m worth it. Over the past 15 months after having Nola I wasn’t back to my old self. I wasn’t able to get committed to a real training plan nor did I feel the energy and confidence that is growing in me as a result of this teamwork. Jeanne has my interests at heart 150% of the time. She is always telling me – “hey, you’re the boss” and if there something I don’t want to do or if there is something I want to do but we haven’t been that is my job to let her know. When we first started this I told her I was only interested in my running program. But that wasn’t completely true. I have always wanted to get more defined (as in “cut”) but have never been able to do it on my own. So after talking in the gym one day I told her I would like to focus on strength training as well. That was just a few weeks ago and I can already see a difference in my shoulders and triceps!

Okay – I’m getting off my soap box for now – but seriously – if you live here, contact Jeanne – if you live somewhere else – interview trainers at local gym until you find your match. It is important that you and your trainer work well together. I have had trainers at every Duty Station we have lived at and this is the first time I seriously look forward to seeing my trainer – or even call a trainer “my” trainer! Because she is so HER I am so motivated. Other trainers I have worked with just point to a machine and tell me how many reps and sets to do, they stand there while I do them and then we move on. Now I know the difference. Jeanne has set the bar pretty high and when we leave here I’ll be hard pressed to find a trainer to fill her shoes.

Okay – I’m off to take as much ibuprofen as possible, eat as many throat lozenges as I can and get my run in on the treadmill! I’ll keep you all posted.

Thanks you so much for continuing to read my blog and as always – make some comments people! Lol! No one ever did take me up on some of the books I have for giveaway… that was a few blog posts ago. 


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Groff's Girl
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 10:08:04

    Sorry you are feeling so miserable. I had a similar fate yesterday on my 5k practice run…my issue was dehydration…I reached the point you asked Jeanne about…except I didn’t puke…just gagged a while! I am going running sat morning at the Seawall with Tricia, you are more than welcome to join…it is early though, 6:30am. I am going to try that chicken recipe for sure, it looks so yummy!! Good for you for listening to your body but also doing what you can :):) You are doing so great!!! PS> I will totally take a book of your hands…perhaps we can do a giftie swap 🙂


  2. Angie
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 14:18:12

    This is late, but I’m impressed with your goal!
    Yes, you are worth it and $30/hour is CHEAP! You won’t find a price like that out in town!


    • Living Runner's World
      Mar 03, 2011 @ 15:40:43

      You know, I thought is was expensive until I talked to some friends who aren’t in the military and they told me how much they pay – sometimes as much as $25 for a half hour session! So now I feel like it is definitely worth it!


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