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Week 2 of my recovery!

The first week was just as mentally tough for me as the physical part. I was having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I (an able bodied young woman) was couched and covered with ice bags in 20minute intervals! Hobbling to the door with ice ace-bandaged to my legs and knowing that this “doorknocker” was wondering, “you look fine – why the heck are you all wrapped up in ice?” (And I swear it seems like every time I would get all wrapped up and ready for my 20minutes someone else would be at the door… But, I kept thinking that, “this time will be the round of icing that gets my quads BACK!” The timer chimes and I go to move my legs and they are still cramping and sore. Damn…

Week 2 of recovery has been better for several reasons… #1 – Jeanne has been busting my hump in the gym w. strength training. That has helped to reassure me that I don’t have to be running to get a good burn. #2 – I am starting to be able to conceptualize the commitment of the next 7 months (USMC Marathon is in Oct.). I have taken the time over these past two weeks to read some books written by marathoners. The latest book was by Rachel Toor (an ultra-runner) and she talks about how the most experienced runners back off and rest the millisecond they feel pain, twist, a hurt that wasn’t there three strides ago because they know that the best medicine is R&R. I would like to think that with each new phase of training (be it injured or in good health) is a new opportunity for me to learn from my body.

Monday I was so anxious to get that 1 mile run in – I ignored that my legs didn’t feel “normal” and got on the treadmill and ran anyway. Sure enough, after the run my legs were hurting and tight. I told Jeanne Tuesday that I was fine with not running for another week because I want to wait until my legs feel like — well, the way they used to. I also realized that recovery is nothing you can rush. The 3rd and final reason this second week of recovery has been better for me is that Jeanne told me to start getting some heat on my legs and stretching again! This was music to my ears (hence the title of my blog). Since I have been heating my quads most of the pain has gone away, and I am able to stretch them further before I feel tension that I have been able to in weeks.

Training Updates:

Lots of strength training – Last Week

Thursday – Today, you did strength trng:  increasing wt, decreasing reps of 12-8 shoulder, biceps, triceps, back, lats,  speed drills involving all ab muscles, as well as hip flexors.  We stayed away from quad work, but you did get in some hamstring and calf work!

Friday – 1. active stretch, warm-up, workout:  20 minutes of row 1 min (using different grips to work different muscles), 25 abs (varied to work different ab muscles/hip flexors).  Worked cardio, strength, and gymnastics.

This week:

Monday – TEST RUN: active stretch

warm-up – 10 minute brisk walk, 15 push-ups, 25 situps

run – 1mile (only!!!) at about 12-15 min.  NO PAIN!

cool down

Tuesday –  Today, you worked cardio, core, upperbody and legs in less than 30 minutes!  Great job! 5 Sets of 200 jump ropes, 30 situps, 20 pushups (as fast as I could go).

Nutrition Updates:

I am still seeking new recipes that have a better ratio over all of protein-carbs. So far the RW website is coming up a little short for me BUT I have limited time to comb through the mass amounts of recipes listed. They are not really broken down into sub-categories that would make my particular search easier. Overall though – I am still feel GREAT from taking in more protein than carbs at most meals and having a more balanced breakfast. I also ordered a cookbook called, “The Athlete’s Palate”

Does anyone have any good recipes for lunches or dinners they would like to share with me?! I am always into trying new recipes – the easier the better! I’m not one for gourmet cooking…unless it’s someone else doing the cooking!

There is this great little café along Araha Beach that I go to (I’m embarrassed to admit) 3-4x/week. It’s called “Sea Side Café” and this adorable young couple runs it. They met while studying abroad in Australia. The chef is French and the cutie girlfriend is Japanese! (pictured here)  They are just working their booties off to keep it afloat. So if you are a foodie like me and you want a break from cooking and you like to look out at the ocean while you dine in a chilled out atmosphere (but kid friendly) then this is the place to go! So from Camp Lester I leave the main gate turning left onto HWY 58. I follow this all the way down (passed the spot gate intersection) until I see CowCow Auto Sales on the right. Turn right at the light by CowCow and at the end of the street there is another light. Turn right at this light and then shortly after you will turn left onto a side street between an apartment building and Mansion Gallery (very green sign across the front). Follow this around (sharp left) and the Sea Side café is immediately to your left and the beautiful scenery of Araha Beach is to your right. They are open everyday except Tuesdays from 9am til 9pm. 

They really are working their butts off to make this café a success but the Japanese parents (who are retired and helping out) have decided they would rather stay retired b/c the café business was just too busy for their taste. So they have backed out on the couple – leaving them to try and make this work alone. So any of you who are reading this and are in the Araha Beach area for your walking or running (I love to run there!) please stop in and grab a bite to eat! Pets are welcome too! They have a great front porch that is perfect for the weather we have been having! Their lunch specials are only Y850 and you get a salad, sandwich w/ sides and drink for that price. Good Deal! 

So – that whole reason that came up was – long story even longer – their menu is extremely healthy and yummy! Of  course they have some fish and chips too – not so healthy but at least there is variety! My favorite has to be the salmon and avocado on French baguette w/ salad and Mango Juice! Yum!  Thursday at 1:30pm me and a bunch of my gal pals will be there having lunch! If you read this – and you live in Okinawa Japan – please, please, please come join us and our kiddos for a fun lunch and then walk on Araha Beach!

In other news…

The Kinser Functional Fitness 5K is coming up March 5th! I am super excited about this and really hoping that I am back to great running condition in time to be competitive… for some reason I am so super jazzed about being able to compete against active duty females! Wish me luck for this – I am going to need it!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. angie
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 23:27:08

    I admire your flexibility!
    I remember a gal, whose husband was active duty and deployed, saying something along the lines of – my husband has to be “ready to go at a moments notice” so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be ready to go at a moments notice … to be that source of strength for my family on the homefront. Let’s face it … when you feel strong and empowered in your own skin the more you feel empowered and able to help those around you.
    What you’re doing is so awesome and I hope to get back to the weight room. Good luck and I know you’ll do well!


    • Living Runner's World
      Feb 17, 2011 @ 11:20:57

      Thanks so much Angie – I appreciate the info you sent to my FB too! Your comment just gave me a great idea for a blog post! Being a military spouse does require flexibility – preferably w/ no grumbling – but it happens!


  2. Groff's Girl
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 09:13:53

    Make sure to keep listening to your body and you will be full force in no time!!! I have date night Friday night, but we will have to get a time to get together. I would love to go to this cafe! I like to run Araha so that would be a nice way to finish off and enjoy the views!!! You just got them a new customer :):) I was going to do the 5K St.Pattys for Risner, but let me tell you, I want a shirt 😉 What time is the run for Kinser?


    • Living Runner's World
      Feb 17, 2011 @ 11:22:36

      For the Kinser race – the 1st 50 people to register get shirts. I believe it is at 7 or 8am – not sure but you can find the info on MCCS’s website. I have a book for you – lets get together sometime next week! I really enjoyed your post about your WOOT run too. Are you doing the WOOT Pedicure day at Cocok’s? It’s March 5th in the afternoon.


      • Groff's Girl
        Feb 24, 2011 @ 10:11:48

        OH, I just saw this now. I thought I would get an email when I got a reply…DOH!!!!! I am doing the pedicure, so can we hang out there????? The Hub is on 12 hr night shift next week, so it is going to be insane with my work schedule!!! I am wondering if the 5k is a straight run, or are there other things involved…I might try this one instead of the Kadena?? What do you think? I promise to check back here instead of waiting for an email to tell me you responded 🙂

  3. Living Runner's World
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 11:42:02

    The Kinser FF 5K will have stops along the way where you do Functional Fitness stuff. Not sure what – they won’t release that – but it isn’t a straight through run. I’m sure you’ll do great. My goal is to do that 5K – I have another week to get ready for it!


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