The Continuation of the Journey

Here we are…Week 6… and I am still nursing my quads. Being a little naive and over zealous I decided to walk the 5K on Futenma that I was so excited to run. This was the first time I have ever walked a 5K. This is also the first time I have ever had a running injury. The trail was very hilly and it was really windy and cold that morning. I should have just stayed home on my big comfy couch icing my legs! After I finished I could already feel the tightness setting in. I brought along some instant ice packs and ace wraps just in case – I started icing my quads on the drive home. I reluctantly sent Jeanne email to confess my 5K walk and got a tongue lashing via email in return…totally and completely deserved!

She made some brilliant points, one mainly being – “You are recovering from an injury and coming back too soon will harm you in the long run, delaying your training, and ultimately your goals.  Please keep the objective in sight.  You are building up to a marathon, not a 5k walk. “ She continued, “This is your personal journey, and it is about your growth (physically, mentally, and emotionally).  Mistakes along the way are part of the journey, too!  I am here to help you prevent training mistakes and to help you reach your many goals, but we need to work together. “

This email gave me good food for thought and I am (from here on out) going to stick to what she advises me on regardless of any outside influences. I do have a goal and it is not to walk a 5K – it’s to run the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of the year.

Training Updates:

Week 5 was my injury recovery week – I met w. Jeanne twice and we did strength training in the gym both days. I was really feeling antsy about sitting around the house so much so these workouts were great for me physically and mentally. I am already seeing a difference in my body and am very excited about my progress. That has made this past week all the more hard because I was really feeling strong and seeing my body trim down a bit – I was eager for the process to accelerate and not take this detour. I am, however, a firm believer in all things happening for a reason. I need to take this down time as a pause for learning and not a detriment to my progress.

Week 6 – I have been given the okay to try a very easy 1-mile jog tomorrow! I am excited and praying that it won’t hurt nor will it be too soon to try and run. My legs feel good so I am hopeful about the run. I’ll be heading down to Araha Beach area where I love to run and it’s totally flat there – should be a good testing ground – plus there is this awesome “Sea Side Café” there that I will swing by after and have a snack!

Runner’s World Updates – still waiting on my February issue to come in the mail. January’s didn’t come until the 25th – I had bought a newsstand copy way before that! I have been reading a book called “Personal Record: A Love Affair w. Running” by Rachel Toor – she is an Ultra Runner. I think it is really funny how she starts her book explaining just how much she never like to run and never understood why all her friends and even some of her boyfriends all ran. How she spent years just waiting for other people to get done running so she could spend time with them and how annoying it was to her. BUT she went for a run one day with her boyfriend and was hooked. Next thing you know she is working with a trainer and doing marathons. Then she just decides that 26.2 wasn’t far enough for her– she wanted to keep on running. Toor also talks about “Ride and Ties.” These are races consisting of two people and one horse (this is one team). It’s a relay race of teams who switch off from riding and running. Sounds crazy but after reading her experience it sounds like tons of fun! Not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced runners.

Well, that’s it for me – I’ll report back after tomorrow’s run! Wish me luck!

Weigh In Week 6 = 132.2 (minus 1lb)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Groff's Girl
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 10:22:20

    I know how you feel with being antsy and just wanting to get out there! It is hard to make such great progress and then feel held back. It causes the worry that “if I stop will it set me back to my bad habits, or make it harder to start back up?” That is what I always go through. At least now you know what triggers to look for and what ways you are able to take it easy so your injuries are able to heal! I hope it gets better and the 1 mile run is good to you :):)


    • Living Runner's World
      Feb 14, 2011 @ 11:13:36

      YES! The fear of not getting back to where I was quickly is definitely there. Thanks for continuing to read my posts! Did you get my previous response to a comment you had made? I can send you that book anytime! Just let me know what your FPO address is.


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