Cross Training Does a Body Good

Well I ended out the week on a high note… wait, what I meant to say was that I ended the week in pain… but it’s good pain, means I’m still reaching new levels!

This week has been hectic, Week 2 for school (lots of reading) and I thought it would be smart to not only host this months Quilt group meeting (I’m part of a group of 12 women who are making quilt squares for an Okinawa Memory Quilt). Example of someone else’s. So I had to bake and cook and prepare the house for that AND now I am hosting a Pampered Chef party Saturday (tomorrow) for my neighbor who just became a consultant! Hind sight being 50/50 – I wish I had sat down more often and rested my legs a little more this week! But the vacuum needed running, laundry done, baby down and then up from nap, school work, errands to run, doctors appointments, commissary run, mail run, etc… you know… LIFE!

Training Updates:

Thursday was my Cross Training day w/ Jeanne and she switched it up and kept me in the gym. We did circuit training (that’s what I’ll call it) and we blasted out the Upper Body, then the Lower Body, then the Abs!

Here is my update from Jeanne on what all I did: “Today, you worked every part of your body, focusing on building strength through gymnastics and weight training:  heavy upper body (10min), heavy legs (10 min), and heavy abs (10min).  You should feel it tomorrow.”

Man, I left the gym feeling GREAT! Jeanne gave me kudos for putting in a good effort on the workout and I was WAY happy with myself too. Oh but I do feel it today, the sore muscles. I’m not limping around like before but it’s close to it, the run this morning is what did my legs in. The AB work that she has me do is so effective I can feel it from my pelvic area clear up under my bra line. When I cough or laugh I feel it! My arms are sore in places they have never been sore in before. We really worked the small and the large muscles everywhere. Don’t even get me started on the legs we did. Holy Moly… I was feeling the lactic acid just erupting like a fire in my hamstrings. She had me doing these “star jumps” and those are what really broke me off. Pictured below.

I really like this workout. I keep thinking about it over and over again. I really could do more of that sort of cross training and be excited about it!

Other things…

So I was a complete terd on Monday and missed my run – I will never do that again – because of this I will be spending Saturday doing my long run and making up mileage! Today my neighbor Kelly and I ran 3 miles and did our best to maintain a 9min/mi pace but the wind here was killer and it really slowed us down. Wait, let me rephrase that… It slowed ME down. Kelly was pushing MY baby in the jogger and still leaving me in the dust! I love running with Kelly – she’s keeps me honest! So here I am… chasing after my friend and baby and my legs are just screaming. Even the slightest of incline and I was ready to just cry while I ran! Jeanne really had me working hard on my legs (and everywhere else) on Thursday and I was really feeling it and am still feeling it!

We’ll see how tomorrow’s long run goes!

Miles ran today = 3.1

Total Miles ran-to-date = 47.71

Almost forgot – Monday’s weight in = 134.0 (lost 2lbs)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 22:41:16

    You did awesome today Sarah! An inspiration!


    • Living Runner's World
      Feb 04, 2011 @ 23:15:56

      You apparently inspire the HILL! Joe knows what I’m talkin’ ’bout! and AnnMarie even mentioned to me what an inspiration you were and she said you were – what was it now, “she’s just so FIT!”


  2. Kim
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 22:48:45

    Good job! I’ll have to try these star jumps 🙂


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