Speed Thrills and Lactic Acid Kills

WEEK 4 for my training!

The past 3 weeks have been somewhat of a roller coaster… I pushed through my extremely painful DOMS, didn’t always having someone to watch Nola during training meet-ups, experienced lots of gassiness from the influx of carbs to my GI system, stress over this deployment, a sick baby and college being back in session!

But Week 4 here we go!

Yesterday I met with Jeanne, all I knew before hand was that we would be doing sprints and it was going to be tough. I woke up early out of sheer nervousness, had a nervous stomach all through breakfast and thought about all the runs we had done so far wondering which one we would be doing today… would it be the dreaded door tap and return. I also wondered “when are we going to do those short sprints I remember seeing on the calendar?!

To my surprise…On the menu for today? 10x100m Sprints!!! I never thought I would be so excited to see 100m written on a piece of paper but sprints never sounded so good!

Before we got started Jeanne lets me know that today’s workout should push me to the outer limits of my Lactic Acid Threshold and there might be some puking involved! (I’m ok w. that – I thought) We also discussed my upcoming mileage and what to aim for this week – it was at this point that I truly realized that I am so OK with taking it slow w/ my mileage gains.

Had I done this on my own I would have probably hurt myself by now. Before I thought that I needed to add distance at a faster pace than this and I would have tried to run in the higher mileage realm of the RW training plan. Going at the pace Jeanne has set for me has been great; I feel good but always challenged in the distances I am running. The main difference between the runner I was and the runner I am becoming is that I am now able to connect mind and body more and really listen to what my body is telling me. I am working my body in so many different ways I need this low mileage right now. I am NOW able to feel it and understand it. In the past I would have blindly pushed myself w/ the idea that the number of miles were more important then the quality of the running while getting to those miles. I had it so backwards.

We head outside for our workout and I confess to Jeanne that I actually fear these workout sessions – and mainly it’s because I have never had a trainer push me so hard! I went on to explain just how glad I am that I feel this way b/c typically I am so driven I already know I can handle the workouts – but Jeanne pushes me outside my comfort zones and outside of my previous experience.

She preps me for where to start and where to end on the road – pushing clear through the finish HARD! Ok – here we go… Jeanne heads up to the finish area while I… I feel like I’m back in high school on the track team… but wait, I can’t remember how my stance was in the starting line… how should I be, which leg leads, what do I do w/ my hands…oh crap she’s counting down – Shit, did she say go? Ahhhhhhhh… Push, push, push…I’m pumping my legs as fast I can and my arms are pumping too. “DIG IN” Jeanne yells…and I do and I can feel it. Whew…. 17 seconds! Okay – RECOVER – walk back easy… but my body doesn’t want to slow down. My mind is reeling – Wow, that was fun… wait, did I just say running a 100-meter sprint was FUN? (Don’t tell Jeanne!)

By the 3rd one I was still feeling eager but seriously thinking about how many were still left to do… 7 more of these after this one… 5, 4, 3, 2, GO! So I take off, wait, this isn’t right…I can feel it – my body is moving slower than the other two times and I echo this thought out load to Jeanne as I cross the finish. I was right, 21 seconds this time. Jeanne coaches me, “This should be your slowest time, don’t go any slower than that one.”

And I didn’t – Even though I could feel my legs fatiguing I wasn’t going to let myself down. I was right where I needed to be mentally, I was still having fun and eager to see how this would end. Sprint after Sprint I was thinking to myself while I pushed hard, “streamline your body, your fast, be fast, push, push, push” and before I knew it I was grunting and wincing all the way to the end pushing hard each time.


Warm-up:  75 counts of ab work, 10 plank push-ups, 400m slow jog

WORKOUT:  10x100m

1 – 17s

2- 17s

3 – 21s

4 – 18s

5 – 18.5s

6 – 19s

7 – 19s

8 – 19s

9 – 18s

10 – 19s

Cool down – jog 400m, stretching

I knew at the time I would be sore…but what I wasn’t prepared for was just how tired I was going to feel the rest of the day! I crawled into bed last night at 8:15pm, read a little bit and called it a night at 8:45pm. I never thought going to bed so early would be so appealing.


Because of my early bedtime I woke up bright and early at 4:45am (well Nola woke me up – she was cold so I had to go in and cover her up but I couldn’t get back to sleep). How did I feel this morning???? VERY SORE! Earlier in this post did I say that I was happy to be past the pain…hmm… I guess I am back in the pain.

No time for moaning and complaining though I still had to clock 4 miles today so since I knew I would have to use my time at the COOP for the massage (YAY for sports therapy massage) I decided to make today’s run a treadmill run. (The treadmill is easier on my legs too) This run was tough though – the soreness was always present. I stopped at the 2-mile mark and walked for .05 and then back to running. My iPod wasn’t keeping my distracted like usual (listening to Dean Karnazes: 50/50 book) and all I could think about was wanting to walk…I battled that feeling my entire run. Very tough run today.

Now, back from my massage (it felt great – she incorporated some stretching w/ the massage) but battling a headache. I am chugging water down today b/c I know my body needs it. Tomorrow is Cross Training w. Jeanne and I just know I’m gonna be back to limping around the house after! No pain – no gain!


Here are some of the Women’s records for 100 meter sprints! Clearly I have work to do!


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