Slow and Steady!

Trying to be more like the Tortoise and less like the Hare these days! (I had to edit this b/c I just realized that in my hurry to type up my posting I said it all backwards!) The majority of the time I am always in a hurry, always trying to think of the fastest way to get something done and in the process end up being less productive b/c all I get done is running around like a chicken w/ its head cut off. EXCEPT – when I am actually running. I seem to be less like the hare and more like the tortoise when my Asics are laced to my feet. I know that slow and steady always gets the job done and the only time I seem to put this theory to practice is in my jogging routine.

With that in mind, I took it nice and easy today – not because I wanted to but because life intervened. I was planning on hitting up the normal route to Araha and back but Nola made me slow down – she was sick yesterday evening w/ a stomach bug. This morning while I paced outside of her door waiting to hear the familiar sounds of her waking up I heard nothing. So I peeked in and she was still sound a sleep. So I went back downstairs, emailed my neighbor that I wouldn’t be making it for our run this morning and waited. I assumed that Nola needed to sleep off whatever was making her feel bad. Around 10:30am I finally just went into her room gave her a warm bottle of milk, a diaper change and rocked her for a little while. I could tell she was fighting sleep so I slipped her back into her crib and slipped myself back downstairs.

We can’t always get in the workout we plan so that is when patience and improvisation comes in handy. So after spending the day catering to my little one I hit the treadmill in the living room once I got her to bed for the night. This really was a blessing in disguise – my legs were still a little tight from the previous weeks pain induced limping about the house and I figure it was a good thing I didn’t do the 5 mile loop outside and only did the 3 mile walk/run on the treadmill. My legs were really burning at first but after a few walk/run intervals they were warmed up and feeling great.

I’ll be meeting Jeanne tomorrow for Hill training outside! I am really hoping that I won’t be in lots of pain afterwards but I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how important it is to get massages and also to just take care of our (runner’s) most important piece of equipment – our bodies! As a runner you have to listen to your aches and pains and keep in mind that sometimes the old school “No Pain, No Gain” addage is not always the best philosophy. Sometimes when you think you are toughing it out and pushing through the pain – you are actually causing your discomfort to grow and it’s only later when the pain is much worse that you realize you should have taken it easier on yourself. So I plan to do some self-maintenance and get massages at least once a month but preferably much more often than that. On base at the Gunner’s Fitness Center the massages are the most reasonably priced I have ever seen. $30 for an hour session and they offer a variety of massages as well as couples sessions.

At my weigh in this morning I was at 136.0 even. So I have gained 3 pounds in the past week! Not exactly what I was hoping to see on the scale this morning but I do understand that muscle weighs more than fat – and I will continue to tell myself that until it makes me less peeved that I gained weight! I am anxious to see if me switching to a more protein based diet will make a difference for my next weigh.

Miles ran today = 3.0

Miles ran-to-date = 31.87


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