Gunner’s Fitness COOP

On the base nearest to where I live, Camp Foster, there is a Fitness CoOperative setup for parents who want to workout and have children who are not in daycare. So like me for example – I am a stay at home mom/online student who needs some gym time weekly but can’t afford a babysitter that frequently (not that I know anyone who could watch Nola for me to hit the gym) and I do not have her enrolled in a daycare. So I signed up by emailing the coordinator which time slot I was interested in and when there was an opening I got an email from the Coordinator! That is how I am able to meet w. my trainer Jeanne twice a week! In return I have to volunteer at least two-three days a month for the unlimited use of the CoOp Mon-Fri.

Here are some pictures! You can see that there is a space for the babies to be – this way the toddlers can’t jump all over the stuff for the little ones. There are all sorts of great toys for all ages. Most of the parents donate toys and we collect a fund each month from the moms ($3 each) for cleaning supplies and new coloring books, etc.

There is also a little bathroom for the kids who are potty trained! Don’t want to derail their accomplishments so there was a bathroom built in the room.

There is also a changing table for the babies mounted on the wall. A TV and DVD player mounted on the wall. There is also a “mommy” chair for us to sit back and relax in if your waiting for people to arrive for their workout. 

All in this entire cooperative experience has been a blessing in disguise. I have been very fortunate to always get the time slot I want and if for some reason I need to have it changed I just email the group and switch with someone.

For more information on this click: Gunner’s Gym Fitness Cooperative

Training Updates:

Okay – so lets cut to the chase here – How am I feeling on 3 days after doing speed work for the first time and 1 day after Cross training for the first time (Jeanne style)…well, I am in pain! I have been popping Aleve all day, grunting when I sit or stand and have been avoiding my hallway stairs all day – I seriously almost stayed in PJ’s all day b/c I didn’t want to have to go back upstairs to change my clothes!!! BUT it was my volunteer day at the CoOp so I had to at least be wearing sweats and not my psychedelic butterfly PJ pants from Old Navy. I was suppose to run two miles today but I was lucky to make it to the phone before the answering machine picked up – I wasn’t going to be doing much walking let alone running! I’m trying to focus on riding these DOMS like a pony as my friend Aimee suggested but I am pretty sure I’m the one being ridden here – right on over to the coach where I spent most of my day!

RW Review thus far:

So far I would have to say that the RW Intermediate plan is way too advanced for someone who was already getting the intermediate mileage in. the speed work that I did was about half of what the RW plan was calling for and I was still crippled from it. Now to add in Hill and the importance of Cross training – I am in serious pain. I completely understand that with this sort of workout comes pain BUT the RW book seemed to imply that b/c I was already getting some sort of decent weekly mileage in I would be able to “ramp” it up to this sort of level right away and I’m not. Also, their diet recommendations have me consuming mass amounts of Carbs when what I really need right now is protein. I have been feeling very bogged down and extremely gassy from all of the beans and raw veggies they suggest. I am hoping that once I build my base for this sort of physical challenge everything will start falling into place – but for right now – I think that the RW methods are geared towards people who are on a much higher playing field then this “average” runner.

Nutrition Updates:

So I think that I have found a menu that might work for me to eat from frequently. I was combing the RW website and some “diet plans.” Even though I am not trying to diet – as a matter of fact I am pretty much hungry all of the time now. I have actually had a hard time finding protein based meals from the RW website – mostly b/c there is SO much info on nutrition to weed through. But I did have some luck…

This is what I found:

Breakfast – Egg Pocket: 2 eggs (or 4oz egg sub.) scrambled and stuffed into a whole wheat pita pocket

1 cup of fruit salad

6oz. tomato juice

Snack: Pretzel sticks & yogurt

Lunch: Black bean burrito


8oz juice (I was thinking V8 splash)

Oatmeal cookies (yum, my fav!)

Snack: Pear

Dinner: Salmon over 1 ½ c. Risotto

1 c. steamed green beans w/ lemon juice

salad w/ rice vinegar & oil dressing


Tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread (lunch)


Low-fat cottage cheese w/ fruit

Steak or chicken instead of Salmon

Well – I’m off to drink a NewCastle Beer and stretch my legs! I’m really looking forward to Week 3 and getting past this pain! Damn you DOMS! (insert a visualization of a dramatic scene where I am shaking my fist in the air and yelling this!)

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