Dig IN and Aim for the Pain!

Today was my first training session w/ my new trainer Jeanne! I was so nervous this morning – I wasn’t sure what to eat, and nothing seemed to taste good b/c of the butterflies fluttering all around in my stomach acid! YUK! So I opted for some toast w/ butter and coffee…

Note to self: no more coffee on these training day because you’ll burp it up your whole run.

Today was not the ideal setting by any means – I get to the gym COOP at 7:27am – the volunteer is suppose to be there at 7:30am (the same time I’m meeting Jeanne). So I wait, and I wait, and nothing… No one comes… so I run down to the gym lobby to tell Jeanne that I have a situation – she is so mellow and very cool about it – so I run to the front desk at the gym and get the key to the COOP room. I run back up to the COOP and let myself in to look on the calendar to see who is suppose to be there… Okay, it said “Veronica”. I flip to the other book of info and look for a contact number and her name isn’t even on the list. OMG! She is new and her info hasn’t been added yet. GREAT! So I call the lady who organizes this COOP and there is no answer, so I call her partner who basically just says, “sorry but if they’re not there by now they probably aren’t coming and I guess the contact sheet is old.” Oh wow! Well, I run back to the gym and turn in the key to the front desk, then sheepishly walk back over to Jeanne who is cool as a cucumber reading a magazine on the lobby coach. She says that she can work with this situation and everything is still going to be just fine. We’ll just have to modify what her plan was for my warm-up.

Let’s get started…  we walk out back behind the gym where there is a dead end service road and a grassy field. It’s still pretty chilly out and that makes me remember I never put any shoes on Nola b/c they aren’t allowed to wear them on the padded play area AND I never put the stroller back in the car from our run to the seawall the other day. Big GULP and I feel like a have a lump in my throat. I put Nola down and immediately starts crawling around not seeming to care that we’re outside and she’s on pavement!  We start stretching.  Nola starts exploring. She crosses the road and over onto the grassy field (which is still slightly muddy from the past week of rain – but since everything is pretty much clay here it’s no biggie).

Alright, the warm-up is already wearing my out! Lol! Well, it basically showed me that I already had a lot to learn about how to train for running! I was doing run, skip, elbow to knee things that I had never done before. I was having to focus on so many different parts of my body at once it was hard to do AND still do it all correctly and with force. It sort of reminded me of a water aerobics class I took – the mind body focus – not the jump-elbow to knee thing.

So now we’re about to enter the zone of “Sarah get’s her ass kicked!” I just want to preface this with how thankful I am that I had the ability to see that I needed someone professional to help me – and I am so glad it was Jeanne that responded to my email! OKAY – so, Jeanne tells me that I need to run down the road, follow it’s curve to the left and over to “that building over there and see that first metal door? You need to run up to it and touch it then turn and head back  – that’ll be 400 meters.” So I nod in understanding even though my mind is still like, “OH Shit Sarah, you gotta SPRINT!”

Jeanne tells me that she is expecting me to do this in at least 2:30. I’m still “Oh
SHIT-ing” in my mind and all I hear is 3, 2, 1…GO! So I dart off…seriously running as hard as I can… I make the curve to the left and then it dawns on me…”that door is further away then I thought…and it’s up on a hill, no wait…there is a sidewalk leading to it from the road… should I take the sidewalk? That might hurt my time, but wait, Jeanne never said how to get to the door… maybe I should just go the most direct route… Oh crap…” So I touch the door and head back. Wow – this is hard and I’m only on my first 400m of 4. I can hear Nola screaming and crying because I have just ran away from here (literally) and she is w/ a complete stranger – poor Nola, and POOR Jeanne!

I get back and Jeanne tells me I did it in 1:40! Wha-wha-what! That’s awesome I think in my head b/c all that can manage from my mouth are large gasps of cold morning air and I’m pretty sure I spit on myself… before I even catch my breathe Jeanne says “OK ready?” I’m not ready to run! Crazy! She says, “Give me 10 air squats and 15 good mornings… GO!” Okay – It is REALLY HARD to go from sprinting to standing still and doing any movement besides gasping for air! I’m just sayin’!
Nola is still screaming and crying – BTW!

Okay – here comes #2 – GO! I can tell immediately that this one will be much slower than the first… my legs are like lead and I am not sure I ever really recovered my breath! I hit the door and am heading back when all the negative thoughts flood my oxygen-depleted brain. “I don’t think I can do this 2 more times”, “Maybe I ‘m not really ready for this or cut out for this sort of thing”, “I’m way outside of my comfort zone and my personal cheerleader is MIA.” I barely make it back, physically and mentally – this was 2:03. Okay, well – faster than her initial goal for me!
and… Nola is still crying!

It’s at about this moment – when I have to stop running and start my anaerobic exercises that I think – just maybe – I’m going to puke… ooop, nah – that’s just my coffee from this morning coming back up! YUK! Remember – note to self above?!

So I finish my 4x400m dashes and I realize one thing FOR SURE – I really need to learn how to portion out my energy. Yup!  #3 = 2:02, and #4 = 2:00

I did a very slow shuffle jog for 400m as a recovery and MAN did that feel good to just shuffle! Then I did some knee ups, pushups, sit-ups, etc.  I really have got to get my core back in shape. Ever since having Nola I haven’t really gotten it back yet – my fault, I know. I choose to run instead of cross train most days. In order to be a strong runner though you have to have a strong core. I’m very glad that this is one of the first things that Jeanne said to me about the type of training we would be doing.

Oh and I really HAVE TO SAY that treadmill training is completely a false sense of accomplishment. Seriously. I thought I kicked my own ass that day I ran 400’s on the treadmill at an 8.0 for 2min at a time – WhatEV! Nothing on the treadmill can even come close to what I did today. Being out there w/ my feet pounding the pavement – I did that work – not the ground moving on a belt below me. My legs propelled me and MAN, are they sore from it. My mind is better for having done the speed work the hard and honest way! Thanks Jeanne…for kicking my ass!

I was already sore this afternoon so I know tomorrow is going to be super painful for me! But – I have a running date w/ my neighbor Kelly – we are going to meet at 7am and head to the SeaWall and back taking turns w/ the stroller. Kelly is a naturally fast runner so she said the stroller should handicap her to keep pace with me! Lol!

I’m super tired and off to bed. I hope I can peel myself out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5:56am (my regular wake up time these days!)

Training Updates:


1. 1:41
2. 2:03
3. 2:02
4. 2:00

Total miles ran today = 1.00

Total miles-to-date = 23.39

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 22:41:19

    Awesome Sarah!! You rock! So, who got their breath back first…you or Nola?
    (AND BTW- not a fast runner any more!! You missed that part of the conversation where I said I’m sorely out of shape these days and I’ll need to be handicapping YOU! I’m sure missing those days of 6 mile runs (at a 8:30 pace) not even fazing me.
    See you in the AM!


    • Living Runner's World
      Jan 19, 2011 @ 06:27:18

      Thanks so much for reading my post Kelly! The entire time I stretched Nola was on my legs or on my back trying to hang onto me – it was pretty comical but I was trying hard to focus on NOT throwing up that I didn’t even pay any mind to her being so clingy still. Seriously, drool was pooling in my mouth for about an hour after that workout! TMI?


  2. Hubbs/Daddy
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 02:16:40

    Great job on the sprints wifey, I’m sure you will be feeling it tomorrow morning when you get up for that run with Kelly. Keep your head up!
    Don’t worry about Nola, I’m sure she will figure this all out in time. Besides, she’ll normally be inside playing with all the other kids at the COOP.

    Love you MUCHO and keep up the hard work!


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