The Chop Shop & Yummy BBQ Turkey Beans!

Built for Speed

It has recently become my mission to find a lightweight-jogging stroller. I was hoping that I would find some sort of high-tech models built especially for people who (are crazy enough and) want to run in road races w/ their child. To my surprise I haven’t been able to find a stroller that weighs less then 25lbs. So I decided to do the back alley chop to my InStep Jogger. Amazon reports this stroller to be 33lbs – however, I jumped on the scale while holding it and found that it is actually 24.6lbs. Here is what it looked like before I started 

I took off the basket on the bottom, the completely useless sunshade that shoots out diagonally from the stroller providing NO shade what-so-ever, the foot rest that must have been added assuming a very tall child would be riding in this thing, and the mommy tray.

With all this shed I was able to knock off 5lbs from the total weight and I have to say I am pretty satisfied with the results. Here is what it looks like now! 

Oh, and the mommy tray pops on and off so I still have the option for cups and keys to be held! I am very excited about the 5lbs weight loss for this jogger – HEY! Every pound counts when you are running UP hills!

BBQ’d Turkey Beans

This recipe was super easy to make and OMGoodness was it delicious! This recipe is in the “Guide to Road Racing” on page 215. I took my own pictures and as usual I have coped and pasted the recipe directly from RW website.


1/2 lb.ground turkey (may be omitted for vegetarian version)
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup barbecue sauce
1 1-lb can butter beans, drained
1 1-lb can kidney beans, drained
1 2-lb can vegetarian baked beans
3/4 cup brown sugar, packed

2 tbsp Apple-Cider vinegar

Directions: Brown the turkey and onion in a large saucepan, then mix in remaining ingredients. Pour into a 9-by-11-inch casserole. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes or until bubbling hot. Serves 8. 

Per serving: 
277 calories
51 g carb
16.8 g protein
1.2 g fat (4% of total calories)
523 mg sodium
5.9 g dietary fiber

Okay – so by now you have to know that I am terrible w/ following recipes exactly! Plus, I live in Japan and our commissary doesn’t always carry what we would normally find in the states – and forget about going out in town to find ingredients for stateside dishes!

What I changed: I just couldn’t help myself and I added 4 slices of bacon to the frying pan while browning the ground turkey! (C’mon – when doesn’t bacon make a meal better?!) Also, I was unable to find Butter Beans and used Pinto Beans instead. I used dark red kidney beans since that is all the Commissary had and the recipe didn’t specify. As for the BBQ sauce – no brand or style was specified so I went w/ what was already in the fridge – Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. This meal was so super tasty and easy – I know I already said that but it REALLY was. This is a MUST try! Even my 1yr old liked it… bonus points to RW there!

Training What-Not’s

In light of what my trainer (Jeanne) advised – I am easing into the new schedule and routine – so today I did less mileage than on the RW schedule. Also, please know that I am always doing a 5min brisk walk warm up and a 5 min cool walking cool down. This is something that John Galloway preached a lot about in his “Running for Mortals” book I was reading before I started this challenge.

So it was raining or threatening rain most of the morning so I opted for the Schwinn treadmill in my living room instead the great outdoors. I have to admit – I really do like to run in the rain HOWEVER – living on a subtropical island is not the place to be running in the rain…WHY? you might ask, well…because of the crazy wind we get here. typical days have 40mph gusts – just for the fun of it! Yeah, I know, I rarely brush my hair – what’s the point! My time on the dread-mill inched by at a snails pace. Why does it seem like 2 miles on the treadmill is mentally tougher than 20 miles on the pavement?!

Miles ran today = 2.58

Miles ran-to-date = 18.89


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