Pace Intervals & Turkey Sausage Pasta

So Tuesday was suppose to be my 6x400m PI but I waited ’til evening to get these in and then ended up skipping them due to a really upset stomach. So my update in my progress will start with today’s workout!

WEDNESDAY! 2-5m Easy Run Day.

I decided to incorporate my speed work into my easy running! Woah – not a good idea. My legs got burnt up really quickly BUT I was able to still get in 5.3 miles and do 5 intervals of pace speed. I was completely whipped afterwards and didn’t hydrate properly and ended up getting a headache that took me half the day to shake!

WORD to the WISE – if you drink chocolate milk as a recovery drink this will never happen! I know this and yet I hadn’t stalked my fridge with this tasty beverage. So guess what I did this afternoon? Yep, went to the Commissary on base w/ my RW menu’s in hand and filled the cart up with some tasty pre-run, post-run and munchies all suggested by RW book and magazine.

I tried a new meal tonight! A great, 15 min. meal suggestion as well as a post run bite! It’s called “Chicken Sausage Pasta” however, I couldn’t find any Chicken Sausage so I made mine with Smoked Turkey Sausage and I also couldn’t find rigatoni so I used rotini instead (whole wheat) and boy was it TASTY!

Postrun Meal: Chicken Turkey Sausage Pasta 

How To: In a pan, heat one tablespoon olive oil, two cups frozen broccoli florets, and one cup frozen sliced bell peppers. Cover and cook until vegetables are warm. Remove from pan. Slice two precooked chicken turkey sausages into rounds. Cook in the pan with one tablespoon of oil until lightly browned. Cook two cups fresh rigatoni rotini. Drain pasta and toss with vegetables and sausage. Top with fresh basil, four tablespoons crumbled feta, and freshly ground black pepper. Serves two.

How Come: This well-balanced one-dish meal provides protein for muscle recovery and ample carbs to restock glycogen stores. The chicken sausage and feta replenish sodium, and heaps of antioxidant-rich vegetables lessen muscle fatigue caused by the free radicals we produce when we run. Just don’t overcook your veggies. “A common way to destroy a vegetable is to boil it and then drain out all the water, which contains the nutrients,” says Dikos. This recipe’s quick sautee method keeps all the good stuff in.

(The picture is of my actual meal and the recipe is copied and pasted from RW website)

Miles ran today = 5.3

Miles ran-to-date = 13.73


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  1. Living Runner's World
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 09:30:38

    I think next time instead of doing the frozen broccoli and peppers I will just grab a mix of frozen veggies (the steamer kind) and add those instead. That would make this meal even easier and still just as healthy.


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