January Inspirations, Cont.

So far I am really loving this issue of RW. Initially my intent with the read and review portion of this page was intended to be done all at once… however, finding time to read (and actually pay attention to) a 120 page magazine has proven to be more difficult than I thought – BUT then again, the last time I really read a magazine start to finish was before I decided procreating was a good idea!

January Inspirations:

Fat Traps by Nicole Falcone (pg44-45)

Nicole lists “Eat Better” tips at the bottom of her article. “Going out to eat? Ordering first (before the other people at your table) will help you stick to your resolution to eat a healthy meal when someone else orders fries and a cheeseburger.”

I am not sure I totally agree w/ this. Even though I am Type-A, when I am really hungry and multiple things sound delicious to me, I often second guess my choice and call the waitress back over to change my order! SOOO…what I do to help myself make the best food choice is I google the restaurant we are going to. Most restaurants, especially the chain ones, have websites w/ calories listed for their foods. I always choose the lowest calorie meal that appeals to me. Same goes for appetizers and desserts – just in case my group wants more food! I have also found this to be extremely informative. I used to just order what I “thought” was the healthiest – I was wrong in lots of cases – not knowing how the food is prepared really makes  a big difference. Try this next time and see if it helps you!

Nicole has some great suggestions for breaking away from bad eating habits.

Diet Downfalls

  1. Flavored Coffee Drinks – Advice: “Presweetened drinks can contain 20tsp. of sugar. If you want to splurge, do so after a hard run; the sugar sparks an insulin response, says sports nutritionist Deborah Shulman, Ph.D. which stops protein from breaking down and builds up energy sources.” Now I have a great reason to hit-up Starbucks on my way home from the gym! (wink, wink!)
  2. Not Enough Water – Advice: “Runners often think they’re hungry when they’re actually thirsty. Drinking water may relieve what you thought was hunger.” Says Lisa Dorfman
  3. Too Much Meat – Advice: “If you’re trying to lose weight than a plant based diet is best. Shulman suggests making meat one ingredient among many, like shrimp and vegetable stir-fry, beef and bean burritos, and chicken curry w/ rice.”
  4. Not Reading Food Labels – Advice: “Focus on the nutritional information…some companies are planning to add labels to the front of packages.”

Equipment Suggestion:

Coresliders –  http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-238-263-266-13772-0,00.html?cm_mmc=Mag_URL-_-2010_January-_-coreslider-_-CoreSlider_Workout

You can check out the link above to see the article on page 50 of RW. I am very excited to order these. I have seen a few videos of these in use and the inventor suggests that you only need to use these for 10min/3x a week. Budd Coates (inventor) 53-years-old says, “My core and shoulders are stronger than ever before.”

Movie Suggestions:

1. Prefontaine – Oregon distance runner Steve Prefontaine was young, determined, seemingly unbeatable and bound for Olympic glory. But what he became in that quest for greatness has made him one of the biggest and most tragic sports stars in America. With the style of a documentary and the passion of a sports enthusiast, Steve James (Hoop Dreams) has allowed the world to view the legacy of one of the world’s most spectacular — and loved — runners.

2. Without Limits – This drama about American track star and hero Steve Prefontaine intelligently looks at the character of this often mythologized athlete and features a fantastic performance by Donald Sutherland as Prefontaine’s trainer.


These are both taken from “The Turning Point” article by Amby Burfoot

Pg 63. Ian Webb, “I remember early on that I realized if you combine a great ambition w/ a great work ethic, you could produce powerful results.”

Pg 66. Dathan Ritzenhein, “I kept going by telling myself, you only have to hurt 10 more minutes. If you don’t keep pushing, you’ll regret it the rest of your life.”


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