No…Thank YOU, Rodale!

I am a Type-A personality ALL the way! I like things to be organized, planned, and I also am very results driven. I like to chart things, track my progress, and be able to reflect upon where I started and where I am “now.” So I have been agonizing over buying the RW Training Log or to just make my own (buy a notebook and write in it!). Well, Rodale (the people who publish and send me my beloved magazine) sent me a “Thank You” gift for my recent subscription to RW and for purchasing the 2011 RW Calendar… and that gift was a Supplement (smaller version) Training Log. SO even though this isn’t as motivational as the spiral bound training log that they sell – it’ll do the job!

Also in the mail this fine Monday (my day off from running) I finally got my copy of “RW Guide to Road Racing” which offers much more detailed training plans – which I LOVE details! I don’t like things (especially things I am suppose to follow) to be generalized. IT leaves too many questions unanswered. This book tells me how to train, when, for how long, at what effort level, when to cross train, etc!

I am meeting w/ a personal trainer this Thursday to hammer out whether or not she can help me with the speed interval training for this or if I should just do that on the treadmill. For example – I am suppose to run 6x400m PI (Pace Interval) on Tuesday. So I am looking for some guidance from someone. Her name is Jeanne and she used to be a track and field coach. We meet on Thursday and I am super excited. Until then I will just hit the “Mill” in the living room and see how this new training plan goes.

I have listed the new training plan on the Training Plan(s) page if anyone wants to see the details.

Prerun Meal: Blueberry-Walnut Pancakes with Maple Yogurt
How To: Microwave 3/4 cup frozen blueberries for one minute, rinse, and then drain them. Stir together four tablespoons plain yogurt and two tablespoons maple syrup. Prepare a part-whole-grain pancake batter according to the package directions. Gently stir in the blueberries. Cook pancakes. Drizzle with maple yogurt and sprinkle with two tablespoons chopped walnuts. Serves two.

How Come: The part-whole-grain mix makes sense, says sports nutritionist Colleen Cooke, M.S., R.D., because it provides both slow- and quick-release carbs; white-flour pancakes with syrup would cause a blood-sugar spike, while all whole grains would be hard to digest prerun. Fat and protein in the walnuts and yogurt also keep blood sugar steady. Eating antioxidant-rich blueberries with carbs and protein can “reduce the amount of muscle soreness that occurs after a high-mileage training run,” says Jackie Dikos, R.D., a nutritionist and competitive runner.

(This Pre-run meal was taken directly from RW website )

My Review: This was delicious expecially the yogurt and maple syrup topping. However, next time I would totally chop the blueberries up while they were still froze (not by hand) and then thaw them. They were too big and made it hard for my pancakes to cook all the way through. Also, I would have chopped up the walnuts more and just blended them into the topping. Overall though – Nola and I both cleaned our plates! Even though it was super tasty – it didn’t stick w/ me for very long. I was really hungry before I was done with my workout.


Monday (Jan 10) weigh-in = 133.4lbs


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