Yay for the 5K!

So this morning was great!

Wait… let me start by saying that I got to bed at 10pm (which is late for me) and just before I closed my eyes I thought I should write a “to-do” list for myself in the morning of things I needed to get done or things that needed to be in the car before I got the baby up and left for the 5K in the morning. I normally prepare the evening before (put the stroller and water in the car, etc.) but Shane was online and I wanted to IM with him while I had the chance. So I did that and then went to bed.

Anyhow, about this list! So, I get up and dressed…take my list and tip-toe downstairs. I start making my toast and reading my list. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Get dressed (I have to give myself obvious tasks, don’t ask!)
  2. Toast Bread (I’m off to a good start)
  3. Pump tires on treadmill (Wait – WHAT? haha, It took me 3 reads of my list to catch this!)
  4. Fill water bottles and Fuel belt (I’m a camel when I run)
  5. Get shoes on, head band, and watch – put in car
  6. Make Nola bottle
  7. Empty everything from the stroller (for obvious reasons)

Apparently my sleep deprived brain thought I should pump the air in the tires on the treadmill, REALLY!? Ha! I laughed pretty hard out loud when my sleep deprived brain this morning caught it!

Overall though this morning was probably my most proficient shuffle around the house – usually I am stumbling out w/ baby on hip and a banana hanging half way out of my mouth and I still not sure I have the car keys.

I Got the baby up and ready and made it in time to do a warm-up run before the race… I realized at the starting line that I was the ONLY mother runner there w/ a stroller. I could hear other women talking about how the kids were at home in bed and so weren’t their hubby’s. IF ONLY!

So the starting bell sounds and we’re off – I had positioned myself on the road instead of the sidewalk so I wouldn’t be in anyone’s way. I was pleasantly surprised that I was actually passing people – and then I got worried that I was starting too strong… But it all seemed to work out. I did good at portioning off my energy for each stage of the race well. Once I got to the hill I ran most of it until I realized that my run was the equivalent to a fast walk and decided to walk a bit as my lungs were really burning at this point and so were my legs. BUT it actually made my legs feel worse to walk so I managed to switch back to a slow jog the rest of the way until I was almost to the top and I went back to my walk. I did a one handed nose blow, drank some water from my bottle and got back to into my run. I finished strong and just at the point were I felt I might hyper-ventilate! I finished in 30:11 and was very pleased with that. I think I may have finished faster but I forgot to stop my watch at the end – I went by the time clock they have. Which always gives me a slower time b/c I start at the back of the line.
Next time I run this I want to stay and cheer people on to their finish. I didn’t this morning b/c I forgot to bring Nola a snack and she was already chewing on her clothes so I knew it was time to feed the child! It really makes me feel good when people clap and cheer me on – even though they don’t know me and I know they are the volunteer staff and have to clap for everyone! Lol!

Miles Ran = 3.1

Miles run year-to-date = 8.43


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hubbs/Daddy
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 12:38:25

    Great job on the race Wifey! Your time was actually faster than your first 5K, and that was without the 50+ pounds of baby and stroller. Wish I could have been there with you two. Stay motivated and keep logging those miles. Love you both. . .


  2. Meemee
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 06:50:16

    Great job Sarah, but really I hope you did the one handed nose blow into a kleenex and not the farmers one handed nose blow!!!! Very, very proud of you!


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