A little behind Schedule!

So getting the swing of this blogging thing has been slightly more difficult than I had thought. Each day I try to get the page to be a little more like what I had originally pictured it would be, so it is a work-in-progress just like me!

Instead of this being my kick-off week, this will be my fitness-assessment week! I’m using these days to put the finishing touches to the blog and my game-plan, I’ll run the AFB 5K this weekend and that will really tell me where I am starting from. I’ll use my time from the race as a good starting point. NEXT week will be the kick-off week w/ the fitness and diet plans from RW being implemented. PLUS, I really want to go eat some of my favorite dishes out in Japan that I won’t get to do much of once I start this challenge!

Wednesday – OFF DAY from running. So I put the little one in the stroller and we headed out to Araha Beach for a 5 miles stroll along the waterfront. My hips were a bit sore from running the 2.97miles yesterday but that is to be expected. I hate taking so much time off from running only b/c of the aches and pains of getting back into shape hurts! It was nice and cool this morning. Not very breezy so that helped keep the little one from being to cranky.

I keep debating if I should get a babysitter for this weekends 5K. It is such a hilly course I dread the thought of pushing the 33lb stroller plus her 27lbs up those hills. I really thought that the stroller was only about 15lbs so I Amazon(ed) it and their listing for my stroller stats said 33lbs! Of course, now that I know that, I agonize over it the entire time I’m pushing that overweight child-chariot. lol!

Total miles Ran = 2.97, Calories = 300

Total miles walked = 5 miles, calories = unknown


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