Back in the Saddle Again!

Here we go! This was my first run in 3 weeks. I decided to take it at an easy pace (5.0 on the treadmill).

I got the morning time slot at the Gym Coop (woot, woot!) so my little one is taken care of while I get my exercise on! The plan I am currently working is based off of TIME and not DISTANCE – this is a first for me. I have always set my goals in running by distance. If I was running on the treadmill this would nag at me all the time – you gotta get 3 miles in under 30 min. – PUS IT! and then I would end up running my self ragged focusing on the distance my entire run and not actually enjoy myself. When I get the chance to run outside this is never the issue. But considering it is winter and I want to run indoors – this means lots of treadmill time – I needed to change my focus. The plan is setup from the Runner’s World Complete Book of Running for Women (1st Edition – I have the updated copy on order).

So today the workout was to run for 30 min. I ended up getting in 2.97 miles and loving every minute of it! I did a 5min warm-up walk and a 5 min cool-down walk. Overall I burned 300 calories and felt great the entire time.

Miles today = 2.97, Calories = 300

Total miles Year-to-Date = 2.97

Weigh-In Jan 3rd = 133.2 lbs


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