Back at Home!

Well, after no luck flying Space-A back to Okinawa I had to buy myself a commercial ticket home. You’d think that a military base located w/ in a few hours of two major international airports would have multiple ways of getting you to one of these locations – NOPE! Just one, a 4 hour long bus ride… or you can brave the Japanese Public Transportation system – which I did, well…w/ the help of a friend! So after a 30min train ride and a 2hr long bus ride I made it to the airport, caught my flight and drove home! Whew!

So now that I am settled in, unpacked for the most part, I’m ready to start planning the logistics of this year.

So far I have:

  • Gotten a morning time slot w/ the on-base gym @ 7:30am for their parents coop/daycare
  • Emailed w/ all the trainers on base and found someone who is experienced w/ track & field and marathon training – waiting to hear back if the 7am time slot will work for her too. (fingers crossed)
  • already started hydrating for the work to come!
  • Scheduled myself for the monthly 5K on the Air Force Base (Jan 8th) – need to find a babysitter!

So other than that I am basically waiting for most of my books from Amazon to arrive and my first months subscription to Runner’s World for further guidance. I have a sneaking suspicion though that I might have to hit the local news stand for this months issue.

My friend Kerry has voiced an interest in running and possibly being up for a challenge – I am going to pitch my “LRW” challenge idea to her and see if she is game for some early morning runs.


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