…To a New Year…

Here I am, sitting in a hotel room in Tokyo Japan. I’m a military spouse and mother to Nola (spunky red-headed one year old) trying to get the rest of the way back to our current home in Okinawa Japan. It’s almost New Years and I am about to embark on a challenge, given to myself by myself, for the entire year of 2011 and I call it, “Living Runner’s World.”

While staying at my parents house in FL I read a book, Living Oprah, where the author challenged herself to live an entire year following all of the guidance that Oprah Winfrey dishes out through her magazine, TV show, and her website. She set some basic rules like having to read the magazine cover-to-cover and anything that was recommended as a “must-have” she would have to buy, etc. She kept an ongoing task list of “to-do” or currently doing as she made her way through the year one month at a time. If you want to know how it ends…you’ll have to read the book!  BUT – I’ve been inspired… I want to see if it is truly possible for an average person (a mom, college student and wife – speaking for myself) to follow all the guidance dished out by Runner’s World and still have time for…well, LIFE. Through this blog I plan to keep track of my everyday progress on training, nutrition and everything in between – including any and all products I buy and use recommended to me by RW.

Over the next year I plan to use only the resources provided to me by Runner’s World (magazine subscription (check), Website bookmarked (check), and all the RW books I could find off of Amazon (check)). If they wrote it or promote it – I can use it! I plan on starting w/ a 5K and working my way up from there and ending the year w/ running my very first marathon – the Marine Corps Marathon! Of course all of this will take place in the Asia Pacific Region of the world. I plan on going by their recommendations on a runners diet, my husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan so this shouldn’t be too hard!

My husband being deployed is one big motivator for me to see this project through. I know that this will give me something to focus on while he is gone – hopefully making the time “Fly” by!

Follow along (please) and encourage me along my journey. I am starting this blog w/ the hopes of tracking my progress, documenting my lows and highs and hopefully having some people who love to run to chat with about all the stuff in between! I am so excited and am hoping to encourage some of my fellow “mother runners” out there to lace up some running shoes and hitting the pavement, treadmill, or unpaved paths!

Wish me luck!


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